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how to nutrtion hair longer with oil castor and esential oil after 1 weeks

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Sometimes, surfing on the street, I suddenly fall silent in front of a beautiful, thick and silky hair of a stranger. How to say, the hair makes girls attracted to hard to resist. The hair of the hair is human corner, the fruit is not wrong!

Once upon a time, looking at my own hair, it was thin, sticking to the scalp, looking at the crinkled face. So for many years, I often rammed hair to look it floating, get the hair stoned finished look better than.

Therefore, I have tried many ways to make my hair look better, improve, but do nothing will be bad "resistance period" lost.

And, after many failures, I have found the formula for effective hair care, does not take much time. You know, the hair care story is not a day or two so if the brewing process takes a long time then we will be very quick, give up midway.

Finally, the current hair is the success beyond expectations. My hair is very thick, very fast, and my hair grows without any signs of stopping.

Long talk, now comes the way to brew hair. I'm very lazy, free time or focus on skin care less priority for hair, so the three weeks of cooking peel grapefruit, incense leaf ... to shampoo is to give up although it is effective also ! Especially since I use Biotin & Collagen shampoo, I have no intention of boiling water for shampoo. The formula I applied to long-haired long hair is smooth with castor oil (castor oil) mixed with essential oil of grapefruit + essential oil. For a long time, add more argan oil to make. The argan oil I wrote last year, it seems to be one of the most advanced oils in today's oils, it stimulates the longest hair growth. High quality hair care products now contain argan (argan oil is also good for "divine" skin). You should consider buying refined argan oil that will retain more nutrients than the refined type.

To condition your eyelashes and hair, stand just behind the argan oil is castor oil (castor oil with a much cheaper edge, 1/4 argan oil, which is also very effective. I use castor oil to make some lotions, however long ago it was lazy and also because there were so many new things I wanted. The test should not have enough time and mind to focus on handmade cream. The essential ingredients in the brewing of his hair are essential oils of grapefruit and essential oil, these two oils stimulate the hair grows fast. Use the oil in place just spray on the hair or mixed with oil to nourish the hair, the process of buying leaves for heating to wash.

The formula for your hair is fine, but there is no basis for measuring the ratio:
- Take half a bowl of hot water 70 degrees
In each 50ml castor or argan oil bottle there is usually a tube for oil, usually four full tubes at a time, squeezing out the bowl of water.
Next, the small oil of grapefruit pomelo and essential oils in a very fine way is arbitrary. There are five to seven drops, but there are also dozens of drops each.
- Finish mixing them up.
- The balancing oils and essential oils are melted together, mixed with warm warm water so they are easier to connect with each other and not as dense as pure oil, will be easier to apply to hair, but not to thick Know what type of hair. After the mixture is done, you apply it evenly on your hair, while applying it to the oil. Do not worry about this type of hair is easy, practically this is done while shampooing very soft hair, with Foam of Biotin & Collagen shampoo. Normal hair wash is fluffy, smooth hair. The first time may be scalp you have not adapted, used several times are familiar. I personally always shampoo the first time always.

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