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Found 9 results

  1. Working from home has become the latest trend and we are talking globally here. Every day, more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home at least once or twice a week. And even more companies are looking to outsource, looking for employees who can work from home and, sometimes, from a different country. We can see these “work from home” job offers increasing every single day on the different job boards and people are really starting to get into this new groove because, let’s face it, staying at home has to be better than going to the office every day. However, this is not true for everyone. Working from home has its pros and cons, but, in the end, it depends on each person. Let’s begin listing some of the pros: no commuting, that alone should convince you to stay home, no traffic, no public transportation, no people on top of you during rush hour, just bliss while you walk from your room to the office space; flexibility of hours and in managing that time, most of these jobs do not necessarily have a rigid schedule you need to follow, so you are able to manage your own time, especially if you are a freelancer; less stress, since most people working from home are their own bosses, or their bosses are nowhere near them, stress can be reduced to a minimum; less distractions hence more productivity, no useless meetings, no coworkers telling you about their 13 cats or children, no running around the whole office looking for a photocopier that actually works, no wasting time with small talk, just you and your family; more family time, since you are already at home, there is a really good chance you can spend more time with your family, or your dogs, while working from home, you just need to be organized and know how to manage your time in a productive way. Even though you are now probably ready to pack up your desk and go home, you need to know that working from home also has its disadvantages: isolation, even though some people prefer being alone, others would rather have some company during the day, but if you have a family, this is not really a problem; distractions, we might have more distractions in an office, but that does not mean there aren't any at home, browsing social media becomes your biggest enemy while working from home; separating work from home, this is probably one of the worst disadvantages of working from home, you need to be able to organize your day in a way you get to spend enough time working and enough time with your family or friends, try to have a separate space for working, do not stay in your bedroom, find a good nook in the house to do so; working endlessly, since you have no one controlling your hours but yourself, you might feel the need to work at all times, that is why you need to be very organized with your time and prioritizing your responsibilities. Now you are ready to consider your options and decide whether you are a good candidate to work from home or not. Welcome to the future! Your job search starts here: United Arab Emirates | Argentina | Austria | Australia | Belgium | Bahrain | Brazil | Canada | Switzerland | Chile | Colombia | Costa Rica | Czech Republic | Germany | Ecuador | Egypt | Spain | France | UK | Greece | Hong Kong | Hungary | Indonesia | Ireland | India | Italy | Japan | South Korea | Kuwait | Kazakhstan | Luxembourg | Morocco | Mexico | Malaysia | Nigeria | Netherlands | Norway | New Zealand | Oman | Panama | Peru | Poland | Portugal | Qatar | Romania | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Sweden | Singapore | Turkey | Taiwan | Ukraine | USA | Uruguay | Venezuela | Vietnam | South Africa Vanessa Fardi / NEUVOO Team Leader US/CA/LATAM
  2. Beauty / Slimming Therapist Available Job Location: Mid Valley, Tropicana City Mall, Sunway Pyramid, One Utama, Sutera Mall JB, Plaza Pelangi JB. Responsibilities: Provide professional skin consultation to customers. Recommend products and packages to customers. Demonstrate excellent customer service in a fast paced environment. Requirements: Service oriented with a positive attitude. Prepared to work retail hours, weekends & Public Holidays. Good complexion, well groomed and has pleasant disposition. Experience in sales / beautician / skin care / cosmetics will be an advantage. Must be conversant in English and Mandarin to liaise with Mandarin speaking associates. Able to start work ASAP. >>Apply here >>Other jobs
  3. jobs

