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Found 26 results

  1. With ever-increasing exposure to dirt particles in the air, industrial pollution and the constantly rising beauty demands of our society, taking proper care of our skin has become ever so essential for a healthy-looking outlook. Unfortunately, individuals often become a victim of the pernicious misunderstanding that a visibly clear face is in no need of any kind of mask. It couldn't get more inaccurate than this as not only can a face mask help maintain the glow of your skin, it can also act as a preventative measure against possible skin problems. As they are rich with restorative properties, introducing them as a habit in your daily self-care regime is one of the best justices you can do to your skin. What to look for in a good face mask? We all have a different understanding of a good face mask. It is certainly true that we should buy products according to our skin type and concerns. However, there are some common ingredients that, if they are present in a mask, can be immensely helpful regardless of what your skin is struggling against. Moreover, most of the typical skin problems narrow down to the same common causes: excess sebum production, dryness leading to a lack of moisture and accumulation of dead skin cells. Here are the ingredients which you should look for before buying a face mask: Aloe Vera - by far one of the best natural moisturizers and skin conditioners that nature has to offer us. It is a known remedy for nourishing the skin, absorbing excess oil and curing inflamed skin left by disturbed acne. No matter what your skin type is, Aloe Vera can always work out its magic. This is why its presence is critical in any face mask. Mud - mud particles are known for their healing properties as they are rich with minerals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium, all responsible for keeping your skin glowing and smooth. However, there is one specific mud, the Dead Sea mud, which has one of the highest concentrations of these minerals and salt. It is a proven solution for eliminating skin problems, ailments and lack of elasticity. Vitamins A, C, and E - all these vitamins have something indirectly or directly to do with our skin. Vitamin C is a known solution for all kinds of skin problems such as breakouts, blemishes, scars, and discoloring. On the other hand, vitamin A is a nourishing agent that can restore essential nutrients that your skin cells require in order to repair themselves. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that can get rid of free radicals from the skin. These are harmful molecules that can gather due to increased exposure to UV rays, pollution or having a habit of smoking daily. How our Pink Clay mask can help you The Pink Clay mask is an ultimate skin solution consisting of every single ingredient that is beneficial to your skin. It can eliminate dullness, promote a radiant glowing appearance, minimize pores, deeply cleanse your skin and draw out impurities while leaving your skin texture smooth and beautiful. In addition, the mask also contains anti-oxidant properties and anti-aging Aloe Vera extracts to restore youthfulness to your skin and clear out discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, and acne scars. Visit us today at https://bemiss.com.my/
  2. Whitening injections products from Italy and Korea, certified by doctors. It's made up of glutathione which is a crucial ingredients for skin whitening, vitamin B3 & B5, collagen for skin complexion. Do kindly email me for more details and price list. P.s. It's not a scam nor illegal, it's certified by doctors and government.
  3. Hi Babes... I am having sensitive skin since I was born. I am alway the one who get mosquitoes bites. I have lots of black marks on my legs and i couldn't wear short or skirts like others. My skin will get swollen even i am not scratching it. Lately someone recommend me to take a whitening drips or maybe should call it vitamin drips as it can help to reduce the sensitivity of my skin and can lighten up the black marks. I wish to get some advice from you guys on any ideas how to cure the black marks and make my skin less sensitive. Any recommendations of clinic that provide drips in Damansara area? Or any home service? Thanks in advance ya.....
