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Esprit Pua

-Ready Stock Nail Stickers-

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Nail Stickers

The fastest and easier way to dress up your nails.Just need 10 minute and you will have a beautiful nails. brows.gif 
-Each package of sticker come have different size and it comes in 12 pcs and you will have 2 in spare in case you make a mistake while you apply the nail sticker.
-Self -adhesive nail stickers. No need to apply glue.
-Fast and easy to apply. No drying time and easy to remove.

-Never cut the end of the nail strip if it is too long! Always file it.
-Do NOT use a clear topcoat nail polish it tends to make the nail stickers wrinkle. 
-If you want that textured look good, use quick drying topcoat. Make sure that you try it on one of the nail stickers, before doing all of the nail stickers that are on your finger.

Payment Method

Terms and Conditions
-First come first serve basic
-Postage fee bear by buyer
-Payment must be made after confirming all the item. If not, items will be delivered on the next delivery
-NO exchange NO refund NO swapping
-NO refund if cancel of order after settle payment.
-Not responsible for any losses or damage during the shipping.
-Kindly inform us once you have settled the payment.

Postage: Postage: 1-6 pcs: Rm 3.50

Free Postage if you purchase 7pcs above ( can mix with other nail stickers design )

For More Picture and Details:


Do visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ylboutiqu3

To order, kindly contact us from information given below:
Private message us on our facebook :

And Like our facebook page for more update brows.gif brows.gif 


Fantasy Universe Glitter Nail Stickers[cool.gif

Ready Stock!! Limited Stock for Available.
Good Quality!! Last up to 5-7 days
Every pack of the nail stickers have different size so they will fit your nails. 
Package comes in 16 sizes, you will have 4 in spare in case you make a mistake while you apply the nail stickers.

If you wish to order, please pm me and let me know the details ya :
-Code: F
Price : RM 9.00


More details please press the link below::



More and more design!!!

Code : ZX
Price : RM 7.00



Single Color Glitter Nail Stickers
COLOR AVAILABLE: thumbup.gif thumbup.gif 

B1- Light Green Glitter
B2-White Glitter 
B3- Dark Purple Glitter
B4- Orange Glitter
B6- Light Gold Glitter
B7- Dark Pink Glitter
B8- Light Pink Glitter ( SOLD OUT)
B9- Dark Green Glitter
B10- Spring Green Glitter
B11- Silver Glitter 
B13-Light Sky Blue Glitter
B14- Brown Glitter 
B15- Dark Blue Glitter 
B16-Medium Turquoise Glitter 

Code: B
Price: RM 6.50

post-363376-1402629750_thumb.jpg More picture and details, please refer to below link:



More design will be update soon. brows.gifbrows.gif


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Silver Floral Nail Stickers are BACK shocking.gif shocking.gif 

Just only RM 6.50 and it last more than 7days.
Easy to match with any dress cloth and most important easy to apply, just measure the correct size and stick it at ur nail.
It can be also stick it at ur toe.. icon_idea.gif

More picture --> do click here-->> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.634105846666805.1073741834.634061900004533&type=3


post-363376-1409798104_thumb.jpg post-363376-1409798094_thumb.jpg post-363376-1409798087_thumb.jpg post-363376-1409798071_thumb.jpgpost-363376-1409798079_thumb.jpg post-363376-1409798332_thumb.jpg

Real picture from pretty babes ^^

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You can't. Stickers basically suck. The edges curl up after a top coat is applied. If a top coat is not applied they disappear in a day anyway. Decals are much better, but need some experience to apply, and they seem to be fading from use because of poor instructions. I have great stuff, but i fear I will die of cancer before I can share it with anyone.

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