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Found 6 results

  1. Hi sweet babes! I'm a tarot reader based in Puchong, Selangor and I offer love readings for folks looking for clarity and guidance for their romantic connections. Find out about your soulmate in separation or your twinflames (if you believe in these), your current relationship, and basically all things romantic. I also offer online readings for those outside the KL/Selangor area. How it works? You can ask as many questions as you like (within your alloted time) or just enjoy a general love reading with tarot and oracle cards for guidance. Your reading, depending on which type you choose, can take from 45 to 90 minutes per session. PLEASE NOTE that I only read for relationships and love connections, but I can recommend other wonderful readers to help you with general readings, or career/business advice, etc. Send me an email to book or enquire further : astralovetarot@gmail.com. Thanks Love and light, Astra
  2. Hi babes, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, as I'm new to this --- but I am a tarot reader and I provide readings to help with clarity on anything related to love and romance. I do readings in-person (based in Puchong) and online. Let me know if you or someone you know would like a reading. Can email me directly at astralovetarot@gmail.com Thanks! Love and light, Astra
  3. Hi everyone, I need help. I'm 28 and I'm in a long distance relationship. He's away for 3 months and he's back again for one month. I love him, we've been nearly 2 years together. Our only problem is that we never really made love. Both of us want it, but I'm a virgin. Having never done it, I have this constant fear that it's painful. And it doesn't help reading about it online where some girls say that it hurts a lot, even my close friends. We've tried everything. But every time we try, i tense up and pain flashes on my mind. I panic and we stop. And we only have one month to try and when it fails, we have to wait out the next 3 months. The frustration is real and sometimes I feel he expects from me (although he never says it). I've read that vaginal dilators seem to help. But they seem to be the same as using my own fingers. (I can't even put my own finger in) Does anyone know where to get dilators? I've searched online. And only one company in Malaysia sells it. Ben Way, and its easily RM 300 plus. If anyone has /had the same issue, I would love to hear your experience and how you overcame it.
  4. Hi everyone... We all face various challenges in our lives internally and external. Most times we can find solutions to the problems but once in a while we look blank at a wall. We talk to our family, friends or relatives but sometimes we want someone outside the circle, a professional to discuss on issues for help. May it be personal, work or business related, you can find assistance to overcome your problems. If you know someone who might be looking for professional help please pass this message to them. "A positive mind influences others to have positive outcome too". Have a good day!
  5. Hi All, My name is Mehdi. I am a young marketing graduate living in KL and I am passionate about digital and technology. During these last months, I have been surprised by the lack of mobile apps built for muslims here or anywhere. This community has specific needs as any other community especially when it comes to improving everyday's life, meeting new people etc... With 2 colleagues, we decided to take up this challenge and develop a dating app for muslims. Today, we would like to have some insights about this project from this amazing malaysian babes community :) We really think that it can be relevant to Muslims in Malaysia! What do you think about the idea ? We would be extremely thankfull if you can take 1 MINUTE to answer this quick survey and share it. Help us to build the best app ever made for muslims. THANK YOU !! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dYEAAHAuefmOgaxfwca1UMP3Go0JMr7QCFI2TX14fmw/viewform Cheers, Mehdi
  6. As a girl just graduated from university,I don’t have to much savings,so I can’t afford expensive clothes,I prefer to buy clothes online,there are all kinds of clothes there,and I can have them at a low price,such as this one that I bought , [url="http://www.wholesale-orders.com/goods.php?id=34478"]http://www.wholesale-orders.com/goods.php?id=34478[/url], I like this dress so much, but this makes my mom annoyed,she said I am not wearing decent,and I should buy some high-priced clothes,however,I want to be independent from my parents,I think I can live on myself,and I like shopping online,does buy luxurious clothes really matter ??? In my opinion,fashion is not about prices,I can wear decent and fashionable with the clothes I bought online. But I have no idea how to convince her. do you have any good ideas????
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