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Found 65 results

  1. Dermessence is a skin cream that advertises itself as a wrinkle-reducer and color-corrector for dry and damaged skin. They claim that daily use of their cream will restore old collagen levels and bio-functionality without compromising users’ long-term health. Their website goes on to say that their product makes skin feel smooth and supple to the touch and appear years younger to the eye. http://www.newfitnessbooster.com/dermessence/
  2. ~~~JAPAN's Formula -- S.I.Y - Slim It Yourself (Slimming Product)~~~   (ONLY 10 DAYS, YOU CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.) YOU CAN LOST 2-5kgs EASILY AND HEALTHY WITHIN 10 DAYS. BIG SALE !! HOT SALES !! CHEAPER BARGAINSS !!! BEST DISCOUNTS !!   Contact Me : KAREN 012 - 9278388 1. X X WRAPPING 2. X X MEDICATION 3. X X INJECTION 4. X X DIARRHEA 5. X X DIET  NO MORE Body Weight Increased Lazy For Exercise Feel Hungry When Diet Feel Embarrass With Spare Tyre Hang Down Slack Due To Sudden Weight Lost Difficult To Get Suitable Clothes Lost Confident Because Of Overweight   BUY MORE BOX - GET MORE GREAT DISCOUNTS BUY MORE - GET EVEN CHEAPER HURRY UP & ORDER !!!!!!!!! ONLY 10 DAYS, YOU CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. YOU CAN LOST 2-5kgs EASILY AND HEALTHY WITHIN 10 DAYS.     S.I.Y 6 KEY INGREDIENTS -> Citrus Aurantium: Enhanced metabolism, reducing weight, reduced fatigue etc. -> Green Tea Polyphenol: Reduce body fat, increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans etc. -> Caralluma Fimbriata: Suppress appetite, enhance endurance etc. -> Dandelion: Prevent or cure liver diseases, purify your blood, cleanse your system, reduce weight, etc. -> Opuntia ficus-indica: well-balanced diet, decreasing the LDL cholesterol level, etc. -> Neem Leaf Extract: cure diarrhea, intestinal infections, skin ulcers, infections etc. S.I.Y CONSIST OF 15 SATISFY BENEFITS: -> Liposis - disentanglement stagnant & stubborn fat (Adipose Tissue) -> Build up muscle without fat. -> Anti Wrinkle - removing rough skin effect. -> Replenish young lifestyle for skin. -> Thermo-genesis - elongate fat burning effect while changing fat into energy. -> Regulating body function and metabolism towards optima level or enable calories burning without any negative side effect to central nervous system and cardiovascular system. -> Controlling hunger feeling / food appetite and easing physical and mental tension. -> Reducing waist, hips and laps sizes. -> Promoting intestine movement and increasing the rate of absorbing water and nutrition inside intestine. -> Reducing body cholesterol. -> Promoting hemoglobin creation and avoiding anemia forming. -> Increasing immunization system and blood circulation. -> Releasing tiredness of constipation. -> Strengthening heart and discharging body toxin. -> Providing various nutrition to the body i.e. vitamins, minerals, acid amino from enzymes. Dealing Method Bank Transfer to MAYBANK, PBB or CIMB FREE POSTAGE  Contact Me For ORDERS !!! SUGGESTION OF TAKING S.I.Y 1 box contains 20 bottles. One day drink 2 bottles, 1 is S.I.Y Day and another 1 is S.I.Y Night. 10 bottles for day after your breakfast within 5 minutes 10 bottles for night before sleep. During S.I.Y. Therapy, We Suggest The Following Habits To Double The Slimming Effort 1. Reduce the intake of foodshigh in fats and carbohydrates such as roti canai,kuih koci,doughnuts, food containing coconut milk, nasi lemak, fast food such as pizza, fried chicken and chocolate. 2. Avoid sweet drinks, carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks. 3. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday. 4. To speed up results who wanted to loose weight for 10 days 3-5kg, carry out daily light exercise for 10-15 minutes or use a sauna. HAPPY Slimming Together!!!!!!!!!!! CONTACT : ~~~KAREN 012-9278388~~~
  3. I have gone thru the 90 days weight management in my life and it does really works. It is not helping you to lose weight but if helps to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. It makes me feel much healthier and look fit than before. This program actually is very advance and if you really follow the instruction/guidance, you will definitely see the result in just 15 days, but of course the whole program is in 90 days to get the full result. If you are currently desperate or looking for the best 'slimming program', you may try this weight management program which will give you to achieve your best result and make yourself look healthy and even feel younger. 100% safe and the news published in Discovery channel. Let's look healthy and younger together with this best advanced program together. p/s: please don't simply take the slimming pill in the market unless you know about it's ingredients and in details.
