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The Nail Parlour: Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang!

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Ladies, and guys. If you ever go to *The Nail Parlour* in Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Center in Klang, do not ask service from arrogant *SuKi*.

The Nail Parlour's slogan is "Where Hand and Foot care is an experience" and I really think they should change it to "Where hand and foot care is a bad experience" a real bad one.

For my entire 7 yrs of going overseas and local nail salons, I never ever met such shop with such bad attitude and manner!

I would normally skip the bad conversation and just not go, if it weren't for my mom!

My mom, she came from Korea. She hates doing nails, but today, somehow, she opened up and wanted to do mani and pedi. By mistake, she wore high heel with open toe. I already told her that the nail salon might say they won't like to do the pedicure because of her shoes.

I went in the shop. Suki (as always) looked so preoccupied and so arrogant, say we have to come no later than 8 pm and only can do both ppl, when the shop is closing at 10.30pm. That Suki didn't say that nice way, she acted as if we just dissappear for that she's busy and tired and wanted to go home early.

I did not mind, since there is shop closing time regulation in any malls and I thought she was just being busy, although whenever I come to the shop I never feel welcomed as per previous experience from this shop. This I didn't mind.

Suki told me, she cannot do pedi, cuz of my mom's shoes, and laughed.
I said nicely smiling, Please do it for my mom, since she's just here for fun.
She said, laughing, cannot do it and explain y I cannot let my mom do pedi, like I dun know a crap about pedicure! *I got angry but I didn't mind*
I said, my mom's just here for fun i said.. can she just do it? ok? and
Suki said ok, come by 8 pm and can do both.

After i said, ok, then I'll come back by 8. thanks!
Suki turned around (infront of me and my mom :yes we witnessed her ugliness) put her foot on the stool and say "LOLLOL she (my mom) only wants to paint 2 toe nails~~!!LOL (with V gesture screwing infront of her face to her collegue)"
I thought this is it. I'm pissed off.

Since my mom was hungry and my hubby already waiting for me and mom at Dragon-i, I had to calm down and bring her there and let her eat first.
After my hubby ordered the food, I said, excuse me, I'll be right back, and I walked furiously to that freaking shop.

I told her.
Me: can we talk?
Suki: Yes?, anything?
Me: whats your name? give me your name card now.
Suki: yes? everything ok? I thought you are coming by 8.
Me: just give me your name and number now.
Suki: ok, ok, but is there any problem?? *with so fkin innocent look*
Me: did you say.. if there is any problem? Do I look fine? Do I need to tell you what my problem is? Can You THINK????!!!! about what you did to me just now?
*ppl look at me there*
Suki: I don't understand, what's the matter??
Me: You just looked down at me right infront of my mom. Isn't this service business?? how can you treat your customer like this? how can you after being so unwelcome turn around when we are leaving and say -i copied her- "LOLLOL she (my mom) only wants to paint 2 toe nails~~!!LOL (with V gesture screwing infront of her face to her collegue)"
Can you say that you Didn't???
Suki: I'm sorry it's my fault (like its not really her fault)
Me: Do you think your sorry can make things better? Do you think that this shop is some highclass boutiqe salon? your cheap ass shop? how can you be so arrogant infront of the customer? if the customer says she wants this, then all you have to say is, ok. If there is complication and the customer knows, all you have to say is OK also! HOw can you make me look bad infront of my mom! she's not just any person. She's my mom and you just made me look like this. I was so angry just now, but I did not want my mom to see me like this and didn't want my husband to wait in the restaurant so I came here later like this. Do you know how angry I am?
Suki: I'm sorry it's really my fault...
Me: Are you vietnamise?
Me: I go salon All the Time in USA and they never ever act like you in any case! even if one wore closed toe shoes, they still do the pedi, and make sure the pedicure doesnt get smudged by using plastic wrap! It;s very common. Did you just look down on me because you think I dun know anything about this? I'm not stupid! I've been salon since I was 17! Just because you do not know how the hell you should fix the problem, Do not be irritable to the customer! It's your problem. Customers deserve service!
Suki: I'm sorry, ,,blah blah..
Me: Do you remember me from last time, I came here with my husband?? You also acted the same way! you never wanted to entertain me, until me and my husband felt UNWELCOME!
I still came to your shop although I had "bad experience" I just hoped that you won't act out the same way you did last time! My mom doesn't understand English and She still felt so Awkward at your stupid act! I even asked you nicely smiling but how can you MOCK customers like that! Is it a smiling matter? How can you act like this! I'm so angry at you!
Suki: I'm sorry, it's all my fault, please talk to my manager (oh, so she dare give me the manager phone number is it?)
Me: Just give me your name, and your name card now.
Suki: writes the name and manager name and cries.. sleep.gif wtf
Me: Y the hell do I need to talk to your manager for? If she loses her customer, it's her problem, I don't see point to complain to your manager since It would only be helping her by asking her to correct the problem. I don't really care about this shop. Just think about your own problems later on.
Suki: *crying* Im sorry (in ugly voice).
Me: Just remember I will never forget this event and I will do everything possible to make people not come to this shop. I will blog, I will put in forums, I will talk to everyone I know.
Just remember, I'm Felisha.
-I left-

What a bad experience. I felt so disgusted after talking to her, couldn't eat much. I held all my urge to turn violent (which my mom was so worried about) and talked to her (well... with can i not!)
How arrogant!

It seems, that this shop has very few customers. Last time, an indian hubby and wife also came over and the hubby asked for pedicure for his wife.
Suki told see and told them: If your foot condition is soo bad like this, I cannot help you.
and they left. OMG! what a biotch right?

sleep.gif just beware if you ever have to go to that shop, don't get service from that Suki.
*Sucker sleep.gif it suits you when you're crying*

My hubby said to throw money on her face but why should i waste money on her fkin face?
I wish the manager keeps her forever and get bad ratings from other people also. Just because I act nice was she taking advantage on me? do i look easy to take on?? I'll fkin screw you if I see you in back alley.

read my blog at Edited by pieris

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I just had to tell the Malaysian girls the story, so in case you drop by klang aeon mall, you will know that the service in that nail shop might not reach to our expectations. smile.gif
Wish you all best!

I went to other shop in Ikano centre. A small shop named * nail garden* Some trainee's service isn't too professional, but the ladies there are soo sweet.
The girls remembered me from 1yr ago. She even remembered my hubby and how we met, and my sis in law that I went together last year. wow.. right?

I love this kind of shop that Really Serves PPL! biggrin.gif!

Best to you all ;3!

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You are so daring! Even if I complain I don't do it like that haha
If I'm not mistaken, The Nail Parlour also open in Wangsa Walk mall.
That girl is childish if u ask me.

I laughed when u told her to remember ur name hahahaha :D

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