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Chanel cosmetics

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hey girls, would like to create a thread for chanel cosmetics smile.gif

anyone hav any recommendations?

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Tried Chanel's compact foundation, compact powder and concealer..smooth texture but nothing very special..probably didn't really suit me!

I prefer MAC tongue.gif

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using chanel 2 way cake now. consider as the best 2 way cake i ve tried so far.

but their gloss not as good as dior addicted.

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Yea, I hav d Chanel 2-way cake 2, n their Universal foundation (liquid)... Luv their Vitalumier liquid foundation... thumbup.gif Also juz finish up a Precision moisturiser, not bad 2...

Saw their blotter case, so nice packaging... But 2 expensiv... tongue.gif

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i use their crystal gloss, nice, natural, lasting too....

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i'm using channel 2 way cake...soft texture, nice!! thumbup.gif

watch from taiwan show-Ladies First...i'm interested to their blusher.. rolleyes.gif

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chanel 2-way cake realli that good ah..?? makes me feel like want to buy also.. can i ask wen u use the 2-way cake, do u still put on liquid foundation..?? cos i jz bought one dior liquid foundation n i've got chanel's compact pressed powder.. if i wanna try the 2-way cake, means those 2 items i no need already right..? like that quite wasted right..??

do u feel that powder is easier to apply than liquid foundation..??

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elli: chanel two way cake realli good lor..i think compacts are definitely easier to apply and faster to apply if compared to liquid..good especially for times when u wanna go out and wanna get ready in a shorter time..hmm..i guess use two way cake adi shud be no need liquid foundation adi..coz if not scared will be abit too thick smile.gif

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i ve never tried chanel product coz i think it's quite costly compare to others... But is their product tat good ?

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chanel 2-way cake realli that good ah..?? makes me feel like want to buy also.. can i ask wen u use the 2-way cake, do u still put on liquid foundation..?? cos i jz bought one dior liquid foundation n i've got chanel's compact pressed powder.. if i wanna try the 2-way cake, means those 2 items i no need already right..? like that quite wasted right..??

do u feel that powder is easier to apply than liquid foundation..??

ya elli. chanel 2 way cake really good tongue.gif

like wat xinjie said, powder is easier to apply. use it when u r rushing to go out. liquid foundation always got the result better. so use it when u got dinner or sepcial event. use the dior foundation with the pressed powder. no need to use 2 way cake. 2 way cake is actually combine with liquid foundation with powder. tats why it called 2 way cake.

actually pressed powder is bit heavier tooo. it normally for us to use it to touch up make up. tried to use loose powder instead of pressed powder next time rolleyes.gif

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Thank u kassie, i understand now.

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IPB Image


Creme Powder Makeup

A unique formula that is sensual, intelligent and practical. The original sensation of a cream foundation that transforms into a powder for a matte, luminous result.

As soon as it is applied, the light and creamy texture of DOUBLE PERFECTION CRÈME POUDRE transforms into a fine, powdery veil that is perfectly even.

In this highly elaborate formula, three makeup benefits come together for the first time:

- The face is absolutely matte. Due to the action of a biopolymer, the makeup adapts to the specific needs of the skin: hydration is maintained on dry areas of the face while shine is diminished.

- Enriched with light-reflecting pigments, DOUBLE PERFECTION CRÈME POUDRE superbly evens out and illuminates the complexion. The Lumioptic R light-adapting complex by CHANEL perfectly adjusts the natural radiance of the complexion.

- Finally, the presence of a crystalline powder ensures exceptional glide-on application and long hold.

Presented in an elegant 35 ml matte black tube, DOUBLE PERFECTION CRÈME POUDRE is applied with fingertips for a complete makeup or touch-ups.

IPB Image


Matte Reflecting Powder Makeup

A natural, matt, luminous complexion.

Gives a matt, lightly powdered and naturally luminous finish. The skin remains supple and hydrated (moisturises by impregnating the upper layers of the epidermis). SPF 10 sun protection.

Powdered texture, smooth to the touch and on application. Combination of micronised talc, silica microbeads and nylon powders, which ensures lasting mattness. Complex composed of a blend of sugars and amino acids, which contributes to the non-drying effect. Contents : 15 g.

Apply to the whole face and neck with the sponge. Apply it dry, for a sheer, matt result, or with the sponge lightly moistened for a velvety, long-lasting coverage. Ideal for re-touching throughout the day, especially for an instant mattifying effect in the T-zone.

IPB Image


Matte Reflecting Makeup

A natural, matt, luminous complexion.

Gives a matt, luminous complexion. Features appear rested. The skin is protected by an SPF 15 sunfilter.

