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  1. [font="Century Gothic"][size="2"][color="#800080"]I believe most organisations in Malaysia today practise such style of dumping workload onto staffs in the name of Multi-Tasking. The fact is the Organisation is selfish that they do not gather enough staff or manpower for the project or business objectives, thus the employees are burdened with such workload. If a business is expanding, manpower also does, and Multi-Tasking is the Human Mental Torture Mode being made legal by Management without ethical reasoning of what human beings are. Staff are just mankind as well and not some robots to be overworked. I am truly sad that Malaysian Organisations still have this culture and wish we shall soon adapt to the growing changes in business perspective and management that will cater to a more interesting work environment, not a jail-term or sentence. [/color][/size][/font]
  2. [font="Century Gothic"][size="3"]I get mine from BookXcess which is located at the 3rd or 4th Floor of Amcorp Mall in PJ. Usually I just travel via the Putra LRT, and when you get down you will see this A & W Restaurant. Just walk pass it there will be a main road, the Amcorp Mall is just opposite the road. It is precisely one level above Popular Bookstore. Bookexcess is totally cheap and second-hand books that are new. I am sure its a concept of reject stores but not sure how they obtain those new books to be sold even below prices in Payless Bookstores. Imagine getting those romance novels for just RM5.90 to RM9.90! SO I suggest you check it out.[/size][/font]
  3. [quote name='katacool' date='20 November 2009 - 04:29 AM' timestamp='1258662597' post='575445'] I know nothing about Malaysian adoption law but I *do* know how difficult it is to adopt an infant here, Here they go through your health history, police record..everything. If your lucky here and do adopt then you get the child at first for only three months, you must then appear in court whilst they decide if you can keep the child. During that first three months the child's mother *can* take the child off you, change her mind. Its not at all easy and you will spend many sleepless nights wondering will today be the day the mother changes her mind? You need not have the most beautiful Palace or home to live in with the child but you do need financial security (work) and a loving enviroment. You and your husband in a steady relationship. If you have already worked with children so much the better. I think you need to read this link if you live in Malaysia Mash, and please do not adopt just because you are lonely. Take a holday, mix with a local child nursery if they allow it and help with looking after the children to see if motherhood is for you. Talk to real people how you feel, maybe a councillor. Best of luck Mash, let us know how you get on. [url=""]http://ukinmalaysia....advice/adoption[/url] [/quote] Hi Katacool, but I think you are not looking from the perspective of a childless woman, rather, you are looking from a perspective of women who have children easily. So it would be tough for you to even comprehend the feelings and commitments towards motherhood in any women in my situation. I would advise you who already have children of your own to consider sensitivity towards your reply to any woman you know out there who happen to be childless, simply because everyone has daughters today who someday shall grown into adults and think they are perfectly normal, and when they get married, and try to have kids, it just does not happen! It happened to me, and it happened to many other women who do not intend to share their feelings like I do in here. So if you have daughters today who tomorrow shall be in need of a family of their own, just don't advise women like me about motherhood. We women who are childless are pretty much a gem of diamonds to the unwanted babies because no one can ever love these babies or children the way we do. Simple because we don't get what we want easily, so when we're obtaining a "gift" from people who don't want their children, we care for them as gems, and eventually only God blesses us with His rewards for such love we give. If you ever imagined what all those orphan children in the homes pray for - you will be surprised that we are all gifted yet we comment easily and complaint of lackings. We are the weird human beings in fact. Of course I have been to counsellors, but motherhood is not a certification any one has a right to become unless God decides to make you a mother, and for childless women, haven't you ever heard of those wombs that were preserved for God's calling for another level of His works? PErhaps God created these childless women for the beautiful task of adopting children!? So please don't judge us if we qualify to be a mother. Most important is, we enjoy being a mother after a very long wait, and its we who decide our desire, not anyone else. So Katacool, or anyone who wants to qualify me, just know that God has qualified me for a special, beautiful task I am very ready for. Thanks guys. No one has a right to judge any young unmarried gal for the babies they carry just because of something they did in the past, as God chose to bring some lives through these wombs, simply for the purpose of His task we can never comprehend in our lowly human minds, so I choose never to judge these young unmarried gals. I rather believe in making way for these gals to provide the best chance for their unwanted babies towards giving them to the right, proper couples out there who truly wants to love and raise these children as a family member, with their rights as any other children out there. What say you? Judge or give them their chance to live? We are ourselves not so perfect to be without sin, thus let us not judge each other. God Bless You All.