  4. Call/SMS/Whatsapp +60166683105 to BUY Royal Expert White Cream (BLUE Container Cream) (Rm120) Royal Expert™ Advanced Brightening Cream Cream is a luxurious and moisturizing skin brightening cream with a high content of potent antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients that rejuvenate firm and smoothen the skin. Enriched with multivitamins and UV filters to revitalize and protect the skin from a broad range of damaging UV rays. Niacinamide and Morning Glory even out skin tone and texture while Grape Seed Oil and Salicylic Acid help to clear up and minimizes pores. Royal Expert™ Brightening Cream is a soothing cream with enhanced brightening effects that restores skin to its youthful luminous glow Royal Expert Aqua Mask (Rm90)http://designerkurtis-zrestha.blogspot.comIngredients:Witch Hazel ExtractIt is an excellent natural astringent that reduces inflammation, sanitizes and hydrate the skin while stabilizing the barrier function of the skin. It creates an increased sensitivity and an instant tightening sensation. It provides nourishing, whitening and restorative effects while preventing acne. Aloe Vera Extract It has soothing, healing, and moisturizing capabilities. It acts as a natural barrier that protects against environmental irritants. A rich source of antioxidant and vitamins, it is used to brighten skin and helps improve the skin’s natural firmness. Suitable for sensitive or dry skin. Chamomile Extract It is used as a skin conditioning agent and for its beautiful fragrance. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are used to counter skin redness and irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Allantoin Derived from the Comfrey Root, this botanical extract is an excellent soothing and healing agent. Allantoin improves skin texture, making it feel smoother and reflect light better. Its emollient properties help the skin retain moisture. Castor Oil It drastically softens skin as it has the function of maintaining moisture levels. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties ROYAL EXPERT Aqua Mask The Aqua Mask, a gel mask that is enriched with Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, has good absorption, soothing, rejuvenating and moisturizing benefits. Consistent application can help to improve elasticity and softness of the skin. Results in a velvety smooth and radiant complexion. Directions for use: Apply the gel gently over your entire face (except the eyes and mouth areas). Let the mask stay on for 15 to 20 minutes on the face, then rinse off with water. Use twice a week. Royal Expert Oxygen Mask (Rm90) IngredientsSodium HyaluronateA natural humectant that helps attract and retain moisture, it improves and maintains the skin’s structure, elasticity and flexibility. Aloe Vera Extract It has soothing, healing, and moisturizing capabilities. It acts as a natural barrier that protects against environmental irritants. A rich source of antioxidant and vitamins, it is used to brighten skin and helps improve the skin’s natural firmness. Suitable for use on sensitive or dry skin. Witch Hazel Extract It is an excellent natural astringent that reduces inflammation, sanitizes and hydrates the skin while stabilizing the barrier function of the skin. It creates an increased sensitivity and an instant tightening sensation. It provides nourishing, whitening and restorative effects while preventing acne. Green Tea Extract Rich with antioxidants, it is known for its excellent free radical-neutralizing properties which slow down skin aging. It has antimicrobial properties and moisturizes skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface. Cucumber Extract A good cooling, hydrating, & healing agent that soothes the skin. Rich in antioxidants, it acts as an excellent protector and skin nutrient. Allantoin An anti-oxidant that has been proven to increase collagen synthesis, it can capture free radicals, thereby reducing the amount of skin inflammations. As a whitening agent, it also helps to reduce pigment formation. Also has anti-acne and anti-aging effects. Sodium PCA Natural mineral salt used as a humectant that has excellent moisturizing retaining ability. Vitamin C An anti-oxidant that has been proven to increase collagen synthesis, it can capture free radicals, thereby reducing the amount of skin inflammations. A whitening agent, it helps to reduce pigment formation and also acts as anti-acne and anti-aging agent. ROYAL EXPERT Oxygen Mask Oxygen Mask is a specially-designed mask that uses oxygen carrier technology to help refresh and remove impurities while reviving skin texture. Enhanced with Sodium Hyaluronate and Witch Hazel, it creates a natural moisturizing and firming effect. The Oxygen mask, with its rejuvenating formula, brightens and clarifies the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, radiant and healthy. Direction of Use: After washing the face, apply the Oxygen Mask all over the face, avoiding the eyes and lip area. After a few seconds, your face will be covered with oxygenated bubbles. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off after the bubbles disappear. Call/SMS/Whatsapp +60166683105 to BUY
  5. Roche Laroscorbine Platinum Vitamin C + Collagen 100% Guaranteed lowest PRICE in marketAll Ready Stock! Payment in before 3pm will receive tracking number on the same day! Product Descriptions: One (1) box of New Upgraded Version Laroscorbine Platinium Vitamin C + Collagen contains 10 x 1.5gm vitamin c and 0.5gm collagen. Expiry Date: 2018 Benefits:1) The basic function of Vitamin C 2) Collagen is a fibrous protein, important in supporting tissues, skin, organ, tendons, ligaments and etc.3) As replenishment where collagen reduces when aged 4) Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and minor scars 5) Maintains the production of cartilage and joints 6) Improve elasticity of skin, makes more supple and moisture We do SHIP worldwide! Any Enquiries PLEASE Line/ Wechat : mnmyoko10 or email : mnmyoko@gmail.com Whatsapp : 011 - 3343 9010
  6. Hi Everyone,    If you are looking for the collagen jelly, whitening, anti-aging or weight management product,    please kindly visit our website for any further information at ( www.nutra-estore.my ).   We doing promotion now.   Shall you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to pm us.   Let us beauty shine from whitin together!
  7. Care to share the methods to make arm pits fairer? I heard lemon slice will help but I never try before. Wanted to try arm pits mask as well.
