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Need advise for getting start a business.

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Hi guys,


I having a thought of getting masks from Korea to sell here but the thing is I don't know whether should I do it or not. 


Firstly, I don't have a platform to sell.

Secondary, what if the buyers are thinking i'm selling fake masks D: 



Really need advises on this! 

Appreciate much! 



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Hi, welcome to MYB.


If you have budget concern, you can start to sell at some free platforms, for example Classifieds section of MYB, other forums, blogs, etc.


If you continue to supply quality products, the word of mouth will help you to get more businesses. For start, you might want to provide more product information, including how you get the product, from where etc, to give a bit of assurance. Additional discount to your initial customers may help to generate some interests as well.


It is not going to be easy, as long as you really put effort and continue to do your best, you will see the result in future.

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