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Found 5 results

  1. 1. Khidmat Mencari Jodoh 1 Malaysia >> www.CariJodohClub.blogspot.my Adakah anda masih mencari-cari calon jodoh anda? malu untuk mencari pasangan idaman secara terbuka? Cari Jodoh Club (CJC) adalah medium untuk anda meletakkan iklan mencari jodoh, dan berkenalan dengan ahli-ahli Kelab yang juga sedang mencari Jodoh. 2. Khidmat buat Resume / CV (English / BM) >> http://www.Mudah2u.Co.Vu : Jangan ambil risiko menghantar Resume yang entah apa-apa, nak kerja? - tunjukkan anda Profesional, kadang kala hanya dengan berbekalkan CV yang baik boleh membuka peluang yang cukup luas! Perkhidmatan ini terbuka ke seluruh Malaysia : Johor, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, N. Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor, Terenganu, Pulau Pinang, Labuan, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya dan Kelantan, cari jodoh online, laman cari jodoh, cari jodoh malaysia, cari jodoh muslim, agensi cari jodoh, janda cari jodoh, petua cari jodoh, cari jodoh islam, ruangan cari jodoh, doa cari jodoh, kelab cari jodoh, cari jodoh janda, portal cari jodoh, cari jodoh muslimah, ejen cari jodoh, web cari jodoh, cari jodoh wanita, cari jodoh kristen, mencari jodoh, jodoh, wali cari jodoh, janda kaya cari jodoh, tips cari jodoh, cari teman, wanita cari jodoh, mencari cinta, cari kenalan, pantun cari jodoh, cari jodoh muslim online, mencari janda, cari jodoh india, cara cari jodoh, cari jodoh indonesia, website cari jodoh, chat cari jodoh, mencari kenalan, cari pasangan, cari janda, cari teman wanita, mencari teman wanita, carijodoh, mencari jodoh janda, lirik cari jodoh, jodoh online, mencari teman hidup, cari jodoh 2013, duda cari jodoh, mencari cinta sejati, cari jodoh facebook, 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bergambar cara buat resume bahasa inggris cara buat resume biasiswa buat resume.blogspot.com buat resume di jobstreet.com cara buat cover resume cara buat resume cara buat resume mohon kerja cara buat resume ringkas cara buat resume terbaik cara buat resume lengkap cara buat resume online buat resume di jobstreet buat resume di jobsdb cara buat resume dalam bahasa melayu cara buat resume dalam bahasa inggris cara buat resume dengan betul cara buat resume dalam telepon cara buat resume diri cara buat resume dan cover letter cara buat resume dalam english cara buat resume english cara buat resume email cara buat resume melalui email cara buat resume guna email cara buat resume untuk email cara buat resume di email cara nak buat resume format cara buat format resume format buat resume buat resume guna powerpoint buat resume guna handphone buat resume guna excel buat resume guna phone buat resume guna photoshop cara buat resume guna microsoft word cara buat resume hotel cara buat resume 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cari kerja guna agensi cari kerja guna agensi pekerjaan cari kerja melalui agensi pekerjaan
  2. Hi babes, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, as I'm new to this --- but I am a tarot reader and I provide readings to help with clarity on anything related to love and romance. I do readings in-person (based in Puchong) and online. Let me know if you or someone you know would like a reading. Can email me directly at astralovetarot@gmail.com Thanks! Love and light, Astra
  3. Hi All, My name is Mehdi. I am a young marketing graduate living in KL and I am passionate about digital and technology. During these last months, I have been surprised by the lack of mobile apps built for muslims here or anywhere. This community has specific needs as any other community especially when it comes to improving everyday's life, meeting new people etc... With 2 colleagues, we decided to take up this challenge and develop a dating app for muslims. Today, we would like to have some insights about this project from this amazing malaysian babes community :) We really think that it can be relevant to Muslims in Malaysia! What do you think about the idea ? We would be extremely thankfull if you can take 1 MINUTE to answer this quick survey and share it. Help us to build the best app ever made for muslims. THANK YOU !! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dYEAAHAuefmOgaxfwca1UMP3Go0JMr7QCFI2TX14fmw/viewform Cheers, Mehdi