  8. SharaShara - Bright Level Up Shiny Girl  Imported from Korea   Famous, safe and effective brightening skin and moisturised.   Capacity : 200ml   Price : RM 68   Skin Type : Normal skin type (Sensitive skin be cautions as each sensitive skin is different especially on natural whitening product)    How to use : a) Apply on product on skin not only on face but also on body part like knee, arm, heel and neck after shower. Wait for 10 to 15 mins and wash it.   Product Description a) Corrects dull skin tone to be bright and clear with healthy ingredient tested. Obvious result after finished 1 bottle.                                                  Natural Ingredient Used                                                            Body Part to apply this product                                             How it product works?   Scan product genuine code. This product is direct from Korea. Any fake items discover purchase under SAFFRON will be refund 10 TIMES product purchase price!                        Postage Direct from Korea   For product review, please google for people blogs product review from Korea, HK, China, Japan...ect. Cause it is very famous already.      Once again, we don't not support fake products! Cause we believe that we reap what we sow! God give us wisdom, let us use it the right way.      Interested please add us at WeChat ID : MYSAFFRON or Call 011 20995077 / email : saffronwarehouse@gmail.com   POSLAJU : RM 7 West Malaysia / RM 11 East Malaysia    or pick up at SAFFRON Office   SAFFRON Add : 4-1, Jalan Menara Gading 1, Off Lebuhraya Timur Barat, Taman Connaught, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia. (Beside Starbuck Coffee, 1st floor, Opposite Maybank)      

    © IMPORTANT NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER The information in this advertisement post by SAFFRON and any attachments is intended only for the person or entity to which it is reading and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission,

  9. Korean No.1 Skin Care Product- Clean Pop Facial Cleansing & Skin Care Brush   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP_KytfDNRI   The CleanPOP facial brush comes with 4D motion which enables the brush to removes sebum, make up residue and other impurities on skin and in pores. Thus, the moderate vibration made by Up-Down movement of the brush head helps deep cleansing as well as bring a pleasant massage on facial skin.   The CleanPOP brush also comes with make-up puff, with this you can apply make-up without manual touch. It is also a waterproofed product which ensures the consumer to use it safely during shower.   *Free Shipping* *1 month warranty* *Suitable for all skin types*   Specification of the product :: 4 Dimensional Motion :: :: Microfiber Brush :: :: 100% NBR Puff :: :: Waterproof:: :: 2AA Alkaline Battery ::   Grab it now at Rm99 instead of Rm199 for new product launching promotion. Grab it fast while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.   To order/enquiry, please contact: Phone number: 012-2367129 (Ms Tan) Email: marketing@ugbmalaysia.com.my
  10. Nyfuxi whitening essence from Japan for its great natural ingredients with perfect whitening & oil control effects. Lavender smell refreshing all day. It save money & time even more by just using one bottle solving all these annoying procedures. 7 functions (Whitening, moisturizing, repairing, decorated bottom, oil control, conceal, isolation). Day & night used.   Main Ingredients: Hydrolyzed silk, titanium dioxide, lavender oil, placenta, white plum mulberry extract, kudzu root extract   Hydrolyzed silk --> soften skin, effectively repair, moisture, maintain skin elasticity and shiny, no sticky feeling after use   Titanium dioxide --> SPF25 sun protection factor extracted from natural ore crystals can form "soft protective film" on the skin surface, to soften the visual effects and physical sunscreen.   Placenta --> makes the skin soft, improve skin roughness     Website --> http://moe86beauty.blogspot.com/. All products selling here are in high quality at reasonable price. (Now on promotion!)    Facebook--> https://www.facebook.com/fillefashionblog?ref=hl   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viOSlA54a6w  
  11. We are distributor offering various beauty injection products for anti-aging, whitening and slimming. A lot of brand we selling& 100% original condition ( Melsom, Laennec, Lucchini, Roche&etc)Feel free to drop us an email or call us if you wish to have more details about the product or the price quote. Contact :0166148878( MS.Wong)
  12. Has anyone heard of this KISS Collagen Cream Mask? https://www.facebook.com/kissmsia   Hit product in Singapore and Thailand, used by celebrities!   There are having Christmas promo now...