Sebum-regulating ingredient, combined with starch derivatives and absorbent micro-sponges, which helps to control excess sebum and reduces oily secretions. Photo-reflective pigments optically disguise imperfections. Spherical powders reflect the light and reveal the radiance of the complexion. Extreme softness and a great affinity with the skin, due to lipoaminoacid-coated pigments. This new type of coating maintains colour consistency regardless of the degree of coverage. Contents : 30 ml.

Using the fingertips, dab onto face and blend gently, either with small circular movements of the fingertips, or with a sponge, smoothing from the centre outwards.


IPB Image


Satin smoothing creme compact

Smoothing anti-fatigue creme compact foundation. Refillable.

In one simple and rapid sweep of the sponge, VITALUMIÈRE CREME COMPACT wipes away all traces of fatigue on the face. Dull complexions and signs of stress disappear under a luminous, hydrating and radiant film.

Rich in energizing, hydrating and protective agents combined with new-generation light-reflecting pigments, the high-performance formula of VITALUMIÈRE CREME COMPACT revitalizes and enhances the complexion.

Apply VITALUMIÈRE CREME COMPACT with a dry sponge to the face. Smooth outwards for a perfectly natural and even-looking complexion. Adjustable coverage.

IPB Image


Satin smoothing fluid makeup

Source of youth and light.

This fluid foundation revives tired, dull complexions. Its fluid texture, containing moisturisers*, ensures maximum comfort for the skin. Presented in a pump-action bottle, VITALUMIÈRE fluid delivers the ideal amount for a single application.

Your complexion appears visibly rested, its vitality and luminosity are restored. The light texture of VITALUMIÈRE fluid gives a slightly satin finish, for a radiant, natural, youthful-looking makeup. Contents : 30 ml.

According to preference, apply VITALUMIÈRE fluid with a sponge, or dab over the face with the fingertips and blend lightly for a perfectly natural and even finish. Finish by powdering lightly to fix the makeup.

* Moisturises by impregnating the upper layers of the epidermis

IPB Image


Satin smoothing creme makeup

Source of youth and light.

This cream foundation revives tired, dull complexions. Moisturising* ingredients ensure maximum comfort and suppleness for your skin. The foundation is presented in a luxury glass jar, evocative, in the way it reflects the light, of the new luminosity the foundation brings to your complexion.

Your complexion is visibly rested, its vitality and luminosity are restored. The creamy texture of VITALUMIÈRE creme makes it easy to vary the degree of coverage, from light to more sophisticated. Contents : 30ml/30g.

Dab VITALUMIÈRE creme over the whole face and blend lightly, to give a perfectly natural and even finish.

* Moisturises by impregnating the upper layers of the epidermis

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IPB Image


Naturally luminous compact makeup SPF 10

Fresh, silky cream texture. Adjustable coverage. Natural satiny finish. Practical and easy-to-carry refillable case.

The complexion looks naturally even, fresh and enhanced. The skin is moisturized, soft and protected. Coverage is adjustable and makeup hold is perfect.

- Natural radiance: Light-reflecting pigments even out the complexion and reveal its radiance.

- Hydration: Hydrating agents and a moisture-rich texture provide the skin with hydration.

- Extreme softness: A gentle emulsifier offers a sensation of comfort upon application.

- Protection: A vitamin derivative and a sun filter (SPF 10) protect the skin from harmful sunrays.

Apply with a dry sponge only. Smooth on from the center of the face outwards.

IPB Image


Naturally luminous fluid makeup SPF 12

Fresh, light, fluid texture. Light coverage. Natural satiny finish.

The light coverage ensures a flawless, ultra-natural complexion. The skin is moisturized, soft and protected.

- Natural radiance: Light-reflecting pigments and Lumioptic® pigments even out the complexion and conceal imperfections.

- Hydration: Hydrating agents provide the skin with hydration, comfort and suppleness.

- Extreme softness: Softening active ingredients offer a silky sensation and feel.

- Protection: A sun filter (SPF 12) protects the skin from harmful sunrays.

Gently dab onto entire face. Blend in with small circular movements, smoothing from the center of the face outwards.

IPB Image


Luminous even-toning semi-matte foundation

A flawless complexion in any light.

PRO LUMIÈRE stretches like a canvas that forms a curtain of light on the skin. The material "reshapes" the skin, the color adapts and the density adjusts depending on the desired effect.

Soft to the touch and perfectly adjustable when applied, the PRO LUMIÈRE formula is highly concentrated in high-tech radiance-emitting active ingredients.

Rich in reflecting pigments and emollient elements that leave the complexion looking flawless, it also recreates the "smoothing" performance of artificial light.