    Now those seeking a job vacancy have another tool. The Canadian company launched its newest version in Malaysia. The Neuvoo that has global knowledge in the field knows to look for a vacancy is one of the most stressful aspects of a candidate. Thus the Neuvoo optimized these job openings that are scattered on the internet so you do not miss out on search time. Therefore several job vacancies from various web-sites and companies are aggregated into a single portal, all to make life much easier candidates. Neuvoo platform is newly arrived in Malaysia and already added more than 50,000 jobs available already and listed on our website from different companies. Neuvoo is basically a Google of free jobs. Now it will not go more than a few minutes instead of hours searching the web for a job opening. Another distinguishing feature of Neuvoo is, in addition to thousands of jobs for you, no paperwork is required to apply, let alone having to pay to view the desired position. You know you're looking for a better job, looking for an internship job in a good company or simply your first job, you can find here: Neuvoo Malaysia Do not spend more time, days and even weeks looking for a job on the internet. Visit the newness of the job search market in Malaysia and get the job before your competitor. Happy job searching and we wishes good luck to all applicants! Your job search starts here: United Arab Emirates | Argentina | Austria | Australia | Belgium | Bahrain | Brazil | Canada | Switzerland | Chile | Colombia | Costa Rica | Czech Republic | Germany | Ecuador | Egypt | Spain | France | UK | Greece | Hong Kong | Hungary | Indonesia | Ireland | India | Italy | Japan | South Korea | Kuwait | Kazakhstan | Luxembourg | Morocco | Mexico | Malaysia | Nigeria | Netherlands | Norway | New Zealand | Oman | Panama | Peru | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Qatar | Romania | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Sweden | Singapore | Turkey | Taiwan | Ukraine | USA | Uruguay | Venezuela | Vietnam | South Africa
  4. Hi all pretty babes of malaysians,                                                   currently my company is looking for beauticians /slimming therapists as we are having an expansion of our beauty outlets. We are very happy to give the opportunities to those females who are interested in working in the beauty industries in Singapore. All females below 35 years old, prefered Chinese, and willing to work full time and serve 1 year contract may apply. No experience needed as training will be provided. Salary will be at least $1800 and above exculding commission and incentives yet. Working hours will inculde shifts and beauty salon working hours. We are directly from the company itself (BS Groups) and not from any agents so there will be no fees charged but you must be willing to travel down to Singapore (Bukit Merah) for interview. Interested party please leave your comments here we will try our best to reply promptly. Or you may PM me at Wechat (ID - Iamtingbaobeitiffany) or Line (ID - tiffanymaeby)
  5.   Featuring 140 top employers from across a multitude of sectors – many of which are Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers. This fair guarantees the finest choices in the industry for those who seek quality work experience with quality employers.   JobsCentral & Malaysia's 100 Career Fair 2014 Date: 22 - 23 February 2014  Time: 11am - 6pm  Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre  Web: Registration: Careers and Study Fair 2014   ADMISSION IS FREE. Register for express entry!
  6. is a website platform that gathers worldwide beauty professionals from various sectors such as Nail, Hair, Make Up, Facial and Body.  If you are a beauty professional either from Nail / Hair / Make-up / Facial / Body sector, we invite you to join us as a BEAUPRO!  As a BEAUPRO, you can publish your profiles with equipped skill sets, certs, trophies and work experiences to be searched by your potential employers, for FREE.  You can also publish your art work photos, business promotions, articles, and job vacancies to be shared with worldwide beauty professionals, for FREE too!  During our opening promotion, you can redeem Likes given for your published photo with CASH!  Go to now and sign in with your Facebook account to become a BEAUPRO! Mission The mission of BEAUPROS is to connect the world’s beauty professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful. To achieve our mission, we make services available through our website, to help you and millions of other beauty professionals publish their profiles, their art work, their promotions, their articles and their job vacancies in order for them to collaborate, exchange ideas, learn, make deals, find opportunities or employees, work, and make decisions in a network of trusted relationships and groups.   