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Found 13 results

  1. A lot of mothers told me that it is tough and suffered during pregnancy journey. However, you will feel it is worth when you saw your baby first smile. I trying to conceive and I wish to know more about the challenges that all newborn moms faced. I will loved and appreciate the input from moms. Sharing the experience : https://forms.gle/9LQpaUfLzAT9q1Yg8
  2. In this thread we're regularly making post, regarding fertility tips and infertility treatments. New hope for women !! Many women across the globe consider fertility problems as just a way of life. Global reports suggest that a little more than 10% of women who are in the age group between 15-44 fail to become pregnant or have problems with secondary pregnancy. Urban life style means more women delay or wait longer to become mothers and this is not being of great help too. Reports also suggest that the age at which women are planning to have babies is consistently on the rise. Career prospects have become a major reason for doing so. Though there is a considerable percentage of women who become pregnant even in their forties it is gradually becoming more difficult. With lack of proper knowledge about fertility care, treatment and cost women feel they have very little options.Now a new research has discovered with evidence that ovaries can actually grow new eggs. Till now it was understood that the number of eggs a woman has, is the one she is born with and will be the number she will always have. But new studies prove that this isn’t the case. This is very exciting news for the medical fraternity, and to women as well who have fertility problems. This is also good news for women who are passing through menopause or are beyond menopause.This accidental discovery was done when cancer patients were given a chemotherapy drug and it was later discovered that women had a huge density of eggs than the other women of the same age. The side effect of the drug surprised the researchers. It was also found that the eggs in the women were a lot younger too. The eggs were more prepubescent than the adult eggs.Though the research has been path breaking this does not mean that women can take that drug to achieve greater fertility. This is still a research in infancy and a more detailed research would be conducted to see how viable the drug is in treating fertility issues.
  3. Hello guys,I am Lorine Niedecker from US and live in Malaysia with my husband. I am expecting my first child and 15 weeks pregnant but really i am suffering from body pain, fever, headache, specially body pain for whole day. I have asked my doctor many times and she tell me about some exercise But am unable to do that exercise because of pain. So,i just want some homely ideas or suggestions about any websites or any articles that provide relevant knowledge about pregnancy. Thanks in advance.
  4. I am Dr. Grainne Kirwan (female), a chartered psychologist (British Psychological Society) and an Associate Professor in HELP University Kuala Lumpur Department of Psychology. I am conducting research on how people seek support and information during fertility treatments and pregnancy, and I would like to meet and interview women (and their partners, if available) who have experienced one or more of the following: · Pregnancy · Fertility treatments of any kind · Problems conceiving · Miscarriage · Ectopic pregnancy I am conducting interviews from now until 11th August 2015. Ideally interviews will take place in my department office (Wisma HELP, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights), but alternative venues can be arranged if preferred by the interviewee. Interviewees will also be asked to complete some psychological questionnaires. The entire process should take less than two hours. All information collected during the process will be anonymized and confidential. Interviewees will have travel costs from within the greater Kuala Lumpur area reimbursed, and a RM 100 donation will be made to each interviewee’s chosen charity as a token of gratitude for your time. If you are interested in participating, please contact me: · Email – grainne.kirwan@help.edu.my · Mobile (call, SMS or Whatsapp) – 011 3357 2153 My thanks to the Malaysianbabes admin team who approved the posting of this request! Grainne
  5. Dear mummies, A friend is trying to sell maternity tops/shirts online and I thought I post the information here. Do contact him if you are interested to buy. Here are the links for his products: http://www.lelong.com.my/blue-funny-peek-boo-maternity-shirt-fashion365-156830966-2015-01-Sale-P.htm http://www.lelong.com.my/black-funny-peek-boo-maternity-shirt-fashion365-156830747-2015-01-Sale-P.htm http://www.lelong.com.my/pink-funny-peek-boo-maternity-shirt-fashion365-156830967-2015-01-Sale-P.htm   Please note I do not get any commission for this. Just helping a friend out. Thanks!  
  6. Me and my husband have been ttc for over 2 year.... its putting quite the dark cloud over our lives and stress in our marriage.  I am currently not interested in fertility treatments. But looking for natural ways to increase chances of fertility.. Any advice for me? We haven't really tried anything yet.   
  7. 梦不到你,我的世界是黑白的     [ Weddings ] [ Portraits ] [ Maternity ] [ Studio ] [ Pre-weddings ]   Contact us at: E-mail: info@kevinho-photography.com HP: +65-91686682 (SG) or +6012-6268304 (MY)   Official website: www.kevinho-photography.com  Facebook page: Kevin Ho Photography | Facebook Photoblog: kevinho photoblog | "Our hardwork & dedication, your precious moments"  
  8. hi all pretty mummies what milk powder brand you drink during pregnancy? can share with me here?
  9. Dear all,      Baddogz Studio is a Multiple Award winning photography studio.They are very experiences on capturing the prettiest of a pregnant lady.They are now having their Year End Promotions!!Only for limited people. Grab it now before the deal is over!!!   ps: you can check out thier website by the following link.    http://www.baddogzstudio.com   or facebook    https://www.facebook.com/Baddogz.JiN   Mier xoxo       
  10. hi i'm 22 and still studying. i am wishing to find a family to adopt my baby since me and my partner thought our life currently are not stable enough for us to raise our unborn baby and we believe there are someone out there that might be better in taking care of our baby. i have listed following requirement to avoid any fraud or any trick involving my baby where; -legally married couple in Malaysia -good relationship between husband and wife -ready to be a mother or father -financially stable -willing to take care of my baby as their own [color=#000000][font=arial, verdana, sans-serif][size=3][size=4][size=3][background=rgb(240, 243, 247)]Please send me an email including the following basic data if you are satisfied from the above listed fulfillment and keen to adopt my coming baby. -race and age -how long of your marriage -reason to opt for the baby adoption -occupation of both husband and wife -education background -who will be in charge to take care of the baby -contact method : email address or mobile no. -I will only contact to which who has fulfilled the condition stated above -refuse to any monetary issue involving ( i am not selling my baby) -my e mail address: littleofus200212@gmail.com[/background][/size][/size][/size][/font][/color] p/s: as me and my partner are both christians we both opt more for christian couple that interested in adopting our baby.
  11. Dear Ladies, It's been a wonderful 10months journey to welcome a new member to the family. While full concerntration is on the baby to provide the best nutritions, care and love. It's time for your to have some of it now. The next step of post pregnancy would be losing the extra fats that was beared during pregnancy and to fit back into your clothings in a healthy way. No diet, no eating plan, no starving, no slimming pill, no Duromine, no hot/cold wraps, no slimming tea, no urge to purge, no stomach discomfort, no suffering, no need to drive out and look for a parking. Just DO YOU YOUR WAY at your own comfort. I'm here to suggest a weight management program to help you lose body fats and gain muscles at the same time. This program consist of supplments made from all natural ingredients which works effectively with your body. You may eat what you want MODERATELY. 1 package = 3 months program that sees instant results. Once completed program, you will lose those body fats, Visceral fats and increase in muscles which will help to increase metabolic rate. Hence, there will NOT be any rebound after this program. Reply to this post with you email address or PM me, and I will contact you to provide more details and also show you the results of ACTUAL user of the program. Most importantly, please allow me to help you gain back the self-confidence and work with me to achieve even better results! Love to help, Char.mj
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