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Diploma/Degree/MBA/Phd Certificates for University Students

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We are offering bachelor's degree,master's degree,MBA and Phd certifications from UITM and UTM.The Universities do exist,have full accreditation and the University are a reputable University in Malaysia.You can choose any courses of your choice and any year of graduation you prefered(Max year that can be backdated is up to year 1991)For more information,please email for more information on the courses and duration of studies When you order your degree online,be careful and please be aware of the massive selling of online degree.These kind of degree,awarded degree from Universities that don't even exist physically.Example are St Regis,Rochville,Belford,Ashwood and lots more.I am not trying to give the Universities a bad reputation or bad name but the fact is it DON"T EXIST!! The full package will contain -2 original accredited degree certificate(Bahasa Melayu and English version) -1 original transcripts -1 certification/completion letter -1 folder/cover(applicable to Malaysian only) How do i make the payment? You can pay us through direct bank transfer only What is the ordering process? Send us email at or call Phang at 0164664487-stating your name,age and country of origin. Once confirmed,customer are required to place an upfront deposit of 50% and we will send you the certificate to you while other document will be put on hold till full completion of payment is done.

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