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Facial Scrub : NUSKIN






Eye gel : STILL LOOKING (any recommend?)

Acne/blackheads remover : STILL LOOKING (any recommend?)

i see a lot of people using Clinique's product.. is that really good ??

the eye cream - i'm using nuskin one. its best seller. you should try. many of my friends has good results from that as well

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Is Bio Science under Bio Essence?

i think there are not in the same brand.

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I'm Kose user~

Facial wash: Kose white excellent

Toner: Kose sekkisei Lotion

Moisterizer: Kose Sekkisei Moisterizer

Mask: Kose Clear Gel...Skin food watermalen gel..anyways, m keep on changing :P

Acne/blackheads remover : Biore

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Facial wash: Dermalogica cleansing solution & Dermalogica cleansing gel

Facial Scrub: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Toner: Dermalogica Multiactive

Moisterizer: Red Earth-Aqua therapy (Serum)


Eye gel:-

Acne/blackheads remover :-

:clapclap: Love the Aqua Therapy, u gals should try it too!

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Facial wash: Fancl

Facial Scrub: the skin food

Toner: Fancl

Moisterizer: Fancl

Mask: the skin food

Eye gel: clarins

Acne/blackheads remover : the skin food

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Cleanser (Day): Shiseido Gentle Cleansing Foam / NuSkin Pure Cleansing Gel

Cleanser (Night): Shiseido Deep Cleansing Foam

Toner: Shiseido Hydro-Refining Softener

Moisturiser (Day): NuSkin Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion SPF15

Moisturiser (Night): NuSkin Night Supply Nourishing Lotion

Blemish gel: Shiseido Pureness Blemish Targetting Gel

Facial scrub: La Prairie Essential Exfoliator

Facial mask: NuSkin Clay Pack Deep Cleansing Masque

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all from dermalogica

cleanser: special cleansing gel

toner:multi active toner

scrub:daily microfoliant

mask: skin hydrating mask

moisturisers: active moist

sunblock: ultra sensitive faceblock with spf25

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my latest update :P

Cleanser: Origins checks & balances

Toner: Origins Make a difference rejuvenating lotion

Serum: A perfect world skin guardian, Dr Andrew Weil's plantidote Mega Mushroom's face Serum, Make a difference Skin rejuvenating treatment

Moisturizer: Have a nice day spf 15, Dr Andrew Weil's plantidote mega-mushroom face lotion

Eye cream: Kose Rutina eye serum, Origins Night-a-mins eye cream

all from origins ^_^

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Facial wash: Skin Food Seaweed Cleansing Foam

Facial Scrub: Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask

Toner: Skin Food Herbal Salad Toner

Moisterizer: Skin Food Herbal Salad Emulsion

Mask: Skin Food Kiwi Yogurt Wash Off Mask

Eye gel: Skin Food Grain Wrinkle Diminish

Acne/blackheads remover : Skin Food too...

Serum: Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum

Body scrub: Skin Food Coffee Body Scrub... I Love the smell.... Yum yum....

Yup, I'm a skin food fan... kekeke... :D

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waaa...everybody used the expensive & branded one aaaa....me used cheap but effective... :D

facial wash: follow me kiwi facial cleanser (i used almost 4 years)

facial scrub: St Ives aprikot

facial toner: clean & clear

moisturizer / creme: fair & lovely

eye gel:none

worth it!!! :clapclap:

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My face really gave me lotsa problems previously, I am using "GERNETIC' which is a france product. using the whole set of it, eyes cream, masks and stuff. very effective, only KLCC selling it. Bought it from my friend's mom heheh alot cheaper ma...but sometimes have to get it from KLCC when she is out of stock although is bit expensive...who cares!! aslong as it heals all my pimples and blackhead lar!!!

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hmm.... i recently only pay attention into skin care thing...previously really an idiot about it, just use a face cleanser, mild astringent and moisturizer which provide by my doctor (due to acne prone skin of mine).... at the beginning still quite ok lo...but till recently skin started to peel like shit and keep having breakout from time to time... just 2 months ago, switch everything to dermalogica, and my skin starts to have improvement liao... really stupiak la... 22 y/o only start to do skin care thing.... hope it isn't too late . ^_^

Facial wash: dermalogica essential cleansing solution :thumbup1:

Facial Scrub: dermalogica daily microfoliant/ gentle cream exfoliant.(both is in very small size, still thinking which one to buy when i finish those....crack head! both also very good ne :thumbup1: )

