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carmino cream + nufera virgin coconut oil

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had anyone tried dis cream?
someone has suggested me said that dis cream will clean your acne and scar away frm your face for only for a few weeks..
and it also very effective..
so i want to take a review frm dis site if anyone had tried it..


about the nufera oil,it had a lot of positive feedback..
its not only for acne or skin problem,it also work for any health problem such as fever,high blood pressure and bla2...
u can google it if u want more info..
but the reason i write it here of course to find anyone dat had tried dis nufera oil..
some people said dat u will cure your acne faster if u drop a few in your nose..(actually,its for anyone dat had resdung@sinutineses kot)and put a lil bit on the problem skin......

so had anyone had tried both of this product??im kindly hope you will give any feedback about dis product...............tq..xie xie...

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