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How to fold bed sheet nicely?

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There are two things you need to know in order to fold your freshly laundered bedsheets into happy little packages waiting to be opened next time you change the sheets.  
1. You need adequate space.  A big clean bed is great, the floor or kitchen table will work too if they are clean. 
2. It doesn't have to be perfect. Flawless is for people who have all day to spend folding sheets. Pretty is good enough for the rest of us.
I'm going to show you 4 different methods, but the difference is in how you fold the pillow case. So either way, you'll need to start at step one.
Step One: Fold the fitted sheet in half, wrong sides together.  Tuck the elastic corners inside each other.
Step two: Fold it in half again, tucking the elastic corners inside each other once more. Lay out on bed or table and smooth into a nice square or rectangle (depending on the size of your sheet).
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Step 3: Fold fitted sheet into thirds lengthwise.

For large sheet sets you may want to fold it into fourths instead. If so, fold the top quarter down and the bottom quarter up and then in half so that there are no exposed edges.






Step 4:  Now fold in thirds the other way.









Step 6: Fold your flat sheet to be the same size as your fitted sheet.  Stack together.


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Having an organized linen closet is easier than you think. Don't be intimidated by fitted sheets; the elastic around the edges makes it hard to fold them by conventional means, but they are quite manageable once you know how to handle them. Here is a quick and easy tutorial for learning how to fold a fitted sheet. These steps can be used on any size of fitted bedding. You might need to make adjustments depending on how small you want the folded sheet to be; for example, if you are folding a king sheet you may want to fold it into quarters instead of thirds. Read on to learn how to fold fitted sheets.







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