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Here's the recipe for Soap Butter - For Sensitive Skin, Ezamel. (Of course, skin is usually comfortable)
* Ingredient :
- Palm oil: 560 g
- Rice bran oil: 255g
- Coconut oil: 204g
- distilled water: 207g
- NaOH: 139g
- Butter puree: 85g
- Yogurt without sugar: 65g
* Making :
- The steps on the tool, Ad if you have said very clearly the previous post. They read hard again. (For example, gloves, masks, goggles, ventilated rooms, no children, pets, etc.)
- cup A: oil mixture
+ Put all kinds of oil together. Mix well. Put on the microwave oven to dissolve all the oil.
- Cup B: shoot + water
+ Put NaOH slowly into water. DO NOT DO BACK.
- Coke C: yogurt smoothie
 + Put the yogurt and butter in the bowl, mix well. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of cups A and B. When the temperature is 30-35 degrees C (~ 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit), slowly add mixture C to A. Use a homogeneous mixer. D.
- Pour slowly B into D. Beat evenly.
- Pour the yogurt mixture into the mold. After 24h, the she can remove the mold, wrapped with film coating food / membrane co ....
- To continue ... 6 weeks to use the girls offline

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