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Each of the bride to the wedding is always hope and others are different

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In this symbol of the everlasting day, miss zhang and Mr. Xu to receive a marriage certificate. So the couple began to intense preparations for their wedding, customized lovely and joyful with their own design invitations, their wedding video, individual character is dye-in-the-wood wedding... All preparation is in order, such as only the marriage gauze of miss zhang have been slow to solve. To countless wedding dress rental, suzhou also didn't run less, the result to see that there is almost no gives the copy line wedding dress and was unable to start.

Each of the bride to the wedding is always hope and others are different, not to mention the most important wedding dress, how can bump unlined upper garment with others? Wedding, is in miss zhang, accidentally stroll shop passing wedding custom studio for miss zhang solved. Studio is not big, but the dress style is complete, the fabric design and color is various.

Through the introduction of staff and try, miss zhang soon booked their wedding dress, staff member introduction, the general reception, wedding dress, mainly divides into out of yarn, vintage strapless wedding dresses, dresses (2 pieces), the Chinese dress. Studio also said that miss zhang can bring their own pattern, the staff can be completely in accordance with customer drawings make wedding dress, my wedding gown I really family, make every bride have a completely belongs to own the "princess dream".

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