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Is it worth to spend RM80 monthly for telco plan?

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My brother ask me to change a new telco plan for him.

He said that this plan is better than the one he is using.

What do you think? RM80 is a big amount for monthly expenses?

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4 minutes ago, daddd said:

RM 80 is included of what?? Any details?

https://www.*** auto spam filter ***.com.my/personal/plans/gold

You may refer this website. My bro said this plan is 10GB with unlimited call and SMS

So what you think? Is it worth??

3 minutes ago, babiesslove said:

Are you saying the first gold plan? The plan is quite hit eh.

Really? Dont you think 10GB is quite wasteful??

i dont think he can use that much lol

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8 minutes ago, babiesslove said:

Wont. celc have a best function for data users. It can carry forward those unused to next month.

So I think it is worth for student or work use

Really?? But is all the data can bring? Any limited GB amount?

6 minutes ago, daddd said:

I think its ok for me. At least the Yonder music benefit is quite suit me lah haha

For free leh

Ya. My brother did love music also. He keep annoy me to help him to chg this plan lol

But this plan need any contract??

5 minutes ago, Kimmy said:

This plan not expired already meh???

Nope, my bro told me this plan was extended due many ppl request to sign tis plan

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1 minute ago, Kimmy said:

Hmmph??!! OMG.....I just signed new plan yesterday LOLLLLL

I want this plan badly eh !!

This plan extend until when?

Until end of May yoh. haha.. 

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