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Rules and Format for FOTD

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this is an example (zoe hope u dun mind k?)

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I guess the purple color eyeshadow is too light, that’s why unlike Beyonce’s. =)


1. Clinique Super City Block 25SPF

2. Clinique Superfit Makeup

3. Clinique Blended Face Powder


L’oreal 503 Vrai Noir (True Black)


1. The Body Shop Eye Color Trio Brown Palette 01

2. Fasio Trans-Metallic Eyes T-2

3. Fasio Waterproof Eyegloss 950 Starry Blue


1. Maybelline Minibrush Waterproof (Very Black)


Clinique Soft-pressed Powder Blusher (Honey Blush)


Clinique Moisture Sheer Lipstick 13 Nude Glow


Anna Sui Dolly Girl (I usually use it when I wear something with pink color. Haha. Okay. Maybe due to the bottle itself is also pink color and also the sweet scent.)

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heh~ dont mind... will post mine soon wink.gif

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i don't have FOTD!

but I can borrow my face for you all to paint, cause I am make up idiot tongue.gif

Any professional here? rolleyes.gif

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