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Training for Online Business

Will you train yourself for online businesses?  

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  1. 1. Do business owner needs research for their products?

  2. 2. What makes the product a hit for consumers?

  3. 3. What happens when we sell the same products than competitors?

    • Low profits when they sell cheap items
    • Need to lower the price to compete with them
    • Ignore them and continue with current price
    • Availability of consumers shift to the other sites

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[color=#191C1E][size=2]Hi. How many people out there knew the correct ways of doing online businesses. Some businesses succeed with flying colour while others straggle to beat the competitors. What things do the business owners needs to know? Well, they need to know the consumer behavior for their products. Besides, they need to know the prices they should charge for the products. Online businesses helped to boost the market of retailer stores. Why? It is simple. Some people could not spend single time to the store to buy clothes. Some are shy to enter the store to purchase the clothes. This is an issue that they may come to your store. However, they never purchase the items. The reasons are simple. They are not interested because the items are not shown properly or hidden behind other clothes or items. Hence, we are inviting people regardless the age, ethnic, race and gender to attend training courses for businesses. We will help in giving the list of preferable online suppliers or manufacturers for you. However, selected people are capable to attend this course at prices of RM25. It includes breakfast, lunch and tea break. It includes the slides, some suppliers and manufacturers, methods of online businesses and best of all, how to gain advantage over competitors. Yet, we train the consumers in retailing store for offline stores.Remember that only selected people are capable to attend the training for businesses for that day. It takes one day of training courses. In order to reserve the seat, the owners need to answer some questionnaires in order for us to help them specifically on that day (through personal communication after training days). Interested? Please email misszinatul@gmail.com. Do you prefer to sms? Please sms at 0146211630 for the information.[/size][/color]
[size="2"][color="#191c1e"]P/S: You may discover this message is the same like the previous message. I'm not a scam. We are postgraduate studies doing the whole training to make you a successful reseller by the end of this year. :-)[/color][/size]

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