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Found 44 results

  1. ekeke..... big sister here can tell the little girls how to wear a bra correctly.. some says it is very important one.. cause it will actually affect the shape in the future and the growth one got pictures better still lar
  2. Hi guys and gals, just to wonder, is there such thing as disposable undies in Malaysia:???: Are they available unisex or for guys and girls different:???: Anybody tried before???
  3. Fabrics Microfibre - The latest material in use. Soft, comfortable, breathable and unlikely to cause skin irritations 'even to those who are faithful fans of cotton underwear', says Ms Lim. Feels like a second skin. Cotton - A natural fibre that is breathable and comfortable to wear. Disadvantage is that it tends to look plain and boring, although some cotton underwear today are embroidered. Lace - Popular for its femininity and decorative effect, but be selective as poor quality lace is rough and irritates the skin. Most local women aren't keen on sheer lace bras because they're too see-through. If you buy one, make sure it is made of good quality, fine lace. Alternatively, use a bra with lace on the outside and cotton on the inside. Also, lace bras must fit absolutely well, or they'll look sad and crumply. Lace is very feminine, so it's okay for it to be seen through the fabric of your clothes, though it should be avoided in figure-hugging tops. Silk - A good material for lingerie, but has to be pressed properly or it will look 'really awful, tacky, like a drowned rat', says Ms Lim. It needs proper maintenance and doesn't last very long. Satin - A mixture of silk and synthetic fibres, it's a good alternative to silk and does not need ironing. Breathable, though not as much as cotton. Which goes with what? Full cup bras - They cover the breasts completely and are more suitable for the well-endowed as they give better lift and support. Also, a full bosom is necessary to fill the cups so the design shows up nicely. Smooth, moulded bras - Being smooth and seamless, these are best for T-shirts, lycra tops and other figure-hugging apparel. Will prevent you from looking flat-chested and give a nice silhouette. Balconette bras - The cups in these bras are cut more or less horizontally, thereby halving them, with straps that are wide apart. They lift the bosom forward to create a more flattering shape. Those with scalloped embroidery or lace trim are especially good for clothes with straight, square or wide necklines - they're pretty when exposed. Also good for a slightly sexy contrast to the masculinity of a crisp shirt. V-neck, plunge or demi bras - Built such that the breasts are pushed inwards, making them the best choice for those who want some cleavage. For extra volume, there are those with push-up options. Bikini bras - Two triangle pieces of fabric cover the breasts, just like bikinis. They look sexy, but there's no support because there are no underwires. Not for those with very big bosoms or very small ones, as you can look flat. Push-up bras - These are bras contain extra padding in the form of silicon, sponge, air or water. JL Lingerie's Ms Lim says silicon is best as it is softer, more comfortable, warms up to your body temperature and moves according to your body shape. Shelf bras - For women who don't really want to wear a bra, but want a good lift. The bra rests under the breasts and pushes them up for a spill-out cleavage, but have no cups and hence, no coverage. Wear at your own risk. Strapless push-up enhancers - These are strapless and backless bras typically made of fabric-covered foam, with underwire and padding to provide support and lift. They are attached to the side of the chest with one-use-only double-sided adhesive tapes. Gives a smooth and shapely front when wearing backless, strapless garments. But you'll have to buy many sets of the adhesive tapes in order to keep using the bra. Self-adhesive silicon bra cups - These are a step-up. They're basically two silicone gel cups with a coat of adhesive on the inside to stick onto the breasts. Have to be washed after every use and kept clean to ensure that the adhesive remains sticky. They don't give great support though, and must be worn properly to create a cleavage. Ideal for backless, strapless garments as well as tube and halterneck tops. Camisoles - Lacy tops with spaghetti straps. Some also come with lacy cups. The difference between the latter and a lacy bra is that camisoles don't have underwires to support the bosom. You can wear a camisole over a bra or on its own. Useful for covering up exposed areas such as a plunging neckline or under a jacket for a softer look. Corsets or bustiers - Quite in vogue right now. Used as outer wear in place of, or over, a top. Help to hold back tummies too. Wear on its own to parties or under a jacket to work. Bodysuits - A one-piece much like a swimsuit. Women here prefer tight, girdle-like varieties which can firm up the body by nipping in the waist. In colder climates, very soft, comfortable fabrics like microfibre - which also help to keep the body warm - are preferred Tips If you like spaghetti strap tops but hate strapless bras, wear a bra with transparent or pretty straps. Such straps should either be very thin or broad enough to show off their embellishments. You can also match them with the colour of your top. To reduce visible panty lines (VPL), wear: G-strings - A panty that comes with only a thin strap at the back. It should still have a piece of cotton lining the crotch area. Cuts down visible panty lines (VPL), but can be uncomfortable to the uninitiated. Thongs or tangas - The fastest-growing segment in intimate wear. Similar to the G-string, but has a little more fabric at the back. Most women prefer them as they're more comfortable to wear and still reduce VPL. Useful for tight pants, skirts and dresses. Both G-strings and thongs/tangas come in low-rise options to go with low-rise jeans and pants. French knickers or boy shorts - Comfortable alternative to eradicating VPL without resorting to G-strings and thongs (which women either love or hate). Quite popular now as they're usually made of soft, stretchable lace and look sexy. The lace pattern may show through the fabric of a pair of tight pants, but you won't see VPL because the panty ends at the bottom of the bum rather than across the butt cheeks. Dual benefit of holding back tummies for a nice silhouette. Also comes in low-rise options. Need a fleshy bum to stretch the lace and fill it out nicely. source: http://sin.asiaone.com/categories/view_bra...php?cid=1&aid=7
  4. Fiona