Blended in completely, it offers a semi-matte and luminous translucent result. Less blended, it provides a smoothing effect with perfectly even skin and tighter pores.

IPB Image


Light-Reflecting Whitening Fluid Foundation SPF 20 / PA +++

A foundation that evens out imperfections of the complexion for a natural, luminous result.

This wonderfully fluid and silky foundation glides over the skin in the blink of an eye. A smooth, even, semi-matte and luminous makeup result.

Its formula features the exclusive CHANEL Whitening Illuminating Complex with Liquorice Extract. It helps prevent and reduce the formation of dark spots. The complexion maintains its even and harmonious pigmentation. Moreover, a duo of sun filters preserves the brightness of the complexion each day by protecting the skin.

Six shades to illuminate all skin tones: Beige Clair, Beige Rosé, Beige Cendré, Beige Moyen, Beige Doré, Beige Extrême.

30 ml pump bottle.

Dab onto face and neck. Blend in with fingertips, using small circular movements, and smooth outwards. For perfect makeup hold, use after the BLANC ESSENTIEL Whitening Modeling Effect Base.

IPB Image


Whitening Powder Foundation SPF 25/PA+++

High-performance makeup for a luminous, flawless complexion.

Formulated with the Whitening Radiance Complex exclusive to Chanel containing liquorice extract (a high-performance ingredient renowned for its whitening power), this new compact foundation reduces the intensity of dark spots while ensuring a matte, bright, luminous and even complexion all day long.

Thanks to silica microbeads, powders that continuously regulate sebum production, your skin remains incredibly matte and velvety for hours on end. Light-reflecting pigments conceal the skin's irregularities while enhancing its radiance. A high sun protection factor (SPF 25/PA+++) protects the skin from damaging sun rays.

Apply to the face with a dry sponge for a natural finish or with a damp sponge for higher coverage and longer hold. The foundation can also be used for touch-ups when needed.

IPB Image


Extreme UV Protection Control Powder Foundation SPF 25 / PA +++

Refillable Extreme Long Lasting Powder Foundation

Specially created for Asian skin, TEINT CONTRÔLE EXTRÊME mattifies, brightens and evens out the texture of the skin.

Its compact, velvety formula is ultra-light. Its fragrance-free texture is absolutely natural-looking.

The skin breathes and the complexion glows. Irregularities and small imperfections seem to disappear.

Thanks to the synergic action of mineral and organic filters, the skin is also protected from UVA and UVB rays (SPF 25 / PA +++).

Apply with a dry sponge for natural makeup or a slightly damp sponge for more coverage.

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IPB Image


Mattifying powder foundation SPF20

TEINT CONTRÔLE COMPACT ensures a matt, powdered, luminous complexion. Specially suited to hot, humid climates, this compact foundation absorbs sebum, reduces oily secretions and minimises the appearance of pores : your complexion stays matt and your makeup remains perfect.

The "soft-focus" pigments in the foundation even out your complexion and disguise imperfections, whatever the lighting: your complexion is luminous. The sun filter helps to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun (SPF20). Contents : 15 g.

- Apply with dry sponge for a very natural makeup look,

- Apply with sponge slightly moistened for more coverage.

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IPB Image


Soft pressed powder

Luminous and correcting pressed powder.

The complexion is delicately enhanced. The makeup result is natural and radiant.

- Extreme softness: Micronized talc provides a touch of softness to velvety skin.

- Intense light: Like a sparkle of light, the powder provides a natural, sheer finish for a complexion that glows with beauty.

- Correction: Light-reflecting pigments help to optically smooth away skin imperfections.

Sweep onto the face with a brush, from the center outwards. Smooth for an even result. Correcting or highlighting effect, depending on the shade.

IPB Image


Anti-shine matifying powder

A compact powder for a truly flawless, natural finish, accompanied by a double-sided sponge.

The fine and natural texture is composed of three particularly absorbent powders that ensure both the perfect flawless finish and long-lasting hold. Your skin stays balanced and comfortable all day long; your complexion remains even, translucent and luminous.

To help prevent skin aging, PURETÉ MAT provides the skin with a true barrier to protect it against harsh environmental elements, thanks to an anti-pollution agent combined with SPF 15 and a Vitamin E derivative, with antioxidant properties.

PURETÉ MAT benefits from all of CHANEL's know-how in the field of photoreflection and contains a light-reflecting pigment selected to give translucence and luminosity.

The double-sided sponge enables you to achieve the coverage you want from the powder and offers two distinct make-up results: the velvet side for a powdery finish, and the sponge side for a finish that evens out the complexion.