  4. Welcome to Caring Gynae - Pregnancy Care and Women's cancer specialist clinic located in Klang, Selangor, Malaysian, We are devoted to providing the full range of obstetrics and gynecology services.
  5. 2016, new year, new goal. I'm finding those who wants to slim down naturally. I personally consume and sell Meizitang Sllimming Supplement. 1 week can lose 2-5kg, no diet is required. Exercise is optional , if you want maximum result of course can do more exercise ,why not. But i'm lazy lol. Okay anyway, can find me on fb , https://www.facebook.com/sofyana.slimmingresselerkl . Whatsapp me for fastest respond, +6 0168367556. Peace out.
  6. FREE TREATMENT N CONSULTATION BY SPECIALIST DOCTOR FROM PENANG With the exclusive Bio-medical technology, Dr. Jack Lee, a well known spine surgeon from Penang, applying traditional Chinese and Western medical techniques - lets you feel the result in 2 weeks Pain management for injuries, back pain, joints, hands, legs, foot pain, migraines and biomedical organic for health problems such as tumor/cancer, stroke, high blood, diabetes, skin disease, fertility, pregnancy, nursing n other sickness .. Date 23/1/2016 (Saturday) Pm 2.30 pm start Location: Balai Masyarakat (Jkp) Puchong Jaya (Landmark i-hate-petronas petrol station) ***NOTE*** •Briefing on Human Body n Biomedical Science •Treatment/therapy is FOC until further notice. •Pls wear pants. •No skirt/dress. •Bring along current medication or X-ray if any. •First Come First Serve To attend pls Whatsapp "DR" "Your Fullname n IC No." to 0123067986 tqvm
  7. FOC TREATMENT N CONSULTATION BY SPECIALIST DOCTOR FROM PENANG ***Special Offer for promotion of biomedical science*** With the exclusive Bio-medical technology, Dr. Jack Lee, a well known spine surgeon from Penang, applying the amalgamation of traditional Chinese and Western medical techniques - lets you feel the result in 2 weeks effectively restoring and revitalising, as well as helping you to stay away from diseases. Treat back pain, joints, hands, legs, foot pain, migraine, fertility, skin problems, cancer, stroke, dengue n other health problems with natural healing methods. Date: 20/12/2015 (Sunday) Time: 2.30 pm start Location: Balai Masyarakat (Jkp) Puchong Jaya (i-hate-petronas petrol station opposite side) ***NOTE*** •Briefing on human body and biomedical science •For treatment pls wear pants. •No skirt/dress. •Bring along current medication or X-ray if any. •Dr recommends supplements you may purchase if you want to. No obligation. •Treatment/therapy is FOC until further notice. •Serious to solve your pains •First Come First Serve take que no. To attend Whatsapp "DR" with your fullname, IC No n contact no. to 0123067986 Julee tqvm
  8. I am sufferering from health problem. I am a younger girl but my health isn't not so good that should be. I don't feel myself comfort  while talking to other persons because they always ask me why my health is going to worse. Though I always wake up in the morning and do regular excise as well. I eat more than 3-4 litre water regularly. But no improvement of my health.
  9. Sports Toto Fitness Centre membership for Sale (Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur)Membership balance/Duration: 12 months (January 2016 to December 2016)Price: RM1090 (1 Month = RM90) No transfer feeReason: Moving to Oversea soonBenefits: Can freeze if you are not able to come to the gym, without chargesLocation: Berjaya Times Square. Really strategic location and the price of this gym is much more lower compare to other gyms in Bukit Bintang Areahttp://www.sportstotofitness.com/- the gym's official websiteFacilities:- Sauna- Steam- Ladies zone- Les Mills Programs included (BodyCombat, BodyBalance, BodyAttack, BodyPump, BodyStep, Sh'Bam)\- Spinning class- Pilates- ABS class- Yoga- Dance revolution- Dance Mania- Zumba Dance In my opinion after joining a few gyms in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, this gym is more beginner friendly than the others, especially for ladies. Personal trainers here are generally helpful and wont be stingy in giving advices in assisting if you ask for their help. More so, this gym has more female regulars than any gym I had been to, including Peak fitness gym in SOGO and Celebrity Fitness in Bangsar Village. As such, for female beginners, in my honest opinion, this is a good gym to start with , as the environment itself is encouraging and you dont feel alone surrounded by only vast muscular guys =). The reason I am seeking for people to take over my gym membership is because I will be moving overseas quite soon ( January 2016). The price is negotiable. For those who are interested or need further details, please call/ whatsapp / message me 012-5263483
  10. Hey all! Just thought of sharing my personal experience with the Xiaomi Mi Band =D It's only RM59, one of the cheapest fitness trackers now!    "People say that being in a relationship changes you. It’s fair to assume that they obviously haven’t had a fitness tracker before."   Happy reading ^^   https://vulcanpost.my/163880/changed-wearing-xiaomi-mi-band-month/
