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The odds of becoming the next Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, or Chanel Iman might just require the same stroke of luck that is required in order to win the jackpot. Though the chances may seem super slim (like a size-zero model) if you’re not going to give it a shot, you may just nail it. 


Aspiring models, though some may totally rely on luck just because they’re born “beautiful”, some put their careers on the right track by taking carefully planned steps. In this case, finding a reputable modeling agency seems like the best possible option to embark upon a modelling career – this is where ML Model shines the brightest.


This elite modeling agency has groomed and brought some of the finest looking models into the limelight – from Malaysia to all corners of the globe. Recently, ML Model even provided talents and models with projects in a few Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.


With the combined experience, talent and ability of the ML Model’s management team, they have been more than capable of sustaining a solid reputation in an extremely competitive industry. Equipped with the essential know-hows and connections to help you break into the modeling market, ML Model has succeeded in bringing out the best potential in every one of their models and makes sure that the clients consistently receive the best possible service.


ML Model is no stranger to local and international success, with some of their most seasoned and sought after models gracing everything from television commercials to prestigious magazine covers. ML Model has also produced the spokespersons and brand models for internationally renowned conglomerates from various industries such as telecommunications, automobile, finance, and fast-moving-consumer-goods.


ML Model is not your average modeling agency – they’re also a full-service creative agency boasting inherent

capabilities, professionalism, dedication and a solid network that provides end-to-end solutions for all advertising and promotional needs. With so much talent in Malaysia alone, ML Model aspires to launch new talents to an

international circuit.


So, if you feel that you have what it takes, go ahead and give it a try for you might just be the next big name in 

the world of modeling. To find out more about ML Model, please log on to www.mlmodel.asia


Irina BIrina B





  1. Keep your application simple. The agency will look out for important points such as your looks, your height and stats (for women, bust/waist/hips and for men, suit jacket size and waist size), your location,

    age, eye and hair color, and maybe the size of your feet.

  2. If you’re currently attached with a booking agency somewhere, say so.
  3. If you have extensive professional modeling or acting experience, say so. Keep it short and sweet.
  4. For your profile shots, get the best possible shots to be sent are the ones with you appearing in prestigious, paid modelling work, the kind that the agency does. They beat snapshots hands down!
  5. If you don’t have those shots, call the agency and ask for their preference. It’s wise to try an inexpensive  approach first although paying a little extra will be a good investment. Perhaps, if all else fails and you’re still determined to pursue modelling, you should make an investment in professional photography.
  6. If you don’t get a response within a reasonable time frame (about a couple of weeks), you probably aren't going to. At that point, you can think about trying again, but by doing something differently, like sending different pictures or personally making an appointment to meet them personally instead of just making an impersonal mail submission.




  1. It’s just like a job interview so don’t bring your other half, dad, mom and the tiny thought your mom is babysitting. And baby strollers? Don’t even think about it! This not American Idol so keep your entourage at home 
  2. Never argue with a booking agent. To succeed in this industry (and any other for that matter), you have  got to take criticism with grace. If an agent passes you on, don’t question them. Thank them for their time, don’t be disgruntled, and move on to the next appointment. It’s not the end of your career. 
  3. Don’t waste your time on “TFP (Time for Prints) /TFCD (Time for a CD)” shoots unless you are certain the photographer is very well qualified to produce commercial test pictures.
  4. If you need to call the agency, do it yourself. Never get your parents (unless you’re underage), some “manager” nobody has ever heard of or, worse still, your boyfriend/girlfriend call for you.  
  5. Don’t ever be absent or late for shoots. Be considerate. The agency takes a lot of time to get their stuff  together – from gathering the team to planning the entire shoot. So if you want to impress the right people, then treat their time as valuable.



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