    what do u think abt G-string? is it comfortable?
  5. frolic_pjann

    Bra clips

    hi, anyone knows where to get to "Bra clips". it's for adjusting yr bra straps so that it's not visible... sometimes when you wear bare back, or low back etc. I saw them somewhere but forgotten where
  6. Just wonder any of you here got go out pantyless?
  7. wondering any of you bringing any companion along when browsing for lingeries. i normaly bring along my bf, because he's the one who always view it most of the time. muahahaha! and, sometimes he pays too! one thing funny when bring him along, he used to pretend doesnt eye on the lingeries in the shop..yet i realised he did! pls share whats ur experience..
  8. Do you know where can I buy thong bikini swimwear?
  9. Actually I'm quite curious which one is more popular, personally I prefer thong. G-string sounds like a bit "intrusive" for me . . . .
  10. Hello guys...I'm pretty new here and I need your advice.. Well, my prom is coming up, and I need a suitable bra for my outfit. Actually, I haven't really decided which dress to wear yet...but a normal bra won't work for either. The first dress has a criss cross in the front, a little bit like this...^I can't wear a normal bra because the bra straps will show...I suppose I would need a strapless bra for this?The second dress is a halter and practically bare backed, kinda like this...^So I think I would need a backless bra for this one?Either way, I need a strapless and backless bra. Unless I use transparent straps, but those will show because both dresses have halter necks. So, what other alternatives are there? And where can I find them?Also, I've been hearing a lot about silicon bras like these...Has anoyone ever worn something like that before? It just sticks to your body for something but I'm not sure whether it will fall off. What if you dance a lot or begin to sweat, will it fall off then? And erm...I'm only like an AA, so would those kind of bras fit me? And most importantly, would they stay on? And where do they sell such bras?Are there other strapless/backless bras available? If so, where can I find them?Hope you guys will be able to help me. NB: Those dresses above are NOT my actual prom dresses. I just tried to find something a bit similar to show you guys what I mean. My dresses are not that nice...actually mine are two-piece.
  11. Hi everybody I would like to know where can i get or buy this type of bra. [img]http://cache.net-a-porter.com/images/products/78244/78244_in_l.jpg[/img] or this [img]http://cache.net-a-porter.com/images/products/78276/78276_in_l.jpg[/img] Please let me know ok...Thanks... .
  12. Speaking about g-string, I recalled that I lost few of my fav g-string after hanging out on the clothesline I wonder why some people would do such a thing. After that, I dare not hang my lingerie outside. Anyone with similar experiences? This icon, , is exactly what I'll do if I ever find out the culprit!!!
  13. These days the trend for undergarment seems to be wearing a thongs or g-strings. What do you wear? Or rather which one do you prefer? Thongs, G-strings, bikinis, boy briefs, or just normal panties? Thongs G-strings Bikinis Boy briefs Panties *all pictures are courtesy of Victoria's Secret*
  14. This just a part of my collection...welcome your comment & your collection HERE....thanks~
  15. My fav, Agent provocateur, Elle Mcpherson and Myla. I so wish if they open a outlet here..we gals will all go crazy.
  16. Hey just wanna know to wht extent you're daring enuf~ I myself enjoy going braless but never did that in the past. I hope to practice it when i go travel nex time, i guess foreigners are more open-minded in this case n u won't invite stares from bypassers!And most imptly, i maybe stereotype, but i always thought a country with malays are somehow the root of criminal. In msia especially.
  17. You're ready for a change in the underpants department. You've heard about the benefits of wearing a thong, including the absence of underwear lines, but are you truly ready to take the plunge? Do not worry, with a few simple steps, you will be a veteran. Steps : Buy your first thong. Look for something that's simple and comfortable. Avoid lace this time (it can be itchy). Instead, look for a nice plain cotton thong or a seamless microfiber one. Bring it home. Don't try a thong for the first time in an unfamiliar place, as this could make you self-conscious. Wear it for an hour or so then take it off, the next day, wear it for 3 hours. Work up to wearing it for a whole day. Open to expose the interior with leg holes open, and lay it on your floor, with the bum strap pointing towards you (as it would go on your body) Step into the leg holes and pull them up. Adjust the front side until it is at a comfortable height and pull up the backside until the bum strap lays flat against your backside. The tricky part is to get used to the fact that part of the underwear will be wedged between your cheeks. It should not feel tight and cutting, but lay smoothly. Buy more thongs to wear for each day of the week. After a month or so of wearing thongs every day, you will become so comfortable with your thong that no other style of panties will do. Tips : Be sure to buy a thong which fits you well. A thong that is too small will cut into your body which will put a serious damper on your thong experience. In certain parts of the world a thong is called a "g-string". If you ask for a thong in Australia the shop assistant will send you to the footwear department! They can be called a "Tanga" as well. Make sure your boyfriend/girlfriend thinks your thong is sexy so they can enjoy it too! If it's hard to get used to the fact part of the underwear will be wedged between your cheeks before wearing one try laying something else flat between your cheeks like a paper or plastic. They're also better to wear with a tight dress or tight pants because you cannot see the lines like you would with regular panties. The idea here is to make hottest the look of your butt. Butts with "panty-line-itis" are often seen as frumpy (there are exceptions). It should be noted that it is still possible that your viewers will see your thong line, but by that point they are too turned-on for this to be a bad thing. Do not wear low-rise jeans with a thong. The thong will show and give you a "whale tail." Warnings : Thongs are linked to urinary tract infections because the string transports bacteria. UTIs which are painful and annoying. If you are prone to UTIs, avoid thongs. also avoid thongs if you're prone to hemmorrhoids. Sources
  18. i work out at gym pretty often...seen many other girls wearing sports bra nowadays. any of you have experience to share cos i am thinking of buying few to try out? brand and design, any comment? thank ya!
  19. mixybabe


