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Ageloc R2 (supplement)

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[font="Verdana"][size="3"]Hi all! [/size][/font]
[font="Verdana"][size="3"]The breakthrough supplement from NuSkin Pharmanex is coming! Very exciting, pre launch of this supplement will be on 1 day only, 2nd May, 2012 before it is formally launched next year.[/size][/font]
[color=#0070C0][b][font="Verdana"][size="3"]Withage, the cellular purification system in human bodies may become lesseffective, which can lead to the accumulation of metabolic waste, harmfulbyproducts and cellular damage. The impairment of this intricate purificationprocess can, in turn, accelerate aging.[/size][/font][/b][/color]
[left][font="Verdana"][size="3"]New research from NuSkin has identified nutritional interventions to help reset the expression ofgenes responsible for cellular purification. This research was presented at theOxidative Stress & Disease Gordon Research Conference earlier this month inVentura, Calif.[/size][/font][/left]


[left][font="Verdana"][size="3"]Nu Skin’s uniqueapproach to anti-aging draws on exclusive access to 30 years of anti-aginggenetic research and the study presented at the Gordon Research Conferenceidentifies Youth Gene Clusters related to cellular purification, as well asnutrients and plant extracts that can directly target and reset the expressionof those genes. The strength of this research is found in the in vivo screeningof several different natural compounds for the ability to oppose age-relatedchanges in gene expression that are integrally involved in cellularpurification. [color="#0000ff"][b]Specific ingredients were demonstrated to modulate genesinvolved in cellular purification, the synthesis and regulation of intrinsicantioxidants, and supporting healthy inflammatory balance[/b].[/color] This techniqueaffords an opportunity to define the optimal blend of ingredients that canoppose genetic changes in these key pathways directly related to human aging.[/size][/font][/left]


[left][b][font="Verdana"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]Whywe have less energy when we age?[/color][/size][/font][/b]

[font="Verdana"][size="3"]Deep inside each ofour cells, tiny cellular “power plants” called mitochondria create the chemicalenergy that fuels our bodies. These organelles never sleep as they continuouslydeliver the energy molecule ATP that powers our cellular processes. As we age,the efficiency, size, and number of our mitochondria declines and energyproduction is unable to keep up with our bodies’ demands.[/size][/font]

[font="Verdana"][size="3"]That’s why we alwaysfeel less energy when we age.[/size][/font]


[font="Verdana"][size="3"]In today’s society,many of us rely on quick fixes to get us through the day. These stimulantproducts can have harsh highs and lows and can become less effective over timeas a person’s vitality and energy levels continue to decline with age. By usingthese types of products, consumers are targeting
a symptom of a problem without addressing the source.[/size][/font]


[font="Verdana"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"][b]R2provides sufficient chemical energy to perform AND at the same time cleans thecells, so that the body performs more efficiently. It is rather like filling acar with fuel and simultaneously cleaning the engine out so it performs better![/b][/color][/size][/font]


[font=Verdana][size=2]ageLOC[/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=2] R2 is the secondsupplement product that reset aging from inside of our body ([/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=2]ageLOC[/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=2] Vitality being thefirst in the world) . It functions in two ways:[/size][/font]


[font="Verdana"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"][b]ageLOC[/b][b] R2RECHARGE and RENEW[/b][/color][/size][/font]

[font="Verdana"][size="3"]In the day time, ageLOC R2 recharge ourphysical energy, mental clarity, sexual drive and overall vitality.[/size][/font]

[font="Verdana"][size="3"]In the night, ageLOC R2 renew our body bydetoxing and purify.[/size][/font]


[font="Verdana"][size="3"][b]To know how you can obtain this on 2nd May, 2012, feel free to PM me [/b][img][/img][/size][/font]


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