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  2. Maybe it just for convenience? How to make a fresh lemon water? 1st u need to drive all the way to shopping market... find the parking... buy some fresh lemons, use knife cut it to slides and then squeeze it or place it in ur water.. C the stepsss... Ppl rather to pay high for a water dispenser i think..
  3. I see. But I saw it online saying that when we drink lemon water,our body reacts with the anionic properties of the lemon making the water alkaline as the body digests it. Soooo, we can just drink lemon water rather than buying an expensive water dispenser???
  4. try look at this one might be help u.. i used this one and so far ok, i lost my weight by consumed it.. because i have the same problem with u too like difficult to poop and my stomach buncit because of that.. and this machine is the 1st hybrid water purifier.. yeah totally agreed and u can read in link of the articles said, alkaline water can gained our immune system and helps to loss weight and its true.. difficult to poop also the reason why our body weak, and get tired easily.. hurmmm as a great user and buyer why should we need to pay to end the contract right? coway take care and serve their customer right and nicely even they already finished the installments.. not like other brand.. coway is the quality product and other brand is only know to collect the profits only..
  5. agreed! coz buy at ur own risk laaaa hahahahaha... like me, i love cuckoo electronic product but no to their purifiers... cannot stand longer laaa and my kitchen is a wet kitchen and not suitable to put at coz the material of the dispenser itself.. drink normal water also can makes us health but alkaline water i dont know much about it coz to me, better refer to the doctor before u drink an alkaline water...
  6. make sense hahahaha.... my friend use cuckoo and she needs to wait for 4 months later to get cleaning service from cuckoo staff.... the water already like cloudy in on 3 months after usage... if u have difficulties in poop2, u can try drink an alkaline water to balance an acid in ur body and reduce a toxic in our body .... try coway inception coz there's got alkali water function....
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  8. No advertise then no people know, no people know then no people will buy, even the salesman push to sell the product, customer still suspect for the quality, coz never heard the brand. So if a brand want to success and well know, the advertising is important. I think the coway allow customer to pay half of the balance when they want to end the contract of paying installment, this benefit did not apply by other company. So, this show coway got better characteristic than other brand.
  9. The service quality different, cuckoo service time not frequent as other, so the water purifier cant stay good performance, just the moment after the service done, then will slowly go to same situation, then still need wait for the next service.
  10. can use coway villaem, easy temperature setting, just turn the button then can reach the temperature you want, very safe and convenience... I think the warm water will lets our body feel better, so i agree drink more warm water... Yes, we have to try first then we will know what is happening, that mean we pay to learn something. We buy the water purifier from the company then only we know it is good or bad. If we disappointed, then depend our capability to change or not. If cant change then no choice, still have to use the unsatisfied product
  11. Yup it's a fact that both the brand are quite famous in Malaysia ^^ I think they spend a huge cost in advertising their products cause i can see them everywhere in the mall/ social media .
  12. I mean in term of quality, Coway & Cuckoo still leading the Malaysia market. Because some consumer might felt that both water dispenser a bit costly and burden. If they chase for high quality, this 2 brands will be a preferable choice. (not saying which one is better)
  13. Im not sure about cuckoo but for Coway I know how. The pH balance is changed by running the water through a process called electrolysis to split the hydrogen ions and minerals in the water, in order to get alkaline water and normal drinking water. You cant blame for people for getting cuckoo also, since they dont know anything about it haha. But if already know about their sale services and the quality of their products but still wanna buy from them, then I really nothing to say loh, cant force people also, need them to experience it themselves then only they will realize xD
  14. So do you mean that Cuckoo is more expensive but their service quality is lower? Then what for people are paying extra for their products? Just go and get Coway can already loh, end of debate. If constipation you should eat more vegetables also as they contain fibres which help in making it easier for you to release your poop, but warm water also works for me lah, every time drank one glass of warm water sure feel like going to toilet already hahaha.
  15. If you worry about the service issue, go ahead for Coway... go ahead for Cuckoo... price slightly higher than other brand but service quality...
  16. Hrmm how do the cuckoo water make the water alkaline?? They put some sort of chemical inside the pipe water? So Curious about it.
  17. If you are unaware of it, coway's water purifier namely the Inception model does have the function to filter out alkaline water that is safe for human to drink, the pH level is just slightly higher and won't affect your health in any negative way. The taste is hard to describe, somehow like smoother or silkier hahaha.
  18. What we called "constipation"... drink more warm water will do... get one water dispenser (whatever brand) but if come with temperature setting much more convenience!
  19. Same here difficult to "poopp2" hahaa , finally found someone who have the same problem like me /laugh. But is it real that alkaline water can help with it? /headache
  20. Agree, because the water is for us to drink, and it affect our health... We should be-careful to choose the water purifier which can let us feel safe to drink the water. If problem occur, they will not take responsible to our health. So, have to think twice before buy it.
  21. I can know why take coway instead of cuckoo, in term of what you suggest to choose this brand? From the price? service? or the benefit? I think this brand no function for produce alkaline water, but i heard the filter is better than other brand. They got do the research on product development which provide the best water filter and put into water purifier. Compare with other unknown brand, i think we hard to know what material actually they use.
  22. Depend on people health condition, some people can drink alkaline water to maintain health, but some people cannot... And there are also got people no effect after drink the alkaline water. So, they just drink the normal filter water. Some of the advertising said got these kind of benefit, but when you really want to redeem the benefit, the seller with give a thousand kind of reason to reject you, that also a risk to buy an unknown brand product.
  23. yeah that's right i dont want to take a risk if unknown brand .. i want that machine have the service and maintenance .. coway got alkaline function hah? how the water taste like?
  24. what i see in that website, the brand also i never heard or saw the brand before .. maybe TT dont want to take a risk if have anything happen like warranty or their giving a bad service I think u should search on google which one is the best for u .. like what i know, cuckoo got the alkaline water but not pretty sure about their service, coz i heard cuckoo's tank is so small and expensive .. u just top up a few ringgit and take coway
  25. thereeee gottt products that have an alkaline water in that website... just buy laaaaa hahaahahah I think alkaline water not so good to our health laaaa
  26. Hey guys, I just heard and saw one of the article about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.. may I know where I can find alkaline water?? hehehehe because I'm the person who are difficult to "poopp2" heheheheehe
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