  11. Anyone hear about You-Span?
  12. Hi everyone... We all face various challenges in our lives internally and external. Most times we can find solutions to the problems but once in a while we look blank at a wall. We talk to our family, friends or relatives but sometimes we want someone outside the circle, a professional to discuss on issues for help. May it be personal, work or business related, you can find assistance to overcome your problems. If you know someone who might be looking for professional help please pass this message to them. "A positive mind influences others to have positive outcome too". Have a good day!
  13. ~~~GRAPEFRUIT DIET SLIMMING PROUDUCT~~~     Grapefruit Diet is an advance slimming technology breakthrough from Italy using NanoBoundTM Technology to break down fat cells effectively and also create a thermogenic effect to burn fats continuously. Along with BioBindTM technology, it also stops our body from absorbing fats and turn carbs into energy to burn more fats. Grapefruit Diet also couples with the Advance TDTTM Technology from France, to target the unwanted fats in our body bringing the ingredient to work even more effectively. With 7 natural ingredient, the product works in 7 miracle ways, from turbocharging the metabolism, block fats, burn fats, break down fats, enhancing energy to reducing water retention.   Grapefruit Diet采用来自意大利的最新纳米化瘦身科技。它能够让身体很有效的把多余脂 肪分解、氧化与燃烧。采用BioBindTM脂氧联结燃烧科技,它能够让你的身体有产生更多 热能,仿佛在做激烈运动。再配合NanoBoundTM纳米止肪科技,它能够抑制身体吸收过多 的脂肪、糖份与淀粉,把这些成份转换成能量,然后再用能量燃烧更多的脂肪。Grapefruit Diet也采用最新TDTTM标靶输送科技,让成份被输送进身体最需要成份的部位,以达到最大 的效益。 Results in 7 days 七天内的效果 *Slimming effect 纤体功效 *Better body shape 身形变美 *Suppressed eating appetite 食欲减少 *Better skin complexion 皮肤变得较嫩滑 *Enhance energy 体力明显增强 Results in 4 weeks 二十八天内的效果 After conducting a clinical study with 100 overweight asian women and men aged 18-55, 95% resulted in reduction of body weight, 72% claimed to eat lesser, 82% claimed to have clearer skin and 75% claimed to have better energy and concentration. 根据总计100个超重亚洲女性和男性(介于18-55岁)的临床验证报告显示,服用产品过 后,95%试用者体重下降,72%觉得偏大的食欲减少了,82%发现皮肤比较嫩滑,75%觉得体 力以及集中力增强了。 Function 产品功效 *Turbocharge metabolism and blocking fats. 促进新陈代谢和抑制多余脂肪 *Breakdown fat chains and convert into energy. 分解顽固脂肪及将其转换称能量 *Burn fats and suppress appetite. 燃烧脂肪和有效的抑制食欲 *Maximise ingredient effect. 加倍成份对身体的功效 *Convert sugar into energy. 把多余糖份转换称能量 *Reduce water retention. 减轻水肿问题   Why take Grapefruit Diet? 为何选择Grapefruit Diet? *100% natural ingredient 100%纯天然成份 *Safe & no side effect 安全且无副作用 *No rebound effect 无效果反弹 *Easy & convenient 简单又方便 *Burns fat all day long 全天性燃烧多余脂肪 *Controls Appetite 有效的抑制食欲 *Reduces water retention 减轻水肿问题 Ingredient & Function 成份与功效 *Grapefruit Extract (Citrus Paradisi) 葡萄柚萃取物 Grapefruit extract has been proven for its effectiveness to turbocharge our metabolism while stimulating our brain to increase our metabolism to allow our body to burn fats naturally. It also has the ability to create a thermogenic capability by fusing oxygen in our body to allow fats to burn by itself without the needs of aerobic exercise. The essence in Grapefruit also helps to stop our body from absorbing further sugar and carbohydrates, allowing us to stop the main source of having more fats in the body. Every 1 pill is equivalent to 8 Grapefruits which is able to stop around 200 calories of fat cells from formation. The extract is also known to reduce fats in our waist, legs as well as reduction of cellulites. 