  4. Hey guys, sorry for the long long lost of myself. At times it gets busy. I took up part time studies to fill my time. Well I wanna update my life issues. As of todate, I still do not have a child, so I am still waiting for a baby to come by my life. Just to let you guys know I am a muslim convert, married to a muslim man, and previously I was from Indian Parentage, raised a christian as a child in my life. So I have Indian blood and am not choosy about children that I shall adopt. Thus I am awaiting for adoption of any babies. So please, any young girls who are planning to give up their babies, do contact me at my email. I am 34 and Hubby is 40, so we are in the very ripe age to adopt and raise children. So if anyone wanna reach me, do so at If you do not hear my reply, just email at my other email address which is my most frequent email account. Thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Board. Have a great stay!
  6. Hello there... Welcome to the board
  7. Hi all, Just dropped by to say that Malaysia NGO has set up Orphancare to assist all people seeking to adopt children from Malaysia Orphanage Homes. The site is below This is being done to speed up the process of adoption compared to previous times where families had to wait and children are left in homes for their lifetime due to no homes available for them once people grow tired of waiting. Let's spread the word around and get more families who are willing to adopt and raise these children to check out the website for details. They just launched the site on April 2009. I hope people will stop to assume that Orphan children are meant to grow in homes. These children deserve to be loved and given attention as any other children, and deserve to have loving families for them. Let's pass the word around. Thanks
  8. I personally feel if one is ready and are aware of protection, its totally up to the individual. I know its hard for lovers to keep their hands off each other, cause we have chemistry driven bodies. But if we can control that chemistry, to a good start.
  9. Hi, its time we have a place for Childless women and couples to share their struggles, fear, pain or joy in the journey of infertility which resulted in failed pregnancies, and childlessness. To be honest, I am one of the many childless woman in Malaysia who failed to obtain a successful pregnancy although I did go for fertility treatments. With 4 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs, no babies in the end. Its a long and painful journey and we seldom have people to share with us. Most women are having babies as usual and we are being left out. Not only women I would say, but men silently suffer inside when they can't father a child. Where do we go? How do we share our fears and pain? In columns here at least, Malaysians who suffer from infertility resulting with no successful live babies to take home, can be of great support for each other. Please start a column for us specially for Childless Couples. Perhaps also, thru this, there may be potential babies to adopt thru young women who may not want their babies, thus putting an end towards those daily baby killings by young girls who don't know what to do due to confusion and fear. Its time these young girls be supported emotionally and spiritually by other women who can lend a ear to their problems and give sound advise so as not to judge these women. There is a reason why God at times does something but we all can never understand Our Almighty. So let God be God and we be mankind, in our limited understanding, trying to make peace within mankind in what we can do. Thanks
  10. Hey Guys, I noticed something weird here. Do you know that Married Couples also includes CHILDLESS COUPLES? Well that is for a fact. I am one in this category and its not by choice. I know of some Childless Couples who chose to be without children in marriage by choice. But I am tested and tried and not been able to conceive for so many years. Its never something I imagined would happen to me! And I sure long for babies! So this is a poor me... So I am just hoping the Moderator should notice this. Well this is also a great place for Childless women to discuss their fears, pain and learn from each other. I am so grateful to have many of you nice girls who give great advise here. But if you are in the same journey as I am, you will understand exactly how I feel when I say we're left out. Poor women like us are always thought to be not so sensitive but we are. Cause we cannot produce children like most women can. Its sad when I look at pregnant women and babies, I long to carry one in my arms. I just heard of adoption by It was good news, but I am not sure how long again to wait just to adopt a child. I sure do wish this place will enable us to meet prospects of young or women with unwanted pregnancies to enable us to go for adopting the babies instead of these little babies being victims of murder and torture. There is no good reason for us to blame the young girls and their unwanted pregnancies. These men actually are equally responsible but they elope when they find out that their partner is expecting. What cowards they are? And the society needs to stop blaming these young women but try to support them emotionally and when they require advise on where to go and who to turn to. We can never advise these women to go their parents cause most of them do not want to for certain reasons. It pressurises them to do worst things such as murder of the baby, etc. Its good to have many young women who are willing to talk and advise these victims the right way to make decisions by directing them either to orphanages homes or to childless couples. I hope we add in some peace into the hearts that are troubled rather than just discussing happy moments always. Life ain't happy all the time and emotionally most people are strained deep within.
