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Which course are you studying now?

Which field are u involved?  

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  1. 1. Which field are u involved?

    • IT/Business
    • Engineer
    • Chemis
    • Biology
    • Health Science (Pharmacist,doctor,psychologist. etc etc)
    • Law
    • Technician/Mechanical
    • Designer
    • Others (List it out if you select this option)

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im still wondering what should i choose!!

Seem all the uni and college also offer the same courses especially the accounting...

How to choose which uni i wanna go??? blur blur now!!

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im studying Fashion Design..

For me if wanna choose uni or college, i will first c the recognition of that school and also am my father afford to pay me the fees or not

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My sister currently studied at Unirazak majoring in Accounting.
The reason she studied at Unirazak is because it accredited with CPA Australia.
They also have Bachelor in Taxation and it join with Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) and the Malaysian Association of Tax Accountants (MATA)
Get more info here:

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yaya.... i heard Unirazak accounting course is join with CTIM and MATA....

But do you know the tuition fees? Is it expensive?

How is the fees i really no idea lah....

But mayb u can try to apply their scholarship of Yayasan Cemerlang like my sis...

Better u go to their uni to find out more abt the course and scholarship detail

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