    Just wondering if any babes here having boobies with 36D. Do you all feel intimidated when wearing tight tees... sexy blouse/dress. cuz I do...I'm a 36D and I often get stares for no reason. My bf hates is and he'll tell me to put on a shawl or sweater whenever it happens. Anyway, I'm proud of them.... but hard to take care.....
  20. hey girls... what do u think of Victoria Secret?? its not available in Malaysia... any babes bought their stuff before? what is it like???
  21. i measured myself and i found my bra size is 30B however, usually the bra shops don't have band size 30, so i would settle with size 32 but i am just wondering is there any shops selling bras with band size 30?
  22. I wear normal clothing while sleeping, but definately not tight shirt. Sometimes braless, or sometimes with top and boycott only. Saw lots of nice and sexy sleep wear, feel like buying them hehe....
  23. fred

    Panty Line

    Do you pay extra or any attention to your panty line? I'm wondering how many of you take care of that nowadays. I think there are ppl who do choose different panties for different wear, like jeans, low waist bottoms, skirt, etc. Sometimes the VPL (visible panty lines) can be very seducing also
  24. I know some girls like to wear matching undies. Most of the time when sales is on, those bra and panty set are the most best seller (according to survey). Some just like to wear freely, disregard the colour or brand... Some might like matching colour but from different brand and style... What about yours?
  25. Do you wear boyshorts? Especially while you trying to wear a super short skirt. Or you wear it with normal clothing as well? I'm looking for some now, not sure where is a good place to get. VS got lots of nice one
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