  11. Recently when I take a look at the Media, I am very much disturbed by the vast baby murders going on in Malaysia. What can we women do to heal these young girls hearts that they shall be moved to come to the right place to give up their child rather than abandon their child to death? This could be our own family or even friends tomorrow and it should start as a support group from within the young women itself to offer support to each other and create awareness. I came across, a Malaysian NGO Home that is seeking out a way to prevent babies from being thrown or murdered and providing protection for the young girls who may be victims of unwanted pregnancies. It is also opened to all women of all ages in dealing with unwanted pregnancies. So, do we agree with abortion or do we give these babies a chance to live like our lives were given a chance to live on earth? What is your opinion? And what can we do to help these affected young women? Give us your two cents.
  12. Hi there. I am a childless woman who has been married for 6 years and have not been blessed with children. I had several attempts of IUI and IVFs that were failure. It has put a whole burden on my finances, emotion and I decided to stop trying anymore. My Husband and I decided we will adopt children. I rather have these little ones and care for them for my lifetime to be blessed by God alone. I am from Indian parentage and Husband is fair skinned while I am tanned. Thus I seek for a child who are more similar to us so that the future of the child, she/he won't be burdened by any vast differences between us. It is a despair to us when we cannot reproduce. Thus I can never look at a woman who is pregnant out of wedlock and disgrace her cause to me, that is a gift God has given without her asking. But here, we who are asking are always being dissappointed with a NO answer. Weird right? Life is like that, and we just have to accept what He tests us in. I accepted His trials and test and wish to instead focus on positively living for the world instead. In righteousness and raising up kids out of true love and not giving up my hope just because I can't have my own ones. I am seeking to adopt infants. I seek for serious adoption of babies, be it newborn or up to 1 year. If you know of anyone who has an unwanted pregnancy and they are way past abortion stage, and are seeking to give up the baby for a family to care for the child thru adoption, please pass the word around. I truly would love to adopt this child legally and I am ready Body, Soul, Mind and Heart for this. I wish there was a Malaysian Adoption Agency that helps these unwanted babies to be given to genuine childless couples who will care and love these babies like precious jewels in life. I could not find any proper Govt Agency that looks into helping us. For those who seek privacy and do not want to discuss here, do email me at I thank you all so much for this listening in. Thanks...
  13. Hi there, I'm new here. Was just hoping to be in a forum to share my loneliness. I've been married for 6 years and have been childless. I tried IUI and IVF and everything failed. I came to a point I just want to stop everything, even trying for a child anymore. All these modern medicine have taken a toll on my body and mind. The emotions have been drained off me, and Hubby and I have not had a great moment since we TRIED these modern medicine for conception. Really tired. Please pass the word around, for anyone who wants to give up unwanted babies for adoption, I am seeking seriously, body, mind, and soul. I know many young girls these days end up having abortions but if you're way past the few months and are worried, please don't kill the child, please give me the baby to be loved by me and raise it as my very own. You will be blessed by God for this generous act of kindness. There are many women like me out there who long to love and care for these unwanted babies simply because we are not gifted to produce babies, and we have been torn to keep these babies precious to us. More than diamonds. This journey will be pleasant if a child lights up my life. I am mixed parentage, Indian and am tan colored and Husband is fair skinned. I am not particular on the baby's race but I wish to not burden the child if it does not match our skin color later in life. If you don't want to discuss matters here, for your privacy, do email me at Thank you and God Bless.