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Rules and Format of the Product Review Section

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All reviews MUST follow this format

Topic title:

Brand - Product category - Product

1.eg. MAC - Blush - Sheertone

2.eg. Maybeline - Mascara - Lash Discovery

Topic description:

specific colour / fragrance / type

1.eg. Pink Swoon

2.eg. Very Black

Overall rating: (out of 10)

Packaging rating: (out of 10)

Price rating: (out of 10)

Review: (write what you think about the product here)

Repurchase: (yes or no)


Overall rating: 9/10

Packaging rating: 8/10

Price rating: 8/10

Review: MAC's pink swoon is a gorgeous pink blush. It is a sheertone therefore, it's great especially for newbies because it's buildable.... goes on sheer so it's easy to layer on for desired color payoff instead of worrying about being too heavy handed and ended up looking like a baboon's ass.

Repurchase: yes

Rules n Regulation

1) there shall be no chit chats or questions in this section. ONLY reviews that are done according to the proper format shall be accepted.

2) this section shall be heavilly moderated by all mods and admins. all irrelevent or non-reviews posts shall be deleted WITHOUT notice (ie. no PMs)

3) repeated spamming in this section shall grant you a warning followed by a suspension/ban if problem persists.

4) place all reviews of the SAME product in the SAME thread.

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please read this rules and follow the format that has been posted up... no more PMs will be sent out to anyone who fails to follow the format.... the posts shall be DELETED without notice. the purpose to this is we wanna keep the section as clean and as formatted as possible so that ppl who are looking for information of specific products can get the information straight away without having to go through tons of aimless chit chat.

thanks so much for ur co-operation.

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Having considering the member's opinions, we have decided to start again from scratch with an easier format to follow. All past reviews will be moved to a temporary archive folder for one month before being permanently deleted. Authors of past reviews, please repost your reviews in the new format. Your contribution is very much appreciated :D

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