  13. For those are interested on getting know your skin types, skin problem, how to make it more healthier, what your skin needs, and any other question regarding your own beloved skin. Invite 2 or 3 or 4 your friends to have free skin care class and pampered yourselves with variant of awesome products with me and you will discover what make your skin smile everyday!! Lets have a skin partyy  ;)  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup:  :HUG:   You also can share with me here about your skin problems :) 
  14. I am loving this "Nyfuxi whitening essence" from Japan for its great natural ingredients with perfect whitening & oil control effects. Lavender smell refreshing me all day. It save my money & time even more by just using one bottle solving all these annoying procedures. 7 functions (Whitening, moisturizing, repairing, decorated bottom, oil control, conceal, isolation)   Main Ingredients: Hydrolyzed silk, titanium dioxide, lavender oil, placenta, white plum mulberry extract, kudzu root extract   Hydrolyzed silk --> soften skin, effectively repair, moisture, maintain skin elasticity and shiny, no sticky feeling after use   Titanium dioxide --> SPF25 sun protection factor extracted from natural ore crystals can form "soft protective film" on the skin surface, to soften the visual effects and physical sunscreen.   Placenta --> makes the skin soft, improve skin roughness     Interested? PM me. My blog selling all kinds of skin care at http://moe86beauty.blogspot.com/. All products selling are in high quality at reasonable price.     This product also highly recommended by 牛尔老师 in Taiwan 女人我最大 TV shows.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viOSlA54a6w    
  15. Hot seller in Japan with 7 in 1 functions. (Whitening, moisturizing, repairing, decorated bottom, oi control, conceal, isolation). Could use as a CC cream in the morning with no makeup remove needed as it is not a foundation but an essence and as a mask at night. Natural & great ingredients for your skin care.   Main Ingredients: Hydrolyzed silk, titanium dioxide, lavender oil, placenta, white plum mulberry extract, kudzu root extract   Selling Price: RM120   More details: [url="http://moe86beauty.blogspot.com/"]http://moe86beauty.blogspot.com/[/url]   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viOSlA54a6w        
  16. A-Nolin ELIXIR   A-Nolin introduces its new line in skin care treatment, the Elixir. Elixir’s main content, 92% pure green apple stem cell extract promotes healthy young supple skin. Its main function of the green apple stem cell extract is to stimulate our existing skin cells to regenerate new cells constantly, at the same time eliminating old or dead cells. Elixir contains 92% pure Green Apple Stem cell Extract, having the ability to stimulate skin cells to regenerate and repair itself at a speedy rate. A-Nolin’s Elixir is a must have, for smooth, fair, radiant supple skin. A-Nolin’s Elixir also removes fine line, wrinkles and replenishes skin around the eye area, keeping your skin evenly moisturized throughout the day.   How does A-Nolin’s ELIXIR help your skin? Our skin’s epidermis comprises of 2 basic types of cells, the first layer comprises of the slowly dividing epidermal stem cells and the second layer comprises of rapidly diving offspring the supply new cells to replace those that are lost or dying.   The first layer creates the problem, this is due to the  fact the epidermal stem cells only last a certain number of divisions. Due to this lost or dying cells will slowly outnumber the fresh new cell to replace them, therefore the skin’s health and appearance start to decline drastically in turn promoting aging and wrinkled skin. So what can be done?? A-Nolin’s ELIXIR is the answer!!!   Like humans plants also have stem cells. Plant stem cells depend on epigenetic control and signals from their surrounding cells for their development. Unlike human stem cells however, each plant-derived adult stem cell possesses the ability to generate a whole new plant. Knowing this , we have found a technique to harness the power of green apple stem cells by growing plant tissues in culture. After countless experiments we have found that, it is possible to extract a mass of these cells in a liquid medium, thereby giving way to our new product the ELIXIR! Elixir’s content will help stimulate our skin cells to regenerate new cells, resulting in new cells outnumbering old or dying cells, promoting younger looking skin.   [URL=http://s1172.photobucket.com/user/femmebeauty/media/elixir%20n%20luscious%20soap/elixir2_zps91b4962a.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1172.photobucket.com/user/femmebeauty/media/elixir%20n%20luscious%20soap/elixir4_zpsa11575f3.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1172.photobucket.com/user/femmebeauty/media/elixir%20n%20luscious%20soap/s9_zps08f9e869.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1172.photobucket.com/user/femmebeauty/media/elixir%20n%20luscious%20soap/s10_zpsadd8ed9e.jpg.html][/URL]   Benefits of A-Nolin’s ELIXIR:- Smooth skin Strong anti-aging effect Anti-wrinkle Fair radiant skin Eliminates eye bags Minimize facial pores Firm and Tighter skin   Contents: 92% pure Green Apple stem cell extract, phyto cell, glycerin, silicon, phenorip, deionized water, vitamin C & E, Alpha Arbutin Extract. (15ml e) Application guide: Use twice daily morning and night, after cleansing face. Gently pat face with 3-5 drops of Elixir. Elixir can also be use near eye area. See radiant supple skin, in just 6 days.   A-Nolin  Germany   For more information about the products, and pricing. Please contact : James 018-9417301          
