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Precious Youth WishList

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Precious Homes recently they have embarked on a new journey and branched out a new home to house the Youth called Precious Youth Homes.

The new homes currently only have 2 tables, some stools to sit on, old mattresses for the kids to sleep, some cabinets clothes and thats mostly it as per some of the volunteer's observation.

The Administrator of PRECIOUS YOUTH has prepared the list of items required for their extended premises and here are the list. If you happen to have anything in your homes that falls into that category below which you do not use or is thinking of throwing out, please do consider donating it to them and help the kids to have a reasonable and comfortable stay.

Here is the list of items needed :

1) 6 mths pledge for TNB & SYABAS utility bills

2) 2-hobs GAS COOKER c/w gas tank

3) Kitchen cabinet - those individual one that u can find from

furniture shop

4) Medium size chest freezer

5) Electric rice cooker (big commercial type)

6) 2 units of iron/metal cabinets (probably fm 2nd hand shop)

@ arnd $400 ea to hold & lock dry groceries.

7) 8 units of double-deck beds

8) Mosquito nets (no need frames) .. nail the net on window frames

for 9 windows

9) Curtain railings for 9 windows

10) Curtains for 9 windows

11) 2 units of water heater

12) 8-kg washing machine

13) 16 units of mattresses

14) 20 pcs of bedsheets

15) 20 pcs of pillows

16) 20 pcs of blankets

17) Big shoe racks

18) 1 unit of big WOK

19) CROCKERIES - plates, cups, spoons, forks, knives

20) Linoleum mats for hall & rooms

If you are interested to donate or sponsor any of the above item, please PM me with the details of item, quantity and when you would like to deliver it to the home and please provide your email address and contact number to make contact easier.

Thank you.

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