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Best Uni/College for Fashion Design in Malaysia?

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Hello all.

I'm currently 17 and will be taking the SPM which is less than 2 months away. I am planning to pursue a diploma in fashion designing after the SPM. The problem is, I have no idea which uni/college I should go to. Maybe you can help shed some light on this. I did some Googling and here are a few unis/colleges I found.

1. ESMOD KL in The One Academy
- appeals the most to me but oh my macam mahal gila. 

2. Malaysian Institute of Art
- looks promising too.

3. Raffles College of Higher Education KL
- this is actually my first choice but after reading some reviews, I'm not so sure anymore.

4. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
- recommended by many but criticized by many also. I read many reviews stating that this uni is all about $$$ and low in quality. :-/ 

I am so lost. x_x If any of you is currently doing Fashion Design in the institutes I mentioned above, please share your experiences and opinions. I would really appreciate it. Recommendations are also welcome. Please help. Thanks in advance!

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i dont think you lost. at least you have your desire course to further your study. the most important is the certificate issued by the college. if the cert is not recognized no matter how you study also wasted. i think i will go for limkokweng.

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