Apply to the entire face with dry sponge. For a very natural effect, apply just the powder all over the face, then add a touch of blush to the cheeks for a subtle healthy glow.

IPB Image


Translucent satin compact powder

Translucent powdered perfection.

Mattifies with light coverage and optically conceals imperfections. Your complexion is natural, radiant and luminous. The fine, light texture of POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE is very pleasant to the touch, and soft on the face, for maximum comfort.

POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE combines all the cosmetic qualities of a loose powder combined with the ease of use of a compact powder. Formula based on micronised talc, which gives it its softness and natural mattness. Light-reflective pigments minimise imperfections and give the complexion its luminosity. Lauryol lysine, an amino acid derivative, contributes to the « glide » of the texture. Contents : 15 g.

Apply the powder on its own for a translucent, very natural look, or over foundation for a more sophisticated result. Take up the powder with the puff and apply by pressing lightly over the face and neck. Repeat application over the delicate zones : the eye contour and the corners of the mouth, for an even finer, more natural-looking finish.

IPB Image


Natural finish loose powder

A sheer, natural finish for the complexion.

It unifies the complexion, with a natural sheer matt finish, and disguises imperfections without emphasising lines. The unique dispenser puts exactly the right amount of powder onto the cotton velvet puff, for a perfect natural finish.

A sheer matt finish, obtained by the use of an ultra-fine talc and silica microspheres. A flawless natural complexion, through the inclusion of photo-reflective pigments, which disguise fine lines and skin blemishes. Outstanding « glide » and comfort during application, thanks to a « crystal » powder derived from Lauryol Lysine, and to a silicone derivative which reduces the volatility of the powder. A remarkable affinity with the skin and an even finish (lipoaminoacid-coated pigments). Contents : 30 g.

Used on its own, the powder evens out the complexion and gives a sheer, natural matt makeup. Used over any type of foundation, the powder fixes your makeup with a velvety finish.

IPB Image


Silky bronzing powder

Pressed powder with quilted effect. A range of three iridescent shades.

Enhances suntanned skin ; evens out and prolongs the appearance of a tan. The light-reflecting pigments soften the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. The vitamin E derivative combats free radicals.

Pressed powder texture, soft and easy to apply. A blend of talc, very fine powders, (silica spheres and nylon powder), reflective pigments and a vitamin E derivative. Black compact, DOUBLE TEINT POUDRÉ format, with a brush for ease of application. Contents : 15 g.

Use on natural, made-up or tanned skin. Apply to the whole face and décolleté with the brush. Or add a touch of radiance to cheeks, forehead and chin.

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IPB Image


Whitening Modeling Effect Base SPF 30/ PA+++

A true "veil of light" with whitening properties.

Its iridescent pigments help smooth away small imperfections and redefine facial contours and volumes.

The exclusive CHANEL Whitening Illuminating Complex, rich in Liquorice Extract, diminishes dark spots. Sun filters with high indexes protect the face from ultraviolet rays and the formation of dark spots, while giving the complexion a natural appearance.

The new whitening base offers two shades: Rosée for a healthy glow effect and Mimosa for a luminous face.

30 ml bottle.

Shake bottle well before dabbing the base onto the face. Gently blend in with fingertips. Then apply the BLANC ESSENTIEL Light-Reflecting Whitening Powder Foundation or Light-Reflecting Whitening Fluid Foundation.

IPB Image


Complexion enhancer

A sunkissed glow.

It gets your tan off to a glowing start ahead of summer, evens it out all summer long, and prolongs it once the holidays are over.

An exceptionally soft gel-cream powder texture, enriched with iridescent colour pigments. This smooth formula gives your face a radiant velvety finish, with day-long hold. Contents : 30 g

For a healthy glow, highlight cheekbones and browbones. To even out a tan, apply lightly over the face, not forgetting the décolleté. Sponge or fingertip application.

IPB Image


Complexion-enhancing makeup base

Sheer illuminator.

Unifies and illuminates your complexion with a sheer finish and no whitening effect. Exceptionally light gel-cream texture, for all skin types.

Using professional makeup techniques, BLANC UNIVERSEL DE CHANEL contains reflective pigments that surround your face with a halo of light. Contents: 30 g.

On a fair skin, can be used on its own for a sheer, natural makeup. Alternatively under, or blended with, foundation for extra luminosity. Apply either :

- under the eyes, to correct sign of tiredness,

- or to highlight key areas, chin, forehead and the centre of the cheeks,

- for extra luminosity, as a makeup base over the whole face.

IPB Image


Long-lasting makeup base

An illuminating makeup base to even out skin texture, prime the skin for foundation, and improve the hold of makeup.

