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Found 8 results

  1. Dear all, Recently i bought a great beauty product for my wife for wedding anniversary This is an auto dispense machine that dispense Day and Night mosturizer follow by 3 serums. What great about this sexy device is you can customize the day night moisturizers and the serums based on following criteria set by you: Age and gender Your location Your ethnic Hours of chemical ,pollution and smokes exposure Hours of sun light exposure Your skin types: Dry, oily , normal or combination Skin respond to topical product Skin respond to Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHAs) Level of Skin Age Spots Lines and Wrinkles of your face when relaxed Pore sizes of your face Skin firmess : firm, sagging, or significant sagging Skin radiance level Skin texture: smooth or rough leveL Day and night moisturizer with fragance or not The most worth experience is this is the first beauty product that come with Anti Aging and really pesonalized based on my needs... You can private message me if you want to know more... just sharing hope can help more people out there. INSTEAD find a beauty product that never understand what you want why not do like me? RIGHT?? The only beauty device featured in Forbes Magazine
  2. Fine line and wrinkles aren't inevitable. In fact, majority skin specialist believe that most skin damage can be prevented with some basic care. Here are the 10 main points to bear in mind, no matter what your age so that you can beat wrinkles and look beautiful. Good luck! http://www.promakeupartistmalaysia.com/general/10-ways-to-beat-wrinkles
  3. Hi Ladies and erm... Gentlemen... Well, I am sincerely to announce You may diminish the eyebag, wrinkles, and etc ? Yes It is true !! With the Instantly ageless for instant resulted out !!! Pic Above the picture, the gentleman had a good tried for instant result after using this product. This is the solution to reduce for your wrinkles, eyebag for hours. For instances, if you are attending friend's wedding /birthday parties, you may apply this solution and back to your younger age. To make a surprise to all of them, they might be get impressed from you. Let we discuss here...
  4. Hello girls,   If anyone of you are looking to try this amazing product.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQctv7B0knw   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYkV_BCCQpg     Product info: http://sophieyong.jeunesseglobal.com/products.aspx?p=INSTANTLY_AGELESS   Do contact me for samples.   Reviews are welcome!     Regards, Caridee
  5. Hello babes! :)   Allow me to introduce this really amazing serum to all of you - the LUMINESCE™ Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. It's the only product in the market which contains human growth factors. Growth factors are proteins produced by our body to stimulate cell growth and repair. When you apply LUMINESCE™ onto your skin, it penetrates the pores in your skin and instructs all damaged cells in the area to repair themselves by producing new collagen, elastin, tissue and blood vessels.    Due to the ability of LUMINESCE™ to repair damaged cells, it is therefore able to do the following: get rid of skin problems such as acne, eczema, etc minimise fine lines and wrinkles lighten pigmentation, including liver/age spots heal wounds and scars reduce stretch marks There are also other products in the LUMINESCE™ skin care range which can be used together with the serum for maximum effect. LUMINESCE™ skin care range is all natural, hypo-allergenic and paraben free. Prevention is better than cure - as such, it is best to start taking care of our skin as early as possible, before the effects of aging set in. Consistent and prolonged use of good skin care will definitely slow down aging.   There's more information on LUMINESCE™ here: http://younghealthygorgeous.wordpress.com/luminesce-skin-care/   Look at the fantastic results from people who have used LUMINESCE™:            
  6. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-skin-care-products/ I'm distributor of Skincerity,the NEW skin product which rated No.1 from users worldwide currently. (you can click on the link above are votes from Skin product users from all around the world) But this product is not yet to be launch in Malaysia and is not made available on retail. User who are using this product gets instant result which effective for use of both Women and Men.It can be apply to baby rashes as well as this is safe to use for all bodies skin. The best science discovery ever   Please contact me if wanted to know more on buying this product or be part of our pioneer distributor team! 016 205 8293 i use wassap too.thanks   [url=http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010070013R13848228831975266][/url]
  7. Roche Laroscorbine Platinum Vitamin C + Collagen This particular product will gradually whitens the skin's color and fades discolorations hyperpigmentations of the  skin such as liver spots, freckle spots, wrinkles spots, age spots or skin pigmentation that were caused by sun exposure. This product will also improves skin complexion, whitens and replenish lost collagen and will increase the skin's elasticity. Product Description: Imported from France. Each box contains 10 x 1 gram of vitamin C + 0.35gram plant collagen/5ml Benefits: - Vitamin C - Collagen is a fibrous protein, important in supporting tissues, skin organ, tendons and ligaments. - Will replenish decreasing collagen due to aging - Reducing wrinkles, pigmentations and minor scars - Will maintains the production of cartilage and joints. - Improving skin's elasticity. - Improving skin's moisture level Recommended Dosage: One or Two ampules every week for 1 - 2 months. After that period, user are able to reduce the dosage to 1 ampules every 2 weeks for maintenance.  Important!!: This product MUST be administered by licensed doctor to be Intravenously (IV) applied to body. This product is not suitable for: - person who are still breast feeding their child - Having a menstrual cycle. - User who has allergy to any kind of vitamins - User who has cardiovascular problem.   Price: RM150 for the month of November (2013) only!!!   Email: Skinsupplementproducts@gmail.com URL: http://vitalvitaminsforskin.blogspot.com/2012/06/roche-laroscorbine-platinum-vitamin-c.html        : http://vitalvitaminsforskin.blogspot.com    Alyssa  : 019-3389271
  8. This much loved Facial Water is a must have for a healthy, radiant skin. It repairs, rejuvenates and regenerates skin cells to make you look younger in just 14 days. For more info, Call/SMS 010-2254282, visit[url="http://www.mk13facialtreatment.com/"]www.mk13facialtreatment.com[/url]   Chemical Free Clear Trace Element Facial Water Can be sprayed with your eyes open Can be used on children since it is 100 Chemical Free Suitable for sensitive skins   See improvements to your facial skin within 7 to 14 days!
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