  17. Roche Laroscorbine Platinum Vitamin C + Collagen This particular product will gradually whitens the skin's color and fades discolorations hyperpigmentations of the  skin such as liver spots, freckle spots, wrinkles spots, age spots or skin pigmentation that were caused by sun exposure. This product will also improves skin complexion, whitens and replenish lost collagen and will increase the skin's elasticity. Product Description: Imported from France. Each box contains 10 x 1 gram of vitamin C + 0.35gram plant collagen/5ml Benefits: - Vitamin C - Collagen is a fibrous protein, important in supporting tissues, skin organ, tendons and ligaments. - Will replenish decreasing collagen due to aging - Reducing wrinkles, pigmentations and minor scars - Will maintains the production of cartilage and joints. - Improving skin's elasticity. - Improving skin's moisture level Recommended Dosage: One or Two ampules every week for 1 - 2 months. After that period, user are able to reduce the dosage to 1 ampules every 2 weeks for maintenance.  Important!!: This product MUST be administered by licensed doctor to be Intravenously (IV) applied to body. This product is not suitable for: - person who are still breast feeding their child - Having a menstrual cycle. - User who has allergy to any kind of vitamins - User who has cardiovascular problem.   Price: RM150 for the month of November (2013) only!!!   Email: Skinsupplementproducts@gmail.com URL: http://vitalvitaminsforskin.blogspot.com/2012/06/roche-laroscorbine-platinum-vitamin-c.html        : http://vitalvitaminsforskin.blogspot.com    Alyssa  : 019-3389271
  18.   THE Ultra Brightening System BONANZA   You save more when you buy more.   This Ultra Brightening System includes: 1. Photon & Ultrasonic Skin Bright System 2. Microdermabrasion Ultra Face Brush Spa   How Can both of this Systems Help You?   1. Photon & Ultrasonic Skin Bright System   Functions: - Use high-tech micro-electronic lead-in technology - Accelerate the cell motility and metabolism - Improve blood circulation, deeply improve skin , make skin smooth and whiten the skin - Help to remove eczema, spots - Stimulate skin and increase the secrete movement of you skin - Deeply clean the skin, leads harmful substances out of skin - Suitable for solving the problems of dark skin, eczema, acne and melanin   Lead-in & Lead-out Functions: - Positive Ionic Lead-out Function: Removes metal ion in cosmetic from skin, the harmful substances penetrate into skin through horniness deposit as positive ion in the skin which can cause spots, rough and aging skin.   - Negative Ionic Lead-in Function: Powerfully replenish nutrients into skin and promote cells to constantly absorb nutrition.   - Vibration Function: Stimulate harmful substance( which is hiding in deep skin) to move out quickly.   Usage: Use Time & Frequency: 1 ~ 2 times every day / 10 ~ 20 minutes every time Partner it with any Skincare Products: Gels / Skin essence / Other skin care cream   Accessories: 1 x 3V CR2032 Battery 1 x User Manual   2. Microdermabrasion Ultra 4-in-1 Brush Spa Cleansing System, Waterproof and Cordless.   Features and Functions:   1. Using electricity to make the massage head vibrate so as to massage on the human body.   2. Beautiful, practical and affordable with novel design and exquisite packing.   3. Waterproof with strong power: IPX-2,convenient for bathroom usage.   4. Deeply cleaning skin, effectively exfoliating of dead skin cells to reveal a radiant, youthful skin.   5. Compact and portable design, 4 replaceable applicators   Included:    a) Big brush: Exfoliates and clean hand skin and body skin B) Face brush: Exfoliates and clean face skin c) Pumice: Polish and remove rough callus skin under foot or elbow d) Sponge: Moisturize face skin    Product Description:   This microdermabrasion rotating face and body cleaning system helps keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant. This face and body SPA cleansing system uses a rotating brush to help keep your skin looking younger and healthier.    The microdermabrasion spinning head removes embedded dirt and oil, resulting in healthier, more beautiful skin. Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. Your pores appear smaller, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced and your skin tone and texture improves .   The rotating action polishes away aged skin and rejuvenates tissues while it smooths away stress lines, sun and time. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial sun damage, superficial scars and age spots.   Comes with 4 reusable applicators including a large brush, small brush, face sponge and pumice stone.     BECAUSE WE ARE THE SUPPLIER, WE SELL IT at FACTORY PRICE.   RM220 FREE POSTAGE (for TWO SYSTEMS)
  19. Hi All.   I want to share with you guys about this Instant Whitening Lotion/Cream that i have been used.   Skin will look whitening and different from before after applying it.   Please refer to below picture.         The Benefits   -Immediate whitening -No side effects -No chemical -Natural aromatheraphy -100% organic→ Jasmine extracts -Prevent skin diseases   The price is RM85/130grams   If interested to buy or want to be a dealer can contact/sms me @ 011 14401181 Email: suhaita78@gmail.com Thanks.