The non-oily texture glides onto the skin, leaving it perfectly primed for foundation and improving the hold of makeup. The BASE LUMIÈRE formula contains micro-spherical polymers and opalescent pigments, which minimise imperfections, smooth skin texture and even out the complexion.

Bluish-white, non-oily gel texture. Dual protection is provided by an anti-pollution ingredient and a marine extract which helps maintain the hydration* level of the skin.

* Moisturises by impregnating the upper layers of the epidermis.

Dab BASE LUMIÈRE over your daily moisturiser, then blend with the fingertips, before applying your CHANEL foundation.

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IPB Image


Whitening Spot Concealer SPF 25/PA+++

Two correcting shades for an even, luminous and brighter complexion.

Thanks to the Whitening Radiance Complex exclusive to CHANEL containing liquorice extract, the WHITENING SPOT CONCEALER in the BLANC ESSENTIEL range reduces and prevents the formation of dark circles, small blemishes and dark spots. These are optically diminished by light-correcting pigments. The skin is also protected against damaging sun rays with SPF 25/ PA+++.

Use the luminous white shade to hide dark circles and brighten the complexion. The light beige shade helps conceal dark spots and blotchy areas. Mix the two shades for personalized results.

IPB Image


Satin smoothing creme concealer

Smoothing anti-fatigue creme concealer.

The supple and silky texture of VITALUMIÈRE CREME CONCEALER glides over the skin without caking. Like a sparkle of light, it brightens tired, dark areas around the eyes. The epidermis is smoothed and even, eyes sparkle and the face looks rested.

Rich in energizing, hydrating and protective agents combined with new-generation light-reflecting pigments, the high-performance formula of VITALUMIÈRE CREME CONCEALER revitalizes the epidermis. It is specially designed for the delicate area around the eyes.

Remove the product with a brush and dab onto the eye area and small imperfections on the face. Blend in for a perfectly natural and even finish before and after applying foundation.

Soften the bristles of the brush on the back of the hand before first use.

IPB Image


Dark circle concealer and complexion corrector

Corrects imperfections gently and fast.

CORRECTEUR ÉCLAT gently conceals imperfections, and is ideally suited to the delicate eye area. It gives an even, luminous, long-lasting result, without drying the skin.

The soft and comfortable creamy texture can be built up to give the degree of coverage desired. The pigments are amino acid-coated for easy blending. The ultra-soft powders ensure easy application and uniform coverage for a long-lasting result. Presentation in a glass container with foam applicator, in a frosted effect packaging. Available in three shades : Roselight (Beige rosé), Candlelight (Beige clair) and Medium Beige (Beige moyen).

Apply under or over foundation. Using the foam applicator, dab CORRECTEUR ÉCLAT lightly onto the areas to be treated (dark circles, fine lines, blemishes, etc...). Blend with the fingertips.

IPB Image


Corrective Concealer Stick

A light-diffusing concealer stick that hides dark circles: the perfect ally for a flawless complexion.

Due to the action of light-reflecting pigments, imperfections are naturally corrected and redness and dark circles are optically concealed: the radiance of the face is revived with an even finish. The complexion is perfect, even and luminous.

With its silky cream texture, ESTOMPE ÉCLAT glides on easily while smoothing out surface contours without caking. It features SPF 15 sun protection and a Vitamin E derivative that protect the skin and help fight against skin aging.

Apply the stick directly to the area to be corrected (dark circles, small wrinkles, blemishes, etc.), then blend in with fingertips for a smooth, even finish. This concealer stick can be used before or after foundation.

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IPB Image


Exclusive Creation of the Spring 2006 Makeup Collection

A professional tool for "artistic" makeup creation. A trio of powders in a single product, LUMIÈRES MAGIQUES is neither a simple blush nor an ordinary highlighter. It is a sculpting tool.

Intense pink, deep orange and the silvery iridescence of pale lilac...

Each shade plays a role: fuchsia pink for a healthy glow effect, pearly lilac to create contrast and brick orange to hollow out and emphasize the bone structure of the face. The shades are complementary and can be blended together.

Its more or less iridescent ultra-silky texture leaves the skin looking simply radiant or exquisitely sophisticated.

IPB Image


Powder blusher

The touch of colour and radiance.

Offers effects from very natural to very sophisticated. Used as a simple touch of colour, it gives your complexion a healthy glow. As a professional tool, it shapes and models your face (cheekbones, browbones, forehead, chin, along the nose).

Manufactured by a process exclusive to CHANEL, the compact and silky texture of JOUES CONTRASTE gives easy application and subtle blending. The brush is made of natural hair. Contents : 4 g.

