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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I'm helping to recruit participants for a focus group discussion. In particular, we're looking for couples of non-Malay descent (we already did a few groups with Malay participants), with one or more young children. Said couple would have to have at least 1 child between the ages of 1-3, to participate in a group discussion which will last around 45 - 60 minutes. Parents (or parent) can bring their children along as there will be a babysitter on hand. The cash reward for participation is RM 100/person. Do help out by participating or passing the word around. What is it about? Safety awareness during travelling with your toddlers and car seat usage based on your daily routine. Time: Saturday, between 4 - 5:30. Venue: would likely be in Sri Hartamas. P/S: let me know if you prefer weekdays. Thanks!
  2. Hi, my friends and I are doing a project on homemade lip scrubs. As part of our market research, we are required to create a survey to get some feedback and also to help determine our target market. We would really appreciate it if you took the time to fill out our survey, it would be a really big help!   Click here to participate in the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/63PG2SZ   Many thanks! :)
  3. Would you mind to spend 1-3 mins to fill up a survey form? We are working on a social shopping platform for fashion and now require your valuable opinion so that we can help make your online fashion experience better. Please click on the link below to do the survey. Many thanks in advance!   http://goo.gl/forms/FK2czAiWob  
  4. Beautiful Malaysian ladies, if you have 2 minutes, please help out in this survey regarding KOREAN SKIN CARE ON MALAYSIAN LADIES. Just wanted to better understand Malaysian ladies on Korean skin care products usage. Survey link: http://esurv.org/onl...LKKJLF_1410316a Thank you so much for your time, stay beautiful, fabulous and have a nice day!
  5. Hi there! We are in the midst of recruiting mystery shoppers to conduct evaluations at selected retailers around you!  What is Mystery Shopping?  Mystery Shopping is an evaluation method that is practiced since 1940’s by companies or firms to find out how their products and services are received and thought by their customer. In Mystery Shopping, it involves the Mystery Shopper posing as a customer evaluating products and services provided by the company.  You will be briefed prior to the assignment to ensure that the Mystery Shopping is conducted according to the guidelines that will be provided. Tasks involved: - Visit the designated retailer  - Complete the questionnaire If you are interested, please e-mail the information as listed below to anis@crcg.com.my  1. Name:  2. Gender: 3. Age:  4. Contact Number:  5. E-mail Address:  6. Country of Residence:  7. State/District:  8. Job Title: Alternatively, feel free to visit our website to register as our Mystery Shopper and learn more about our organization !!!  -------------------- ( ( ((Mystery Shopper WANTED)) ) ) RM40 Per Visit !!! 
  6. Hello Malaysian beauty addicts, I'm new here so am not sure whether this has been posted yet.   I need a little bit of expert advice on makeup and skin care brands found in Malaysian pharmacies. I'm especially curious to know what you guys think local brands like Silkygirl, SimplySiti, etc.   My questions are: 1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand, and why? 2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
 (eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, lippys) 3. What are your favorite facial care products? (toner, moisturizer, acne cream, etc.)
 4. Which pharmacy brands do you think deserve more credit/are overhyped and why? Thanks for reading this. Looking forward to your comments!
  7. [color=#333333][font='Pontano Sans', sans-serif][size=3]Everyone indulge a little luxury in life. A designer bag is a luxury statement. What’s your luxury?[/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font='Pontano Sans', sans-serif][size=3]See the what most girls think by completing the survey [/size][/font][/color][url="http://ensurvey.com/surveys/designer-bag-indulgence-survey-august-2012"]http://ensurvey.com/surveys/designer-bag-indulgence-survey-august-2012[/url]
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