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How to Sign in to MYB using Facebook account

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Hi friends,

We would like to introduce a new sign-in feature that has been available in MYB for a few months. The new feature will allow you to participate in MYB without the need of registering a new Forum account, which save a lot of hassle for people who don't want to maintain many account in various places. Following is the step by step guide on the first time setup, once that is completed, you will be able to access to MYB Forum without any additional login once you are on FB.

Step 1: Click the Sign In button located at the top right corner


Step 2: You will be redirected to facebook.com and you are required to login to your facebook account

Step 3: Validate your information then click Go to App button. This is an facebook application that will help to link your login between facebook and MYB

Step 4: Allow MYB to share your status in facebook or you can simple skip this setting

Step 5: You will be redirected back to MYB and will be allowed to create a new account using facebook login or link to your existing MYB account. For new MYB users, you can proceed to create new forum account

Step 6: You can choose to use the same display name in MYB as your facebook account, for members who do not want to disclose their name/information in facebook, can simply provide another display name and click Create New Account

This feature is mainly to allow MYB members to access the forum using their facebook account so that no additional login is required. It will not disclose the facebook information.

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