  20. How To Embrace The Secret To Fairer & Glower Skin in *7 day!   Imagine…..If you can become fairer, glower & radiant WITHOUT injection or laser treatment, if you can HAVE IT ALL with just drinking delicious & nutritious drinks then you can achieve your expectation and gain back your confidence and enjoys life? PurWhite UV Bright Drink has helped many satisfied customers to achieve fairer, glower & radiant skin in short time. It is the most effective way to restore fair and healthily glowing skin; not only on your face but your whole body including the underarms, elbows, tummy, knees, innertighs and groin.      The real culprit: UV Rays!  Do you know what causes your skin to tan, get wrinkles, look old and spotty? According to research, it's not only aging but also the sun's harmful UV rays! These harmful UV rays provides free radicals which attack our skin cells and diminish our skin's radiance; cuasing premature aging.    Check and SEE do you need Skin-Whitening? Do you have.... Dark complexion Pigmentation Uneven skin tone Fine lines Freckle Dark eye circle Sunburn If you say yes to at least two of above, your skin telling you that it needs perfect fairness? Time to "UBAH", it's time for PurWhite UV Bright!   <WHERE TO BUY?> *From you nearby Pharmacy *Buy online from here *Buy from us at 0103772845 (8am-5pm, Mon-Fri) *Buy thru email gamsales1@gmail.com
  21. Ready Stock!!   Shiseido Whitening Mud Mask only [b]RM1.00[/b] per piece   Please visit our website [url="http://www.minasa.com.my/"]http://www.minasa.com.my[/url] for more beauty products =)
  22. Recently i notice there is a lot of small black spots appear on my arms and face, what should i do? I bought some whitening mask but seems doesn't help at all, any solution?
  23. 1 bottle of MK13 can spray up to 500 times   See improvements to your facial skin within 7 to 14 days!
  24. [color=#333333][font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif][size=3][left][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Deep Whitening Starter Pack @ MYR 73.50[/background][/left][/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif][size=3][left][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]To order : [/background][/left][/size][/font][/color][url="http://ttmask.my/#!/~/product/category=3624099&id=17547044"]http://ttmask.my/#!/~/product/category=3624099&id=17547044[/url] [color=#333333][font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif][size=3][left][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]A combination of the entire Timeless Truth Deep Whitening Series.[/background][/left][/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif][size=3][left][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)] Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? TT Snow Lotus Lucency Bio Cellulose Mask (MYR 20) TT Swallow Nest Flawless Whitening Mask (MYR 10) TT Orchid Extract Whitening Mask (MYR 10) TT Infinite Clarity Mask (MYR 8 ) TT Absolute Clarity Mask (MYR 8 ) TT Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask (MYR 10) TT Pearl Watery Mask (MYR 7.50)[/background][/left][/size][/font][/color]

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  25. salam ....hai semua kat sini saya nak berkongsi apakah makanan ajaib yang diamalkan oleh kebanyakkan artis dan org2 kenamaan utk yg memiliki kulit cantik sehalus bayi...serta glowing lggg... GULTA PRIME N GLOWZ PRODUK PENCERAHAN YANG AMAT BERKESAN (Produk ini kebanyakkan digunakan oleh artis-artis di Malaysia dan juga luar Negara untuk mendapatkan kulit yang cantik SELURUH BADAN) Kelulusan KKM Mendapat kelulusan KKM Pengesahan Halal Ada pengesahan halal Gulta Prime RM 160 (60 Caps) Mengandungi :- GSH (1000mg) 750mg L-glutathione, 150mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, 150mg Vit.C (Sodium Ascorbate) Kini Lebih HEBAT - Gluta Prime dengan kandungan Gluta grade AAA KULIT LEBIH CERAH SELURUH BADAN gULTA telah diratkan sebagai produk pemutihan ke-3 terhebat diAsian.!!!!!! [size=6][b][color=#b22222]Untuk kesan