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  2. yea, its quite expensive but the result is amazing. however, everyone can look up for cheaper product but nowadays local product quite expensive too such kayman, ferrarossa. how long do you use the product to see such result?
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  4. does it suitable for any range of ages? you know sometimes the product might be formulated for specific age..
  5. uuu got gold flakes?? I thought it would be expensive, that's pretty affordable for a serum :OO does your skintone looks even too? cz I have pigmentation as well, and I want a serum tht can reduce the fine lines but also can even out my skin tone...cz if buy too many product its so troublesome
  6. Ehhh, i have been using safi youth gold for 3 days straight because the product launched past few weeks right? Arghh it is so hard to find and luckily at watson have it! So, my reviews is, good to be back using the product during my teens-hood! Yes totally agreed! Even it is local brand but i feels like using an international! My skins so moist and not so oily... If my family or friends ask me, i would recommend safi to them....
  7. im using only the serum lifting elixir safi youth gold but planning to use the other items in the range...the serum absorbs so quick and makes my skin bouncy i love itttt yes mira filzah is the brand ambassador, it must be a safe product for a top celebrity to be using it..
  8. really?maybe due to different skin types..so far i have been used it for a year and there no prob..but choose the one that suitable with ur skin..
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  10. I think safi already suitable with our weather due it is Malaysian brand and formulate to suit Malaysian women skin I am also using safi 24 k golden elixir, its just rm 49.90..very affordable for a serum with gold flakes in it! yeah its that one with mira filzah, her skin is superb right?? literally all her IG selfies is her slaying hahaha ii envy her complexion
  11. uuu, that's nice!! never knew theres anti ageing range for the younger consumers... bcs usually I see ones that's for 40s women. do you use the full range or just the serum etc?? yeah, SK-II is Asian brand but its too expensive...im sure there's more affordable options out there that could give similar effectttt and I totally agree about skincare that suits our weather..
  12. so far so good, it gives a glowing effect to my skin and i look more younger than before
  13. oh i have used bio--essence before but not really suitable with my skin, i am more suitable with safi
  14. im always using bioessence..someone said i look younger than my age heheh..the price is affordable..
  15. Hurmm not everyone affort to buy this product brand. I prefer local brand because can match and suitable with asian skin. The most important is suitable with Malaysia weather. My skin a little bit have wrinkles around my eyes and nose it is possible to remove it? I nwver used safi brand before but curious want to gives a try.
  16. It is okay with u? What is the benefits of the product? Or can it fits to all skin type? I do have pimple scars, blackhead and have a lots of wrinkles even i am just 28 y/o 😢
  17. oh i have seen mira filzah using this product, if im not mistaken she co-created the product and using it as her daily skincare routine, her skins look amazing though
  18. right now im using safi youth gold, a new product made specifically for women aged 25 and above
  19. i have been using sk-ll R.N.A for a year now. quite pricey but it worked on my skin. i started to notice my skin felt plumpier and firmer.
  20. Hi girls, i'm looking for skincare products for anti ageing...preferably from the drugstore since i've just entered mid 20s i feel super conscious about ageing now...probably bcs i'm starting to see more prominent lines forming on the side of my mouth and around my eyes 😩
  21. Difficult to get appointments with Frank due to MCO. He has placed safety and health as top priority in view of ongoing covid pandemic. It is good that he takes importance to safety of his clients. Frank is now willing to give appointments from March onwards....for your info he is using this no....016 6980 425. Stay safe
  22. oril

    Resume template?

    Looking for a appropriate resume template that are free and actually work? Thank you!
  23. yesss cheaper and way better option...bcz the dyson one is actually just normal function like any other hair dryer, not like the Panasonic na98 ☺️☺️☺️ I think its just heavily marketed haha no!! its really not, just normal function..so better just get the Panasonic one la your welcome, hv fun shopping! 😊
  24. Thanks a lot tunteja for your kind information. It will help all of us.
  25. dyson memang crazy the price I ternampak dekat Zalora the ad, the hair dryer looks cool but the price...macam beli 2 baju nurita harith 😓
  26. ahh I see,, so like cheaper alternative la ni?
  27. ahh I see,, thanks so much! I did not notice the payment option haha.. oh, is it?? I thought it has like more advanced tech or something..thts why its expensive
  28. woww really? I'm going to look for it now! can't wait to get a new washing machine🤩
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