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Ko Skin Specialist Klang

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[color=#5C6375][size=2]ok, i read a lot of not so favourable reviews about Ko Skin Specialist, especially the pretty female staffs who do not have "pretty" hearts with them and not to mentioned their pretty-money-minded faces too...

I did my laser yesterday (i.e. 10/11/2010) - guess I have to update again 10 days later on the improvement that i have (fingers crossed)

meanwhile the reaosn i went to dr. ko is that I had a nasty laser experience last august (which I do not want to reveal now yet) and it left me crying and crying until I have no more tears!!! I have had depressed scars from my teens and this inexperienced doc made it all WORSE!!! He made my existing pores (of which have improved so much over years) deepened. On top of that EACH and EVERY pores he made it 10x DARKER!!! It was HELL for me... he used fraxel CO2

well, I am not suing or whatever, coz i have a part to play, it's all mutual business, I pay he perform, I didnt get FULL info and he's a "talker" - bla bla bla - darn him!!! if i make a hoo-haa (i am in a small town anyway) it will revealed that I've been to him (you know that kind of reputation thingy) - nevertheless I will DEFINITELY share his name/ clinic once improvement is seen next 10 days under Dr. Ko's miracle hands!!!

re the female staffs and $$$ - well it is very subjective... but i do not deny that some are really thinking they are darn beautiful and some maybe "over-quote"...

ooops, meahwhile, dr. ko performed on me (so sorry I only got the jargons), VB, SN, LXL and filler injections... I can see immediate results on my depressed scars from the filler injections, 80% all plump up... the rest, well, wait for next 10 days :)))

ps: filler injections are RM2,800 per 1 ml!!! [/size][/color]

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ok, lets do a quick update, today is day 6. Crusts were formed past few days and there are still some on the face.

yupe, pores filled up 70-80% from day one. scars lightened a bit (i think) coz my face is still reddish so cant say for sure... I don't expect immediate lightening coz the previous doc really killed my face!

guess I really have to wait until all scabs are off my face until i give a full review again (hopefully b4 Christmas) :wink3:

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updates: 12/1/2011 my 2nd visit, doc claimed that he is happy with my face.

As for me, well, urrrm, yeah, maybe better compared to the earlier disaster but the "marks" by the earlier doc were somehow still very much visible to me, esp. if no tinted sunblock or foundation on my face. anyway, my 2nd treatment were VB, LXL, needling. Dr. Ko himself said that after needling, he sees no reason for filler (which means $ saving for me). So it's gonna be another 3 weeks before CNY and hopefully by then I would (and should) have better improvement and not afraid to show my face anymore (at least).

However, I wasn't too happy actually with the entire "handling and waiting" session. I arrived @ 2pm and was attended for observation by Dr. Ko himself @ 2.20pm as he was attending to a customer in his office. By 2.30pm I was brought to a room for topical anesthetic (which should be 1/2 hour to 1 hr the most).

But I WAS FORGOTTEN by everybody.  and not only me, there were few others too... I was quite patient yesterday (normally I would have turned into a bitch; probably becoz dr. ko is my sis fren, thus I kinda dont want to pull a fuss, which is why I was such an angel, stupidly and patiently waiting to be attended to!!!) However, by 4pm I was fuming and I approached one assistant and 15 mins later a senior therapist attended to me and started my VB, BUT all numbness were fading off already.

By 4.35pm, Dr. Ko and performed the needling and subsequently LXL.

The minute he started with LXL, I couldnt bear the pain becoz technically my face were NO LONGER NUMB! So, after much apologies knowing "my-exceeded-waiting-time", he asked the Sr. Therapist to re-apply topical anesthetic and will continue LXL 1/2 hr later.

Fast forward 1/2 later, I find that my face was still not numb and I could still feel the burn and pain, however I was also short of time. I already anticipated 3 hours for a straight forward standard procedure, but yesterday, it really failed my expectation.

I declined the "free mask" and I even skipped the cooling procedure and I left the building @ 5.30pm with a throbbing burning red face!!! Imagine my cabbie charging me for the wait-period (i m outstation ok, and they jolly well knew it)

so, my advice to any who wishes to go, please be BOLD and demand to be attended (by Dr. Ko himself please)... He is truly a very soft spoken doc and I wonder has he ever blow his top? I do not like to be consulted by any other staff coz I don't want to be "parang-ed" and "bleed" my way out

This morning (13/1), my face didnt swell like my 1st time, infact it was very very red and stiff...

FYI, supposedly my 3rd appt will be after CNY - prolly this 3rd time will be lesser treatment, i.e. LXL only (anticipating that my scars lightened and my depressed scars have plumped up, etc),  then it wont burn another big hole again! Edited by shirleyhohan

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