yang lebih baik disarankan ambil gluta prime bersama-sama vitamin c500mg,glowz/glow star dan menggunakan sabun Snow White Glutathione/gluta gold soap untuk bahagian luaran[/color][/b][/size] Bagaimana Maintenance Gulta n Glowz?? Adakah saya perlu berbelanja sebanyak itu setiap bulan?? TIDAK [/color],kerana setelah anda berjaya mendapatkan kulit yang anda idamkan...anda hanya perlu memilih utk mengambil gulta atau glowz sekali sehari.kebanyakkan pengguna memilih glowz kerana kesannya lebih menyeluruh... Kenapa Memilih Gulta Dan Glowz Kesan Pengambilan akan dapat dilihat dalam masa 2-5 hari dimana :- - Kulit tidak berminyak - kulit menjadi lembab -jerawat mula mengecut Kesan Pengambilan Dalam Masa 2 Minggu :- - Kulit Akan Kelihatan Glowing - kulit terasa lebih lembut - warna kulit semakin sekata -Jeragat mula pudar Namun Kesan secara keseluruhan bergantung kepada penerimaan badan individu kebiasaannya:- - Light-medium brown skin: 1-3 bulan - Dark brown skin: 3-6 bulan - Very dark skin: 6-12 months - Black skin: 18 months minimum and above GLUTA PRIME bertindak dalam membantu : • Memutihkan kulit GULTA PRIME berperanan menukarkan pigmentasi gelap (eumelanine) kepada pigment yang lebih cerah (phaeomelanin). Glutathione yang terdapat pada GLUTA PRIME berperanan menukarkannya kulit gelap kepada kulit yang lebih cerah hari demi hari. • Mencegah penuaan GLUTA PRIME membantu pemecahan lemak oxidized dan dalam peroses karbohidrat. Kekurangan glutathione dalam badan menyebabkan sel akan cepat mati dan membuatkan sesetengah orang kelihatan lebih tua dari usia. • Antioxidant/nyahtoksin GLUTA PRIME berperanan sebagai anti-toksin yang menghalang radikal bebas didalam tubuh. Glutathione bertugas untuk memproses toksin di dalam badan agar dapat dikumuhkan dengan mudah dari badan. [color="#0000ff"]Adakah Kaedah Pemutihan Kulit Ini Merbahaya [img]http://www.plazacentre.net/cgi-php/forumphp-v2/Smileys/default/huh.gif[/img] Tidak Kerana (baca info dibawah) Gluta merupakan anti oksida yang utama kerana ia melindungi tubuh badan dari serangan penyakit & melawan radikal bebas. Paras Gluta dalam badan akan berkurangan disebabkan pendedahan kepada pencemaran, stress, minuman keras, merokok, factor pemakanan dsb. NAC (N-Acethyl L-Cysteine) ditambah ke dalam untuk memaksimakan keberkesanan Gluta dan mengelakkan Gluta hilang begitu sahaja semasa penyerapan badan. Glutathione dalam BADAN membantu :- * Kesulitan hamil & menambah bilangan sperma (untuk lelaki) * Gejala kanser, HIV, fibroid, alzhemeir, Parkinson, thyroid * merawat gejala berkaitan paru2 seperti lelah, radang paru2 & emphysema (udara berlebihan dalam paru-paru) * masalah hati (menyahtoksin nikotin, alkohol) * keletihan melampau, katarak & masalah mata, diabetes, darah tinggi * melindungi jantung & merawat kolestrol * melambatkan penuaan, meningkai system imun, merawat rambut gugur dll Keberkesanan pada KULIT :- * Mengecilkan pori-pori & menjadikan kulit lembut, segar & berseri * Menghindari pigmen serta mengawal & mencegah kesan jerawat * Jawapan kepada kedutan awal * Menghasilkan & membaiki DNA * Membasmi nikotin dalam badan (bagus untuk perokok) Tiada gejala negatif terdapat pada gluthathion kecuali……pencerahan kulit secara keseluruhan… Rujukan :- 1) So talking about glutathione side effects is not something to be worried . Glutathione side effects only promote lighter skin. Other than that, the direct effects include boost in energy levels, having a healthier body and protecting one's self from possible serious illnesses [url="http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-si...cts/he%20future"][color="#313131"]http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-si...cts/he%20future[/color][/url]. 