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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone... We all face various challenges in our lives internally and external. Most times we can find solutions to the problems but once in a while we look blank at a wall. We talk to our family, friends or relatives but sometimes we want someone outside the circle, a professional to discuss on issues for help. May it be personal, work or business related, you can find assistance to overcome your problems. If you know someone who might be looking for professional help please pass this message to them. "A positive mind influences others to have positive outcome too". Have a good day!
  2. Happy Day!!!   I decided to write this up to share about my personal experience along with my dear friend. Her husband and her signed up a package with DeParis Bridal House at Jln Loke Yew, KL.   Now, of course in a package, they would cover your wedding dress for your wedding day and also your night dress for your dinner. We went over to choose the perfect wedding dress for my dear friend. We chose a beautiful wedding dress (which is very rare and by luck they have it) for the morning and also a bluish black dress for the dinner. Well, after choosing the staff would then record it down in their card to indicate the booking of the dresses.   A couple of months later when she is supposed to collect her wedding dress and night dress, the NIGHTMARE of any bride to be happens. It was scheduled for us to pick up the dress 2 days before her wedding day. I was engaged in a meeting that day and i did not go to the bridal shop with them. Half way through my meeting, i received a call from her telling me that De Paris has given her a different white dress than what she has choosen. My friend even sent me a picture via wassaps and i could confirm that the dress given to her wasn't the one we have chosen together.   My friend was almost in tears, as her friend and wedding planner, i quickly finished up my meeting and rush down to the bridal house. When i reached DeParis at Jalan Loke Yew, KL, my friend was already almost in tears as she is off course upset that the dress delivered wasn't the one that she wanted.   I asked the lady to find back the dress and rudely she told us you can look around yourself. We looked and realized that the dress we initially chosen wasn't there! And when we told them about the dress that we are looking for, they told us, they do not have such dress. And they keep insisting that the wrong dress is the dress that we have chosen and we have signed on it.   Well our mistake was not double checking the serial number of the dress matches. However, in this situation it is all about resolving the issue at hand. Now A Bridal's house business is about creating beautiful wedding experiences for couples and also ensure that the bride and groom are happy as it is their SUPER BIG DAY!   To my shocking surprise, the staffs keep mentioning RUDELY that we all want to solve your problem, so you "CHOOSE FROM HERE LAH". After trying out a couple of new gowns, nothing really flaters my friend well and most of their other dresses are old and unkept. When i asked the lady for an upgrade she scolded me in return.   My dear friend is already in tear and sitting there unsure what to do. The staff and the management of DeParis dont even care. And they keep insisting that we are at fault. Never in my life have i seen or experience a bridal house not care about the beauty of the wedding. Never in my darkest nightmare have i seen a bridal house made a bride cry tears of sadness right before their big day.   They keep saying that they want to resolve the problem but all they do is asked her to take one of the old, rusty and unkept wedding dresses.   My experience is their dresses are mostly horribly unkept, the staffs are rude, the management are ignorant. What i get is that they don't care if your BIG DAY IS RUIN. They dont care about making sure your wedding experience is wonderful. They are just simply out there to con you, get your money and under deliver everything. Please do read up on other complaints in forums about DeParis at Jalan Loke Yew, KL.   We ended up having to go to another bridal house in SS2 which is Lasposa to rent another dress for the wedding. In Lasposa they are such darlings. Their gowns are beautiful and they supported us in making sure we have the most ideal dress. Best of all, understanding our sitution, they gave us a great discount for the dress. :)   I would advocate NEVER NEVER EVER GO TO DE PARIS at Jalan Loke Yew! AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORDS. However if you want to experience you crying right before your wedding and your bride crying, i have nothing else to say. All i can say is GOOD LUCK TO YOU! :)    
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