  4. Special Selected Bridal Package- Great Deals on Ampoules & Essence perfectly packed for your preparations on your BIG BIG DAY! At a very very affordable price   Hi Girls!!!   Check out this Bridal Package for all bride to be's out there.... Being charge crazily by bridal shops on ampoules, at least RM40 per veil??   I would like to share my happiness with all brides out there, the ampoule that I am using is La Belle Paris Ampoules! & if you would put your trust on me and give these products a try, I guarantee you will love it to the max!   For RM120.00, I am selling these self-customized/ selected best La Belle Ampoules + Facial Essentials package below for your big day! It comes in a set and set perfectly for normal/ dry skin! 1 box of perfectly selected ampoules (10 veils in a box)           -  5 veils of Collagen Repair Ampoules (To use 3 months before your Photo-shoot)           -  5 veils of Fair Make Up Ampoules (To use during your Photo-shoot) 2 veils of Vitamin C Plus Ampoules (keeps your skin healthy and radiant, To use after the Photo-shoot) 2 veils of Acnex “or” Sooth Hydrating Ampoules (For the Bridegroom aka your hubby!)          -  Acnex works great for the bridegroom who has pimples or acnes, it will also purify his skin before putting on the foundation...my husband uses this for the photo shoot. For normal skin Groom, Sooth Hydrating works best!) 2 pcs of selected Face Mask Sheet (For the bride and groom to pamper themselves after a tiring Actual Day & Dinner!) 2 Refill bottle for unfinished ampoules (if you did not finish it, keep it in the bottle for later use :) One mystery gift for the bride coz its her big day! She so deserve all the good things :)   YES!! All the above for only RM 120.00 only!!   PLUS.....That's not all...   If you add in another RM 25, I would include 2 bottles of La Belle Paris Gold Essence (This essence is a little pricy per bottle as it contains gold leaf, all the goodness and new improved formula for your healthy skin!! With benefits as per below;               -          Slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin.             -          Assists to protect against pollution effects & damaging UV rays             -          Gold leaf help speeds up cellular process             -          To regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and reduce fine line & wrinkle             -          Can also use to apply under eye area to reduce fine lines & firm up eye area     All La Belle Ampoules & Essence are expired in year 2015 so no worries on the expiry date :)   To order the above...just follow these simple steps :)   1. Please email me at ch3ryl19@gmail.com if anyone is interested stating how many of above package that you wanted   2. Let me know your husband’s skin condition to determine the type of ampoule to be used by him.   3. Also to let me know if you wanted to add 2 bottles of the La Belle Gold Essence where you need to add another RM 25.   4. I will reply your email in within a day for your order confirmation and the total amount you need to pay. Also, I will include my bank details together with the email confirmation.   5. Your parcel will be sent out by Pos Laju Courier at a flat rate of RM 7.00 (West Malaysia), For East Malaysia, It will be charged at RM 10.00 flat rate. For orders above RM 150, courier charges will be waived :)   6. If any gorgeous worried that I might be a fake seller, please contact me for COD where we can meet up for COD ...I am only available at Klang Valley preferable nearby at Mid Valley Megamall as I am heavily pregnant right now, so sorry :(   Thank you for your support!!   XOXO Cherylc Visit my blog at sweetampoules.blogspot.com for more information and other more choices!
  5. KL Wedding Music Live Band & Entertainment Looking for the right entertainment company on your event? The Muse Entertainment would be your choice! We entertain your guests. Bring life to your party. Make every event memorable. A company whose forte is in corporate and wedding entertainment. Providing everything from: Live Band Performances Emcees & Deejays Sound & Lighting Systems Special Talent Performance : Magic Shows, Comedy Sketches, Mask Changing, Dance Routines, Chinese Orchestra, Muhibbah Performance, Percussion Performance, Drum Performance, etc. Let us Customize, Personalize & make Remarkable on your event! For further enquiries, kindly contact: MS.JENNY at +6012-3328958 or email us at [email="jenny.themuseent@gmail.com"]jenny.themuseent@gmail.com[/email] The Muse Entertainment (001869380-W) UCSI University, KL Campus (North Wing), Block J Floor 3, Jalan Choo Lip Kung, Taman Taynton View, Cheras, 56000 K.L, W.P, Ms'ia email: [email="jenny.themuseent@gmail.com"]jenny.themuseent@gmail.com[/email] or visit our Website - [url="http://www.themuseent.com"]http://www.themuseent.com[/url] Facebook - [url="http://www.facebook.com/themuseent"]http://www.facebook.com/themuseent[/url] Youtube - [url="http://www.youtube.com/user/themuseent"]http://www.youtube.com/user/themuseent[/url]
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