Highlighting your cheekbones enhances the youthful appearance of your face. For the eye zone, choose a satiny tone to soften and rejuvenate this area.

IPB Image


Pressed powder blusher

A pressed powder blusher, with a quilted surface texture, for a sheer, luminous blush effect.

IRRÉELLE BLUSH contains light-reflecting pigments, which optically soften the appearance of fine lines and minor skin blemishes. Content : 6.5g

- Apply to the centre of the cheeks and above the cheekbones and blend, for a radiant blush effect.

- Apply below the cheekbones to model the face and accentuate the hollow of the cheeks.

- Apply on key points of the face for glowing colour and contrast.

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IPB Image


Lash enhancing base

Strengthening base for lashes.

MASCARA BASE BEAUTÉ nourishes, hydrates and protects the lashes. Damaged lashes are conditioned and reinforced.

Moreover, its restructuring and nourishing properties help to visibly boost the volume, length and curl of lashes before applying your usual mascara.

The formula is enriched with a subtle mixture of synthetic polymers and waxes, which promotes the drying of the lashes, increases their resistance and provides long hold to mascara. The combination of Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E contained in this formula leaves the lashes supple and moisturized. It ensures extreme protection against free radicals.

Apply MASCARA BASE BEAUTÉ from the roots to tips of lashes. Leave to dry for a few seconds. Apply usual mascara.

IPB Image


Multi-dimensional mascara

Mascara featuring a unique brush, for a four-dimensional makeup result.

Spectacular volume, infinite length, extreme curl, instant separation.

INIMITABLE mascara from CHANEL uses an original and innovative technology: an innovative technical process that makes it possible to produce a brush with soft elastomer bristles that is perfectly adapted to the desired makeup result:

• bristles aligned in perfect symmetry, so that each lash is coated to perfection

• bristles with the ideal length to draw out lashes to the maximum

• bristles lined up with absolute accuracy

• bristle fineness and suppleness offering complete precision

When the brush holds the perfect amount of mascara, an optimal makeup result is guaranteed: if the white of the brush is still visible, dip it in the mascara again. Apply, to the lashes from root to tip. Apply mascara to lower lids if desired to make your eyes look even bigger.

IPB Image


Volumizing and lengthening mascara with high definition

Customized lash makeup for all lashes.

Its texture contains silicones and silk fibers that cover and coat the lashes from root to tip. Its formula features different waxes – rice wax, beeswax, Carnauba wax – that accentuate the personalized curving and lengthening effect.

An impeccable row of lashes with no clumps. For flawless, lasting makeup.

Begin application at lash roots and sweep upwards to create the perfect curve.

IPB Image


Super-lengthening, curling mascara

Technical performance and seductive eyes.

The perfect combination of a gel-cream texture and a high-precision brush. Coats the lashes, with maximum and instant lengthening, curling and separating effect.

Advanced blend of ingredients, selected for their super-lengthening and curling properties, and their effectiveness in protecting and strengthening the lashes.

- Shellac wax : of plant origin, improves coating properties.

- Beeswax, paraffin wax and carnauba wax : for optimum coating action.

- Gum arabic and film-forming polymers : give excellent adhesion, improved film-forming on the lash, and optimum hold.

- Vitamin B5 derivative : strengthens and protects the lashes.

Contents : 6g

Apply to the whole length of the lashes, from root to tip. Repeat applications, according to the intensity of result desired.

IPB Image


Lengthening and curling cream mascara

Sculpting mascara for short lashes.

Coats the lashes intensely, sculpting and drawing them out to maximum length, to give eyes new depth. The fine brush separates, lengthens and curves fine or short lashes without overloading.

The shellac gum of the formula has outstanding film-forming qualities, and coats the lash intensely, with a lengthening and curling effect. Perfect for « heavy » eyelids, it distributes mascara with no risk of running. The natural waxes, combined with coating, film-forming polymers ensure a precise, lash-by-lash makeup. Ceramides help to strengthen the structure of the lash. Ophthalmologically tested. Contents : 5 ml.

Choose SCULPTE CILS - fine brush, if your lashes are short, fine or sparse.

IPB Image


Intense volume cream mascara

Made-to-measure volumising effect.

Made-to-measure volumising mascara coats and separates the lashes, giving the eyes exceptional depth and intensity.

A volumising complex based on silicone gum and natural waxes contributes to the intense volume effect, by progressively building the fullness of the lashes. A silicoprotein complex, which has a well-known restructuring action on the hair, protects and improves the appearance of the surface of damaged lashes and enhances their beauty. The brush controls delivery precisely, and coats each lash perfectly, with no risk of overloading or running. Ophthalmologically tested. Contents : 6.5 ml.

