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Rules and Guidelines for Sales Announcement

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To keep this subforum neat, all topics posted regarding Sales Annoucement should follow the following layout:

Topic: Post the name of the sales that would be happening

Topic Description: Date of the upcoming sales

In the topic itself,


Kindly state what the sales is about, what brands are available, the percentage of discount for the items and any other restrictions or free gifts that would be given out during the sales


Post the location or locations where the sales would be taking place


Post the hours of the sales


Telephone number of the outlet if applicable

For a better idea, kindly refer here

This subforum is for members to share sales annoucement with other fellow members. This is not the place to enquire about when a sale is going to happen. For that, kindly post in Chatterbox section. All other topics that are irrelevant will be deleted and topics will be closed shortly after the sales end to discourage endless chattering in the forum.

Thank you for your coorperation. :)

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Please adhere to the updated guideline below:

Topic: Title of the sales event [eg. Cold Storage Wine Fair 2011]
Description: The period of the sales event [eg. 28/07/2011 to 31/07/2011]

Content of the post:

[Title of the sales event]

[Full description of the sales]

[Full size of the promotion digital material if available]

Location: [Location of the sales event]
Hours: [Hours of the sales]
Contact: [Phone number and the website of the company(if available)]


Things to note:
1. Only Title allowed to be put in bold, content should be in normal text to ease reading.
2. URL of the source should only be posted in Source section.
3. Title must be accurate, description must be complete, and only viewable images are allowed
4. This is strictly for sharing of company sales announcement, no self promotion and groupon related promo allowed

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