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Do you know what your body shape is?

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We generally worry about how our our body looks like. And I am not talking about that how much weight you lose or how much exercise you do regularly.

I am talking about wearing something which actually matches with your natural body type.  It can be any size but you have to be careful to appreciate the choice which best suits your body.

Do you want to know how to dress based on your body shape?  Each and every body type has different particular parts which can be enlightened. The first step in this is to find out which body shape you have, I found the following link for an easy body shape calculator (http://www.styled247.com/body-shape-calculator/)

Though every woman is not the same, they roughly fall in different categories. However the interesting point here is to make you more comfortable without any change to your body, just change the way you dress.

Which exactly match your body and the direction to find out the best style for yourself?

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