Start applying mascara close to the root of the lashes, and sweep brush upwards to the tip. Leave to dry for a few seconds, then repeat application.

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IPB Image


Volumising waterproof mascara

Made-to-measure volume and waterproof resistance.

A made-to-measure volumising effect, and a long-lasting, very water-resistant makeup. Lashes are full and well-separated.

The formula containing waterproof polymers forms an extremely water-resistant film. The specially designed brush gives a made-to-measure volumising effect with no overloading.

Start applying mascara close to the roots of the lashes, and sweep the brush up to the tip. Leave to dry for a few seconds, then reapply until the desired effect, natural or more intense, is obtained. Waterproof mascara needs a special remover, effective but non-oily, for example DÉMAQUILLANT YEUX INTENSE from CHANEL.

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too expensive for me

can't afford it :P

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IPB Image


Four shimmering powder eyeshadows

A multi-purpose quartet that combines four delicate shades of gold.

The Gold Rush palette, made up of iridescent pink, gold, copper and iridescent apricot, is in perfect harmony with the Biarritz and Deauville shades of AQUALUMIÈRE and LE VERNIS, but also with the Sungold and Pink Oyster shades of LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES.

Limited edition.

IPB Image


Exclusive Creation of Autumn 2006 Makeup Collection

Eyeshadow combining 3 powdery shades: pink, silvery grey and golden pigments.

PINK LAMÉ features an "amethyst pink grey shade with an iridescent effect". Its unique quality comes from its very creation.

The makeup effect itself is not "lamé" as the gold and silver blend with the pink. This soft-effect mixture is suitable for all skin tones for which a light shine provides special radiance.

The look of this unique creation takes up the irregular surface and weaving effects of CHANEL lamé...

Emphasized by a deep black or plum mascara, apply the dense, intense PINK LAMÉ shade as a flat tint for a mirror effect on eyelids.

It can also be traced around the rims of the eyelids, along the upper or lower lashes, to bring out the twinkle of the eyes.

IPB Image


Soft touch eyeshadow

OMBRE ESSENTIELLE comes in a sleek, rectangular case and offers an infinite variety of shades and effects to satisfy all desires.

Makeup that lights up the eyes and is more or less intense, depending on whether you use the foam applicator damp or dry. The nylon powder texture combines extreme softness with perfect hold, comfort and suppleness. Vitamins C and E provide excellent protection against free radicals.

The colours express themselves freely, with a palette of magical and stunning shades, available in three makeup effects: satin, iridescent or matte.

For a more natural makeup look, use the foam applicator dry and apply the powder over the entire upper eyelid. For a very intense effect, dampen the foam applicator slightly before use.

IPB Image


Soft eyeshadow duo

A new generation of eyeshadows in a duo format with a mini-quilted surface, the true symbol of Chanel.

The makeup result plays with contrasts of shadow and light. A light shade illuminates the eyes, while a dark shade structures makeup and defines volumes.

As soft as silk upon application, the pressed powder glides under fingertips or the applicator.

6 harmonies are offered in this duo range, which offers an ultra-soft and light powder texture with a long-hold effect.

The eyeliner applicator is specially designed to trace a precise line along the lashes. Used damp, the shading and eyeliner applicators intensify the shade and hold of the makeup.

IPB Image


Bi-phase liquid eyeshadow

Bi-phase eyeshadow, fresh , iridescent effects.

A luminous makeup result that can be adapted to achieve a subtle or intense look and long-lasting makeup hold. The eyelids are adorned with shimmering shadow. A veil of freshness glides over the skin, without creasing or causing the skin to dry out.

In a frosted glass bottle an initial burst of freshness with a veil of mother-of-pearl and powder This creates a "liquid powder", which melts onto the eyelid like a fluid, leaving the eyes sparkling with freshness and light.

Shake well before use to mix the two phases. OMBRE D'EAU can be used in two ways: for an intense makeup look, apply to upper eyelid and leave to dry for a few seconds before moving the eyelid. For a more subtle effect, apply over the entire eyelid then blend with the finger before allowing to dry.

IPB Image


4 powder eyeshadows

Personalised eye makeup.

The advanced texture and the multiple harmonies of LES 4 OMBRES allow you to create infinitely varied and sophisticated makeup effects : matt, powdered, satin, metallic and intense metallic.

LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadows are manufactured by a process exclusive to CHANEL, and combine originality and quality of materials. The intensity and multiplicity of colour effects are due to the high concentration of mineral pigments used to obtain the required effects, matt, gloss or satin. The presence of purified oil gives great ease of application and the gloss effect. Contents : 1.2 g.