Toner: dermalogica multiactive toner ( :clapclap: good!), dermalogica soothing protective spray (kind of oily feeling, i don't quite like it )

Moisterizer: dermalogica active moist (morning), dermalogica skin smoothing cream (night, but i don't really like it, feel very oily ne...got little lumps and bumps after using, guess i'll just stick to active moist for both day and night after finish it)

Mask: dermalogica skin hydrating mask (very good to use, and it can even put it on eye areas! :thumbup1: however, a little bit expensive ne! , skin food black sugar mask (nice smell, i love it)

Eye gel/cream: dermalogica total eye care spf 15 ( still waiting to see the result)

booster : skin hydrating booster, gentle soothing booster

make up remover : ZA deep cleansing oil. (quite good, not too oily, and not too drying after using....leaving my skin smooth and supple. nice smell somemore. i use it for double cleansing every evening together with my essential cleansing solution and both of them works very well for me)

Edited by Sharvyn

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Facial wash: Loreal Hydrafresh

Toner: Loreal Hydrafresh Toning Water

Moisterizer: Loreal Hydrafresh Aquagel, Olay UV Whitening Lotion

Facial Scrub: St.Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub (use it to scrub on my back too..alot of pimples on my back ^_^ )

Mask: Lancome Hydra Intense Hydrating Gel Mask, Lifecella Mask

Eye gel: Olay Eye Contour Gel (not effective though.. :shakehead: )

Acne/blackheads remover : Garnier Skin Naturals PureA.. not selling in msia (tot of getting Cellnique since it has good reputation.. :whistling: )

Body lotion: ZA Wonder Shaper ( :( not effective on me ..)

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Facial wash:SK-II CLEANSER

Facial Scrub:none




Eye gel:SK-II

Acne/blackheads remover :rosa tea tree oil

I been work at SK-II so i got lot staff purchase to buy their products....

now my face becoming more clear lar.....so happy

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Im normal to dry skin and a little sensitive on my cheek area.. I've tried many counter brand but i feel most of them r all not suitable on me..I cannot tolerate high alcohol/perfume content..so Clinique n Lancome can make my skin become worst! I can easily get milia around my eyes with heavy products. My fav. brand currently is HABA n Dermalogica, most impressed with Sisley n La Prairie.. I've been changing my routine all my life but so far these R my best pick! Love the cleanser, booster n serum da most!!

Facial Wash ~ Avene cold cream gel surgras (available in Spore-the best i've used :thumbup1: )

Face exfoliator ~ Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (3 times a week)

Toner ~ Kose Sekkisei(on my t-zone)and Dermalogica multi active toner/ HABA VC lotion/ SK-II essence

Serum ~ (AM) HABA white lady-even out my skintone tin 3 weeks! :)

Booster ~ (PM) Dermalogica Gentle soothing booster (great to calm redness n control pimples)

Eye care ~ (AM) Garnier eye cream SPF 15/ Beaubelle anti fatique eye gel

(PM) Laneige Star White Eye Spot (dissapointed coz there's no effect n oily)

Previously using La Prairie Eye Caviar(control my puffiness but do nothing on dark circles)

Blackhead remover ~ (AM) Cellnique Pro Sebum Gel

Moisturiser ~ (AM) Bio-essence face lifting cream/ Chanel Hydramax gel cream/ Aesop B Triple C gel

(PM) Dermalogica Smoothing Cream/ Kose Sekkisei Cream(don like the feel..kinda sit on top)

Neck Care ~ Olay Total Effect

Sunblock ~ (AM) Skinceuticals The Ultimate sunscreen SPF30/ LRP Anthelios Fluid XL SPF60

LipCare ~ Neostrata Lip conditioner SPF15

Face Mist n care ~ (mid-day)Avene Thermal spray + Dermalogica Sun Repair

Makeup remover ~ Shu Uemura Cleansing oil (the green one)

Massage Cream ~ Kose Herbal Esthetic + 2 drop Eve tailor aromatheraphy oil

Eye Mask ~ Laneige Star White eye mask (use oni 2 pair so far..lazy :P )

Leave on Mask ~ Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (weekly)

Cleansing Mask ~ Borghese Mud for Dry skin (T-Zone oni)

Peel Off Mask ~ Kose Whitening Peel Off Mask (so pain to use..duh)

Cream Mask ~ Dermalogica Multi Active Mask (makes my skin glow~)

Sheet Mask ~ Neutrogena Hydrating Mask/ Olay whitening mask (weekly)

SK-II facial treatment mask (monthly)

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Facial Wash: TBS Passionfruit Facial Wash (great stuff! oil free and soap free! leaves my skin soft, not tight after washing ;) )

