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Paraben-Free High Performance Treatment for Acne

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We're using EPIDERME, paraben-free product formulated in USA.

EPIDERME, a pioneer in the field of cellular therapy,introduce EPIDERME Institute Treatments offer results-oriented therapy to resolve many skin perfectionist’s skin problems. Building on its experience over the years, EPIDERME has developed a series of cellular Repair facials. The treatments revolve around Bio-E Cell, EPIDERME’s Skin Cell Repair complex, formulated to accelerate cellular metabolism, boost oxygen consumption by the cells and increase collagen and elastin production.
Together with other actives, including potent botanical extracts, the Institute skincare treatments stimulate and regenerate the skin, making it look younger and more resilient.
EPIDERME,在皮肤细胞治疗领域中的其中先驱之一,EPIDERME研究所的理念是以治疗效果为导向,以提供方案解决对皮肤完美主义者的皮肤问题。多年来累积的经验基础上,EPIDERME已经制定了一系列针对细胞修复的疗程,围绕着Bio-E Cell和EPIDERME的独特细胞修复综合体配方,加速细胞新陈代谢,提高细胞耗氧量,增加胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白的生产。 连同其他活性成分,包括强有力的植物萃取物,这些研究所的护肤治疗激活和再生皮肤,使您看起来更年轻,肌肤更有弹性。

We would like to introduce our Acne Recovery+ Institute Treatment.
- 105 minutes
- 3 masks

Effectively controls the sebum production flow and reduce oily related bacterial, comprehensive solution for oily related problem.

Acne Recovery+, a niche EPIDERME’s Institure Treatment collection, to address specific needs of adult skin prone to acne, blemishes and oiliness. Bio-engineered formulas have been expressly developed to fight the factors leading to impure skin and premature aging.
EPIDERME研究所,所研制独特的疗程Acne Recovery+,针对皮肤容易出现油性、暗疮和粉刺。生物科技的公式配方已研发能对抗皮肤敏感的因素,所导致的皮肤过早老化问题。
• Anti‐microbial, Antiviral, Anti‐fungal 抗微生物,抗病毒,抗真菌
• Antioxidant activities to protect and restore the skin 抗氧化活性,以保護和恢復肌膚正常功能。
• Stimulates new cell growth and reduces inflammation 刺激新細胞的生長,減少皮肤发炎

First Trial Promotion RM 148
Free Eye Treatment + Complimentary Foot Bath + RM 50 Treatment voucher

Normal Price: RM 268 without treatment voucher

MyLittle Beauty N Spa
C-3A-1, Block C, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong, Selangor
TEL: 010 2816742 / 03 58850118
Email: [email="sales@mylittle.com.my"]sales@mylittle.com.my[/email]


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Hi zoewong

Epiderme is formulated in USA. You can find more information in this website : http://epidermeskin.com/
It's pretty young in Malaysia, 3 years old. The product is very good and the price is reasonable. You can check the 7 days assurance information on the website. It can make you have confidence on the product. Thanks.

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Thanks Zoe, gave us a visit on last Saturday. I hope you like the treatment and please keep us updated on your acne problem. You may also need to control your diet habit as what we had discussed on last Saturday.

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We're glad to have a 15 years old girl to experience our Acne treatment. Please find her facial diary on our blog.


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