Use one colour only for a soft, natural look, two colours for contrast. For a more sophisticated contrast effect, use three or four colours. Moisten colour with a clean cotton wool bud dipped in Toning Lotion, to enhance the hold of your makeup. Can be used as an eyeliner, emphasising the eye in a toning shade.

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IPB Image


Multi-effect eyeshadow

The couture eyeshadow from CHANEL.

The CHANEL quilted texture combined with dazzling, multi-effect pigments. Soft, smooth powder texture makes application very easy.

Nylon powder with virtually spherical particles, combined with very fine, sheer talc, gives a silky-soft feel. Contents : 3.5 g.

With its foam applicator, IRRÉELLE OMBRE can be used :

- dry, as a mono eyeshadow over the whole eyelid, for a sheer, natural, halo effect.

- with water, as an eyeliner, or mono eyeshadow, to intensify the result and prolong the hold.

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Automatic Liquid Eyeliner

A liner pencil with a reservoir containing the formula in a sealed cartridge to keep it durably fresh.

The fluid formula allows for a precise line that goes on gently. With its amazing hold, it stays put after application and is gentle enough for the delicate eye area.

ÉCRITURE DE CHANEL is available in four vibrant shades: Noir / Black, Brun / Brown, Marine / Navy and Cuivre / Copper.

Before the first use, remove the safety ring. Then firmly connect the two parts of the eyeliner pen. Shake before each use, then turn the dosing device to fill the tip with product before applying:

- One click for a thin, discreet line. Ideal for subtly enhancing the outline of the lashes.

- Two or even three clicks for a thicker line for a more dramatic, glamorous effect.

For the slightly iridescent Copper shade, you can blot slightly with your fingertips to transform this tone into a superb eyeshadow with a coppery hue.

IPB Image


Intense liquid eyeliner

Dramatic look.

Outlines the eye cleanly and precisely with an intense, even line. Fluid texture for a precise result, ease of application and rapid drying. Water-resistant, long-lasting.

Excellent hold, from the natural waxes and film-forming polymers in the formula. Pigments and iridescent elements give an intense eye makeup. Ophthalmologically tested. Contents : 2.5 ml.

Before use, shake to liquidise the product. For a natural look, draw a fine line along the base of the upper lashes. For a sophisticated makeup, draw a bolder line from the inner corner of the eye outwards, tapering off at the outer corner.

IPB Image


Intense eye pencil

Matt black lacquered wooden pencil for use on the inside of the lower lid and to outline the eyes.

A soft, gentle texture for quick and easy application. Gives an intense kohl or eyeliner effect, with optimum coverage and perfect hold, or a more discreet makeup look with a fine, precise line for subtle emphasis.

Its formula, specially adapted for use on the inside of the eyelid contains vegetable fats, microcrystalline waxes, pigments and iridescent elements. It is suitable for the most sensitive eyes and is extremely comfortable. 4 shades : Black, Ambre (brown), Marine (blue) and Graphite (grey). A professional accessory, the specific CHANEL sharpener, ensures a permanently precise line. Contents : 1.4 g. Length : 16 cm.

For an intense Oriental makeup look : use LE CRAYON KHÔL on the lower lid, either on the inside or outside of the eyelid, and as an eyeliner on the upper lid, with or without eyeshadow.

IPB Image


Crayon eyeliner

Smudge eyeliner.

As an eyeliner, it draws a clean, precise, matt line, which emphasises and enlarges the eyes. Used on the eyelid, and smudging delicately with the very supple latex applicator, it produces a halo of soft velvety colour.

The formula, containing microcrystalline waxes and enriched with vitamin E derivative and camomile extract, produces a particularly soft, compact pencil. LE CRAYON YEUX incorporates a latex applicator and a sharpener. Ophthalmologically tested. Contents : 1.1 g.

For the eye contour, draw a dotted line along the roots of the lashes. On the eyelid, apply in short strokes and then smudge with the applicator.

IPB Image


Double eyeliner compact

Gives the eyes depth and expression.

Gives the eyes depth and expression, with a subtle or bold outline, depending on the desired effect. The creamy formula gives a texture that is exceptionally comfortable to apply. The design of the natural hair brush ensures a clean, precise line.

A block eyeliner combining two shades in one compact : black and navy. The silicone-treated pigments allow control of intensity and glide-on application. Polymer resin ensures a makeup with lasting hold. Ophthalmologically tested. Contents : 2 * 2.5 g.

Add a little water to the powder and blend with the brush to obtain a smooth texture. To brighten the eyes : draw a fine line along the base of the upper lashes. To make the eyes appear larger : outline the eyes boldly, extending outwards.

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