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Portable SSD with Type-C USB to take on the go

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As an interior designer, I need a powerful and portable storage solution as I have to carry large amounts of files on the road for presentation. The portable drive has to be light-weight, high capacity and blazing fast. Besides, I hope it to be compatible with my mobile phone, so that I can access the files from the portable drive without using a laptop. My colleague suggested me this ESD220C from Transcend, featuring fast data transfer rates and USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface at a tempting portable form factor. What’s more, the Transcend ESD220C is specifically designed with a USB Type-C port, offering the flexibility of being used on different platforms to accommodate devices with different USB ports.

Unboxing the ESD220C
The Transcend ESD220C came in a windowed style packaging – immediately drawing attention to the small external drive.

Inside the box is the usual documentation, the device itself, as well as a USB Type-C to Type-A cable.

The Transcend ESD220C is surprisingly small only measuring 77 x 55.7 x 9.6mm (LWD). The device is light as well weighing only 52g. It comes in an ultra compact credit card sized design that features an anti-scratch coating. It’s really portable even more so compared to other portable hard drives.

The Type-C header going into the SSD while the Type-A to your computer. The connection is reversible since it is a Type-C connection. You no longer need to fumble around trying to connect the cable to the device. Beside the Type-C port is a One-Touch backup button. With Transcend Elite data management software, which is free to download from Transcend website, you’ll only need to press the button to automatically backup any designated folders from your computer to the drive.

The SSD is self-powered, simply plug it into the computer through the cable and then automatically turn on. It works with both Windows and Mac with a simple plug-and-play.

With a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, which is not included in the package, the SSD drive can be directly connected to an OTG Type-C mobile phone, such as HTC 10, as an external storage.

This feature offers the convenience and flexibility for me to access the data for work on my phone without having to pull out the laptop all the time.

This ESD200C SSD drive is very compact and convenient and I can bring it anywhere in my pocket for any business occasions. With its One-Touch backup button, I can work more efficiently and effectively with the greatly reduced time for file transfer and backup. The drive has a USB-C port, allowing it to work with more devices than other portable drives. The ESC220C is an excellent portable storage device to take on the go

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