Description What is Let us explain. BEAUPROS is a short form for BEAUty PROfessionalS! It is a platform that gathers worldwide beauty professionals from various sectors such as Nail, Hair, Make Up, Facial and Body. It allows beauty professionals to sign in with their Facebook accounts in order to publish their profiles equipped with skills, certificates and experiences, as well as their own art work photos, their business promotions, their written or shared articles, and job vacancies offered by them etc. "How do I benefit from publishing my stuffs?" Ask you may. As gathers worldwide Facebook beauty professionals, stuffs that you publish (i.e. your profile, photos, promotions, articles and job vacancies) will not only be seen, but also be liked and shared across Facebook social site. Each published stuff will also be posted to your Facebook timeline and our Facebook page to gain awareness. Furthermore, every skill you added into your profile can be given a Star as an endorsement of your skill. The more Stars given to your skill, the more convinced that you are equipped with that skill! What else? We reward you by Likes you've gained. Wow! For every Like given for your published photo, we will be rewarding you with equivalent CASH! These Likes could be given not only by your friends, but from worldwide Facebook beauty professionals who could have signed in to! These earned Likes can easily be traced from your cash redemption page once you have published a photo. So wait no more, start publishing your photos to collect your Likes from worldwide Facebook beauty professionals! Please visit our Reward Program for more details. Do you have products/services to promote? We can help, for Free! For those of you who wanted to promote your products/services through Facebook, have you ever thought of how nice if you could reach out to the worldwide users instead of just your friends? For now, you can promote your products/services here by publishing them to, for FREE! Check out our BEAUPROS' Guide ( to learn how to publish your photo, promotion, article and job vacancy as well as the rest of the features we have! 是个集合世界各地美容,美发,美甲和美体专业人士的网站。   你可以在这里找到世界各地的专业人士,了解更多外来的知识。你可以发布你的技能,证书,奖状和工作经验等,让在 找人才的老板们联络你。你也可以发布你的作品照,促销活动,文章和工作机会(如果你也是老板之一)到 这个网站,和全球的专业人士分享。   另外你也可以有机会赚钱,发布你的作品照所得到的Likes,一千个 like可以换取 RM10 现金,通过 PayPal 过户给你。 你可以再填上你的技能,你所得的文凭,以及所有的经验。这样其他beaupros 的一分子才可以更加了解你。也让你会有机会增加商业机会。 如果其他人认同你的技能,你会得到一颗星星,得到越多的星星也代表得到越多的肯定。 什么是 让我们来解释。 BEAUPROS是美容专业人士的简写形式! 这是一个专业网站平台,集合世界各地来自不同部门的美容专业人士,如指甲,头发,化妆,脸部美容和美体。 它允许美容专业人士用他们的Facebook账户来登录这个网站,然后发布他们的档案,他们所拥有的技能,证书和经验,以及他们自己的艺术作品的照片,他们的商业促销活动,其写或转载的文章,他们所提供的职位空缺等等。 “发布我的作品,对我有何好处?” 您可能会问。 由于BEAUPROS.com集合全球Facebook的美容专业人士,您发布的资料(即您的个人技能,照片,促销,职位空缺),不但可以被欣赏到,也会被分享到Facebook社交网站。 每个发布的资料也会被张贴到您的Facebook时间轴和我们的Facebook页面以获得更多的Likes。 此外,您所填写的每一个技能,也有机会被给予星星奖章,以认同您确实拥有此技能。越多颗星星,就代表您的技能越被认同! 还有什么呢? 我们奖励您所得到的Likes! 太不可思议了吧! 每一个您发布的照片所得到的Like,我们将奖励您相等的现金! 这些Likes, 不仅可以来自于您的朋友,来自世界各地Facebook的专业人士都可以Like您的照片! 一旦您已经刊登了一张照片,您就可以很容易地查看这些Likes的相等现金 。 所以,别再等待,开始发布您的照片到, 让来自世界各地的美容专业人士Like您的照片吧! 请访问我们的奖励计划网页以获取更多详情和规则。 最后,我们帮您推广您的产品/服务/工作机会等等,完全免费! 对于那些有在Facebook推广产品/服务的您,有没有想过如果您能接触到的,不只是您的朋友,而是世界各地的用户吗? 现在,您可以在BEAUPROS.com发布您的产品/服务/促销/工作机会等等,让全球的美容专业人士知道,而且完全免费! 请参考我们的BEAUPROS指南( ,以了解如何发布您的照片,宣传,文章和职位空缺,以及其他功能. -- Gathers Worldwide Beauty Professionals -- Facebook - Learn More - Pubish Guide - Reward Program -
  7. Hi   We are a pro-active and results oriented agency, with one focus.    When it comes to connecting our job aspirants and our client's requirement, we strive to acquire the perfect fit of candidate and the vacancy available in the shortest time range possible.   For regular update on available jobs, do "like" our Facebook page:-   At the moment, we have quite a large number of jobs available in Malaysia and 1 in Singapore!    Cheers! Kay
  8. CustomWare is hiring! I've been here long enough but the culture within the company never fades. Passionate, energetic team members with a strong team bond. If you wish to work in a unique IT environment, let me know.
  9. I am looking for a candidate who can has experience doing sales, marketing, business development and key account management. Will be handling public sector or healthcare or private sector's accounts. Preferably degree holder but anyone has more than 3 years handling, holding or engaging with those criteria are encourage to apply. If anyone interested, do pm or send ur email address and i will pass the job scope and person to contact for the position. An established company who has been in a IT market for more than 30 years. Salary will be based on experience