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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm an American living in KL and I was wondering if there was any place around the city I could sell my clothes in person and not online. I've been looking for a while. Back in America, I used to sell my clothes or donate them to goodwill. What ever I couldn't sell, I would donate.
  2. Hello Ladies!The Kenzo x H&M collection will be launched worldwide soon! i'm not sure about the buyers reception with luxury collaborations in Malaysia (with H&M collaborating with so many of them) , but is anyone getting in line to buy some of the pieces that will be available for grabs on the 3rd November? This is my first time joining the line ( if there's any, i really have no idea how the turn out will be), but i'll be there to shop and if any of you girls wants an item i'm more than happy to be your personal shopper for the day ( since i'll be there anyway). So let me know if any of you gals would like some help in getting any of these items! Here are some of the items that are in the collection: Prices stated are currently in USD, couldn't find any MYR price yet but hopefully it'll give you a slight gauge on how much it'll be.. The links below are for the lookbook and prices for each piece. It's a very colorful collection and they certainly do not shy away from loud colors and print.
  3. Hiring !!! Admin officer (permanent) Working location : Jalan Raja Chulan, KL Qualification : 1) At least diploma/ degree , 2) mandarin speaker, 3) available immediately, 4) fresh graduate, none experience are welcome . Working Hour: Normal working hour (Mon-Fri, 8.40 a.m.-6 p.m.) Salary package: diploma holder: RM 1,700 degree holder : RM 2,056 Salary increment up to RM 200 after 3 months’ probation period job scope: provide admin support, documentation, data entry For interested candidate , kindly email your resume to askjbi3@gmail.com or directly contact 016-3368625 (Leon) or pm
  4. Item(s):1 x Deluxe Suite For Sale in Fahrenheit Suites, Bukit Bintang. Not Required.  Package includes:3 Nights - 06 to 09 January 2015 Price:RM 1,100 Warranty:N/A Dealing method:Can transfer Booking.com voucher Location: My current location is KK, Sabah Contact method/details:+601173261164 --- Item(s) conditions:N/A Picture: N/A Reason for sale:Not needed anymore and cannot cancel booking
  5. Small room for rent in Arena Green, AVAILABLE NOW (JANUARY)in  Bukit Jalil (Near APU college/infront of bukit stadium)   - Preferred girls - Walking distance to BukitJalil LRT - 7/11 and shops and cafe's downstairs of condo - clean and friendly housemates(girls)   Please call 0173921341 for more details or to view the room.   Thanks :)
  6. anyone know where i can find the braun brand for epilators? and could you roughly tell me how much it would cost?
  7. [u][b]Notes & Updates:[/b][/u] Dear valued customer, I run this business as part time at the moment. I can't made all delivery as demand, kindly scroll down to bottom of this thread to view my delivery hotspot area & schedule time for delivery to your doorsteps. All delivery will be made my myself to ensure meat quality & service to the best. All comments/feedback are welcome to improve my service quality are much appreciate. More Product info kindly visit our blog: [url=http://jayabbq.blogspot.com/]http://jayabbq.blogspot.com/[/url] For updates in Facebook, kindly add our Fan Page: [url=https://www.facebook.com/jayabbq]https://www.facebook.com/jayabbq[/url] -31/10/12 Mix grill menu added. -19/10/12 Picture accidentally deleted from blog cause blank image link, will correct it later. -10/09/12 Picture, blog & Facebook group had been updated. -09/09/12 Further updates with picture & more info will be made within few more days. Kindly stay tuned! [img]https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/250730_10151087028283533_1024257264_n.jpg[/img] [color=red]Red ID:[/color] [i]Item can mix to get discounted price for purchasing 3 or 5 pack above.[/i] [b][color=purple][u]A. Marinated & Ready BBQ Menu[/u][/color][/b] [color=red]A1.[/color] Chicken Chop (5 pcs/pack, 230 – 250gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM28.60/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM26.60/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM24.60/pack [color=red]A2.[/color] BBQ Chicken Wing (15 pcs/pack, 90 - 120gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM29.30/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM27.30/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM25.30/pack [color=red]A3.[/color] Buffalo Chicken Wing (10 set/pack , 90 - 120gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM53.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM51.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM49.00/pack [color=red]A4.[/color] Lamb Chop (5 set/pack, 220 - 240gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM44.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM42.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM40.00/pack [color=red]A5.[/color] Lamb Leg (5 set/pack, 180 - 200gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM68.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM66.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM64.00/pack [color=red]A6.[/color] Sirloin Steak (5 pcs/pack, 170 - 180gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM46.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM44.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM42.00/pack [color=red]A7.[/color] Rib Eye Steak (5 pcs/pack, 170 - 180gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM50.60/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM48.60/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM46.60/pack [color=red]A8.[/color] T-Bone Steak (5 pcs/pack, 230 - 250gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM98.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM96.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM94.00/pack [color=red]A9.[/color] Grilled Butter Fish (10 pcs/pack, 170 - 180gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM101.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM99.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM97.00/pack [color=red]A10.