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Diploma/Degree/MBA/Phd Certificates for University Students

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We offer diploma,bachelors degree and master certifications from Universiti Putra Malaysia, UTM and UUM as well.You can pick any courses of your choice and any year of your choice.We only provide degree certification from a few reputable and accredited Universities. In simple terms, these universities do exist, accredited, have real campus and do offer degree. We do not offer diploma or degree mill.(real life experience degree)Accreditation is a term generally used to indicate that an institution has met a set of standards promulgated by a governing board or society. Following are the major benefits a student/working adult receives from an accredited university: • An assurance that the degrees it awards will provide the benefits that are associated with high-quality educational standards. • An assurance that the institution is globally recognized and meets certain quality educational standards. • Having a degree from an accredited educational institution ensures that your educational documents will have a global recognition and acceptance When you order your qualification package from us, you get a set of free documents along with your diploma/degree and transcript. Following are the total contents of your diploma/degree package: • 2 Original Accredited Degree certificate (embossed with the University badge)BM and ENG • 1 Original Transcripts (embossed with the University badge) • 1 Set of every year examination results • 1 Offer Letter to the University • 1 Congratulation Letter upon graduation • 1 Certification/Completion Letter • 1 Hard cover folder Can I specify the year of graduation on my degree? Yes. We will grant you a degree in your preferred year. You can reach me at 016-4664487 or email me at phangpohchan@hotmail.com for more info

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