2) L-Glutathione side effects may come as a surprise for you. Glutathione is a known antioxidant naturally present in the body in small amounts. On-going research shows that a person taking an antioxidant supplement like a L glutathione product have higher chances of not being afflicted with conditions related to heart, liver, kidney and other major organs in the body. Furthermore, L glutathione antioxidant supplement in people with cancer showed improved signs of recovery. [url="http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-side-effects/"][color="#313131"]http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-side-effects/[/color][/url] 3) Glutathione helps detoxify many foreign compounds and carcinogens in the body. In addition, glutathione is also said to be the primary shield of the skin, lens, cornea, retina, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, epithelia and other organs. It is also used to treat infertility, cancer, cataracts and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 4) According to WebMD.com, glutathione helps the liver remove harmful chemicals such as drugs and pollutants. Without glutathione, other important antioxidants such as vitamins C and E cannot do their job adequately to protect the body against diseases. [url="http://www.ehow.co.uk/about_5721042_side-e...lutathione.html"][color="#313131"]http://www.ehow.co.uk/about_5721042_side-e...lutathione.html[/color][/url] Bagaimana makanan sampingan untuk mencerahkan kulit ini berfungsi? *Bintik-bintik gelap pada kulit yang berpunca dari gigitan serangga, kecederaan, bekas kudis dan sebagainya mempengaruhi keadaaan kulit kita. Semakin gelap kulit kita, gelap lagi pigmentasi kulit. *Sebab lain perubahan warna kulit ialah hormone; melasma, jerawat, tanda-tanda penuaan, bintik-bintik. Faktor ini mengeluarkan lebih byk pigmen melanosit. Bagi yang selalu terdedah dengan matahari, anda perlu sedar yang matahari akan memburukkan lagi keadaan kulit anda. *Proses pencerahan kulit dipengaruhi oleh pigmen melanin. Melanin dihasilkan oleh sel melanosit yang dikendalikan oleh enzim, tirosinase, yang mana menentukan warna kulit kita, mata dan rambut. Jika kurangnya aktiviti tirosinase, pigmentasi terjadi. Kawasan yang gelap pada badan menunjukkan banyak melanin di kawasan tersebut seperti lutut, siku, armpit. *Melanin datang dalam dua jenis; iaitu Pheomelanin (kuning ke warna kemerahan) dan Eumelanin (coklat). Bahan aktif pemutihan kulit didalam Glowz dan Gluta Prime memainkan peranan penting dan untuk melambatkan pengeluaran melanin serta mencegah kulit dari menjadi lebih gelap. Kalau begitu, Kulit boleh jadi putih melepak ? Ya, memang boleh, tapi BUKAN dengan usaha 1 malam sahaja! Ia semua bergantung pada kulit anda menerima perubahan tersebut. Apa yang penting ialah usaha dan berikan masa 1-4minggu untuk melihat keberkesanannya. Jika anda mempunyai tona kulit yang benar-benar gelap, sudah tentu anda perlu memberi masa yang lebih banyak kepada kulit anda. Usaha ingin mencerahkan kulit ni tidaklah bergantung 100% pada supplement pencerahan kulit seperti Glowz dan Gluta Prime semata-mata. Apa yang anda perlu buat ialah: 1. Gunakan set penjagaan kulit yang sesuai dan tidak merbahaya. 2. Gunakan pelembab 3. Gunakan Sunblock di siang hari PANDUAN UNTUK MEMPERCEPATKAN PROSES PENCERAHAN 1. Sebelum mengambil produk ini anda haruslah melakukan detox selama 3-5 hari. contohnya agen detok ialah kinohimitsu tea, detox tea dll. 2. Minum Glowz 1 sachet pagi semasa perut masih kosong dan 1 sachet malam sebelum tidur.(sekiranya anda memilih untuk menggunakan Glowz Shj) 3. Pada sebelah malam boleh juga digantikan dengan pil Gluta Prime kerana kesannya lebih ketara (Menggunakan Glowz n Gulta) 4. Jangan mengambil kopi, teh dan minuman berkefin. 5. Minum banyak air kosong untuk membuang segala toksin dalam badan..kerana gulta adalah agen antioksida okk...dah baca info di atas jadi...tak usah lg ragu2 untuk mencuba produk ini...produk ini sudah lama diamalkan di luar2 negara..baru sekarang ia bertapak di negara kita... jadi jika anda berminat boleh hubungi saya secara sms di talian 013-2640929 (pn. lieen) sila nyatakan nama anda iyerr... Maklumat lanjut boleh layari [url="http://denirahouse.blogspot.com"][color="#313131"]http://denirahouse.blogspot.com[/color][/url]
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