Facial Scrub: TBS Seaweed Facial Scrub

Serum: Loreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence

Day Moisturizer: ZA True White Day Protector SPF26+++ (Superb Oil Control)

Night Cream: Loreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Repair Cream (Night)

Spot Corrector: Hydroquinone 4% Cream

Acne treatment: Aiken 100% Tea Tree Oil

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Facial Scrub : DIY paste ( bicarbonate soda/ sodium bicarbonate add with water )

Cleanser : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser

Mask : Avon PT White Whitening Mask

Toner : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Freshener

Moisturizer : Elianto Green Tea Moisturizing Emulsion

Eye cream : Elianto Green Tea Eye Cream

Pimple cream : Calamine Lotion

Sunblock : Sunplay SPF130

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Facial Wash: Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Facial Scrub: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Toner: Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Recovery Equiwater

Moisturiser: Shu Uemura DMR Moisturiser

UV Block: Shu Uemura TTL Defender SPF25 PA++

Acne Control:

Clinique Post Blemish Formula

Clinique Anti-Blemish Daytime Shield

Clinique A-B Night Treatment Gel

Clinique A-B Spot Treatment Gel


Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque

Clinique Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask

Maria Galland Pureness Infinity Mask

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

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Updated Skincare Regime

I have oily/combo skin btw.


Demalogica Precleanse

Simple Refreshing Cleansing gel/Simple Foaming Cleanser

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner

Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster (coz redness on skin)

Clinelle Eye Cream (Not doing so well, but this is only a sample sent from their office. Once finish, will get another brand)

Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisuture SPF15

Followed by Makeup

L'Oreal's Eyebrow Pencil

Averine Blusher

Averine Eye Shadow

Clinique Mascara (Am buying maybelline mascara next mth)


Dermalogica Precleanse

Dermalogica Cleansing Gel (forgot the exact name)

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner

Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster

Clinelle Eye Cream

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream/Clinelle Moisture Balance (alternate)

Edited to add:


Dermalogica Hydrating Masque

Phew! What a list. Very $$$. That's why gonna go bankrupt soon.

Edited by Shazzac

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facial scrub: deep exfoliating gel by bio essence(daily) and st ives whitening scrubs ( once/week)

facial wash: deep cleansing gel by clinelle

toner: nourishing toner by bio essence

moisturizer: radiant youth essence by bio essence

sun block : out smart daily spf 25 by origins

eye cream: clinelle ( going to change it after using it.. no difference at all) ... may change to bio essence later

mask: dermalogica ( cant remember the name coz my mum gave it to me) :P

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Facial wash:liquid neutrogena /cetaphil gentle cleanser

Facial Scrub: apricot scrub st ives.

Toner: simple soothing toner,diy acv toner

Moisterizer: none..i have oily skin

Mask: aspirin mask,neutrogena deep hydrating masks,st ives mineral clay masque,homemade cucumber juice ..haha

Eye gel: none.

Acne/blackheads remover : thursday plantation 100% tea tree oil..

Edited by Serena-Bee

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Facial Wash - Morning - Clarins cleanser for sensetive skin

night - Herbalife facial scrub cleanser

Facial scrub - Herbalife nouriFusion Exfoliating scrub

Toner - Hebalife Toner and SK-II Escense

Mask - SK-II whitening mask & Hebalife clarifying mask and moisture mask + O'slee dark cycle sleeping mask

Sun block - Clarins

black heads - Herbalife clarifying mask.... very good

Edited by tarrytng

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Facial wash: nuskin pure cleansing gel

Facial Scrub: nuskin exfoliant scrub

Toner: nuskin mattefying toner

Moisterizer: nuskin enhancer

Mask: epoch marine mud

Eye gel: none

Acne/blackheads remover : nuskin clear action treatment gel (night), epoch blemish treatment

i'm broke because of these babies... but i do see results though

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Facial wash: Zidi whitening facial wash

Facial scrub: The body shop vitamin C face polish

Day cream : Zidi whitening day cream

Night cream: Zidi whitening night cream

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Facial Wash >> Simple Deep Cleansing (cleanses and condition)

Exfoliating Tonic (foaming deep cleanser) >> Jean D'Arcel

Clarifying Tonic (toner) >> Jean D'Arcel

Anti-spot Roll On >> Jean D'Arcel

Sun Gel (LSF 12 / SPF 20) (water resistant) >> Jean D'Arcel

Clearing Spot Control >> Jean D'Arcel

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