[/color] Grilled Dory Fish (10 pcs/pack, 170 - 180gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM62.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM60.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM58.00/pack [color=red]A11.[/color] Grilled Salmon Steak (10 pcs/pack, 170 - 180gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM101.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM99.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM97.00/pack [color=red]A12.[/color] Quail Bird / Pigeon (10 pcs/pack, 150 - 160gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM48.20/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM46.20/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM44.20/pack [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-uSVxFfu4ETU/UIFriy-CL6I/AAAAAAAAHoM/IkiQBs8jDuo/s400/mix.jpg[/img] [b][color=purple][u]MX. Marinated Mix Grill Series[/u][/color][/b] [i]*Mix grill portion are smaller.[/i] [color=red]MX1.[/color] Chicken & Lamb (5 set/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM51.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM48.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM46.00/pack [color=red]MX2.[/color] Chicken, Lamb & Steak (5 set/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM54.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM51.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM49.00/pack [color=red]MX3.[/color] Chicken, Lamb & Salmon (5 set/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM56.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM53.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM51.00/pack [color=red]MX4.[/color] Chicken & Steak (5 set/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM51.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM48.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM46.00/pack [color=red]MX5.[/color] Chicken & Salmon (5 set/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM54.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM51.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM49.00/pack [color=red]MX6.[/color] Lamb & Steak (5 set/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM57.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM54.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM52.00/pack [color=red]MX7.[/color] Steak & Breaded fish (5 set/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM57.00/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM54.00/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM52.00/pack [b][color=purple][u]B. Fried & Others Menu[/u][/color][/b] [color=red]B1.[/color] Chicken Maryland / Breaded (5 pcs/pack, 240 - 260gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM29.50/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM27.50/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM25.50/pack [color=red]B2.[/color] Fish & Chips / Breaded Fish (9 pcs/pack, 100 - 110gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM36.20/pack [i]Buy 3 pack & above price:[/i] RM34.20/pack [i]Buy 5 pack & above price:[/i] RM32.20/pack B3. Mozzarella Cheese (4 pcs/pack, 20gm weight/pcs) [b]Price:[/b] RM9.80/pack [color=red]B4.[/color] Cheese Roll (7 pcs/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM25.20/pack B5. Onion Ring (900 gm/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM16.20/pack [color=red]B6.[/color] Fries (6 pack/ctn, 12kg/ctn) [b]Price:[/b] RM77.60/ctn B7. Chicken Sausage (10 pcs/pack, 350gm/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM5.90/pack [color=red]B8.[/color] Chicken Ham (3 pack/set) [b]Price:[/b] RM24.80/set [b][color=purple][u]C. Spaghetti Item Menu[/u][/color][/b] [color=red]C1.[/color] Spaghetti (1 pack/500gm) [b]Price:[/b] RM5.80/pack [color=red]C2.[/color] Chicken Spaghetti Sauce (1 pack/1.6kg weight/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM35.00/pack [color=red]C3.[/color] Beef Spaghetti Sauce (1 pack/1.6kg weight/pack) [b]Price:[/b] RM35.00/pack [b][color=purple][u]D. Sauce Menu[/u][/color][/b] D1. Black Pepper / Creamy Brown / Mushroom / Thai / Plum Sauce (60gm weight/sachet) [b]Price:[/b] RM1.00/sachet [color=red]D2.[/color] Mayonnaise (1 pack/3.5litre) [b]Price:[/b] RM28.50/pack [color=red]D3.[/color] Tartar Sauce (1 tub/3litre) [b]Price:[/b] RM42.00/tub [b]*Quantity for business usage are welcome to inquiry for dealer price.*[/b] [b][u]Food references[/u][/b] [b]Food Status:[/b] [color=blue]Frozen[/color] (To seal freshness & meat texture from fresh meat) [color=green]& Halal with Certificate from factory.[/color] [b]Food Origin:[/b] From a legal frozen food factory company with halal certification, this company business nature only supplying their product to restaurant. [b]Safe Thawing:[/b] Never thaw foods in a garage, basement, car, dishwasher or plastic garbage bag; out on the kitchen counter, outdoors or on the porch. These methods can leave your foods unsafe to eat.
  8. KL Wedding Music Live Band & Entertainment Looking for the right entertainment company on your event? The Muse Entertainment would be your choice! We entertain your guests. Bring life to your party. Make every event memorable. A company whose forte is in corporate and wedding entertainment. Providing everything from: Live Band Performances Emcees & Deejays Sound & Lighting Systems Special Talent Performance : Magic Shows, Comedy Sketches, Mask Changing, Dance Routines, Chinese Orchestra, Muhibbah Performance, Percussion Performance, Drum Performance, etc. Let us Customize, Personalize & make Remarkable on your event! For further enquiries, kindly contact: MS.JENNY at +6012-3328958 or email us at [email="jenny.themuseent@gmail.com"]jenny.themuseent@gmail.com[/email] The Muse Entertainment (001869380-W) UCSI University, KL Campus (North Wing), Block J Floor 3, Jalan Choo Lip Kung, Taman Taynton View, Cheras, 56000 K.L, W.P, Ms'ia email: [email="jenny.themuseent@gmail.com"]jenny.themuseent@gmail.com[/email] or visit our Website - [url="http://www.themuseent.com"]http://www.themuseent.com[/url] Facebook - [url="http://www.facebook.com/themuseent"]http://www.facebook.com/themuseent[/url] Youtube - [url="http://www.youtube.com/user/themuseent"]http://www.youtube.com/user/themuseent[/url]
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