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The most beautiful part of your home is yard. It is the welcoming place that attracts the guests of your home. But the yard of your home attracts few unwanted guests as well and it is pest. Pest attack is something that ruins our living. They will come to our home unknowingly, but they will not be quite inside. They only thing that they will bring with them is destruction. They can create big physical, mental and financial problem to us. They are health hazardous as well, hence the only way out to deal with pests is dealing with the situation with full fledge preparation. At the place of your residence you need to create a pests free zone. Here are the tips that you should follow in order to keep your yard pest free.

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Proper Care of Lawn: Tall grass, unkempt shrubbery and fallen leaves create great places for pests to live and breed. It becomes an invitation for them and they will also use the long shrub as their hideouts. If you keep your lawn mower and remove dead foliage, you can eliminate these nesting areas. And the bonus is that you also end up with a great-looking yard. Other places that can attract pests are wood piles and compost heaps. Always place them at a good distance from your yard, in order to make it a pest free zone.

No Puddles: Standing water is always a danger. It gives a ground to insects for breeding. Check your yard often for drainage problems, or items such as tires, children’s, toys and debris, that can collect water. It is best to water your lawn early in the day so that it has time to dry, and after a rainstorm is a good time to inspect your property again to check for any puddles or areas of standing water. These puddles may become the breeding ground for mosquitos of Dengue and Chikungunya

Disposing Food Items: Garbage cans that do not have a secure lid are a welcome sight, not only to flies, wasps and other insects, but also to raccoons, stray animals and even large bears. Hence it is always suggested to keep garbage in a closed box. Leaving food items in open is also a big problem. Make sure that your garbage cans have a tight fitting lid, and in areas where animals are a nuisance, be sure to place them in an enclosed area. If you eat outdoors, fully clean up any spilled foods or drinks after you are done.

If there is some suspicious of pests near your yard, that may destruct your living then you are supposed to call pests control services at the earliest. The best way to save you from the attack of pests is regular inspection.


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