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what do u think of dugro?

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In my opinion, Dugro is great for kids/toddlers who are not really picky eaters and who isn't lactose intolerant. It's a basic milk formulation for growing children.

Here are some info I pulled out from their website:


"Dumex® Dugro® is our all-time favorite growing up milk that is trusted and loved by generations of Singapore children. Formulated with reference to Singapore's Recommended Dietary Allowances, it contains 360° Nutrition™, a system of key nutrients for the all-rounded growth of children. Dumex® Dugro® is accredited with the 'Healthier Choice Symbol' by Health Promotion Board as it is lower in sugar & lower in saturated fat as compared to regular growing up milk and with increased calcium."


Apparently they are accredited, so you can say it's a good choice.


Nevertheless, my older daughter is lactose intolerant, so Dugro is out of the question. I'm feeding her Isomil Plus (as their ingredients are soy based). My daughter loves it, the taste is great. But make sure your hot water temperature is just right. I tested out their sample packs before purchasing, just incase my daughter doesn't like it. I get my samples for Isomil Plus here: http://isomilplus.com.my/ you need to spend probably 5 minutes to fill in some information and details to get your sample. It's free, so 5 minutes doesn't really bother me.


My son on the other hand (second child, and last hehe) is a really picky eater. He hates vegetables, fruits, and anything green. I've been trying to feed him veggies by hiding them inside sausages and chicken drumstick. But most of the time I get caught and he spits it out.

So, our family doctor suggested us to try Pediasure, I've requested for the sample (BECAUSE I LOVE FREE STUFFS) over here: http://pediasure.com.my/ and am still waiting for them to send it over. I've read a lot of reviews about their products as well and all looks pretty good, so I'm hoping my son would like it too.


I hope my sharing can help some of you new moms out there to decide on your milk powder brands for your kids.

Not all milk powders are the same, my family doc always say: consult with your doc first before trying things out on your kids (especially when it comes with food).

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On 19/01/2016 at 3:19 PM, imyuinny said:

Hi all,

I'm interested to hear what your thoughts are about dugro milk powder?

Mother's milk is best for babies with supplements in consultation with paediatrician.

That said, Dugro is not advisable for baby and children.

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