葡萄柚萃取物已被证实能够让身体加快新陈代谢,帮助身体以天然的方式燃烧多余脂肪。 葡萄柚也让身体有产热的效果,把氧气融合,进而使身体自动燃烧脂肪。葡萄柚里的萃取物 能够抑制身体吸收每日食用的糖分与淀粉,然后把它转换成能量,好让身体有更多的能量燃 烧脂肪。每粒Grapefruit Diet相等于8粒葡萄柚果肉的成份,每天阻止身体吸收至少200卡 路里。葡萄柚萃取物也能让我们减少该瘦下来的部位的脂肪,例如腰部、腿部和手部,并且 减低蜂窝组织的形成。 *Raspberry Ketone (Rasketone) 覆盆子酮萃取物 Raspberry Ketone is good for breaking up the fat cell chain allowing it to be even easier to be metabolised. With its superior effect on fat burning, every serving of 100mg extract is equivalent to 90 pounds of berries. With it's special effect, it enhances our body energy to burn fats by converting energy from body fats into energy. With more energy, our body will be able to burn fats without feeling fatigue. 覆盆子酮萃取物有效地帮助把脂肪分解,让它更加容易的被身体代谢。它也能够让身体将 脂肪转换成能量并且燃烧更多的顽固脂肪。每100mg的萃取物相等于90磅的果实。 *Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus Laevigata) 山楂萃取物 With the strong antioxidant, it helps the blood to get even more oxygenated hence bringing more oxygen to help burn fats. With its far known effect of appetite suppressant, you will not need to be worried about eating as you will not feel like eating as much as before. 山楂萃取物含有极高的抗氧化成份。它能够使血液吸收更多的氧气,进而帮助氧化脂肪并 将其分解。除此之外,它能有效的抑制食欲,让我们不需要烦恼因为食欲偏大而导致的肥胖 问题。 *Pomegranate Extract (Punica Granatum) 红石榴萃取物 Pomegranate extract enhances the ability of our body to absorb other ingredients even more effectively and is an antioxidant-filled ingredient which contains superior amount of Vitamin A, C and E. It also contains 3 times more Polphenols than red wine. Every 240mg of Pomegranate extract is equivalent to a total of 6000mg of its fruit. Anti-oxidant has been far known to help oxidising fats, allowing it to breakdown to smaller molecules for better dissolving ability. 红⽯石榴萃取物能够加倍其他成份的效果。它也含有极高的抗氧化成份(其中包含Vitamin A, C & E)。萃取物里的多酚相等于红酒的三倍,而每240mg的红石榴萃取物相等于 6000mg的果实成份。 *Green Tea Extract (Camelia Sinensis) 绿茶萃取物 One of the most used method to lose weight is using Green Tea Extract which acts as a fat metabolism and oxidation. It helps convert our fats into energy and dissolve the excess fats which turns from sugar also known as triglyceride. The oxidation effect helps burning fats even easier by giving the cell even more oxygen, forcing it to break down fat cells. 绿茶能够让身体的多余脂肪更容易被代谢与氧化。它能够有效的把⾝身体的多余糖份与淀 粉转换成能量。绿茶里的抗氧化成份也能够有效的让身体脂肪吸收更多的氧气,让顽固脂 肪有效的被氧化及分解。 Technology 科技说明 BioBindTM 脂氧联结燃烧科技 The advance BioBindTM Technology from Italy is a medical breakthrough that goes down cellular level, binding the oxygen in our body with our fat cells and breaking down our fat cells by creating a thermogenic effect to allow our body to continuously burn fats for 24 hours after consuming each time even without aerobic exercise. BioBindTM Technology also controls our appetite, allowing us to crave for less food, so we do not have to worry much about eating too much. 全新的意大利BioBindTM脂氧联结燃烧科技能够让成分滲入细胞,更有效的把细胞里的氧 气融合脂肪并且把其细胞分解。除了燃烧脂肪,BioBindTM科技能够让身体生产更多热量, 好让我们24小时不断的燃烧体内多余脂肪。除此之外,它也配有减少食欲的效果,让我们 不需为了食欲偏大而感到烦恼,有效地抑制吸收脂肪、糖分和淀粉,并把这些成份转换成 能量,然后再用能量燃烧更多的脂肪。 NanoBoundTM 纳米止肪科技 The key ingredient Grapefruit stops our body from absorbing the fats we consume everyday. With NanoBoundTM, the special formulated technology, it goes down into our body and stops our body from converting sugar and carbohydrates into fats, instead, it turns it into energy, allowing more energy for our body to burn fats. NanoBoundTM ensures that you will have the extra energy throughout the day even if you eat lesser food. Grapefruit Diet里主要成分-葡萄柚能够让身体制止吸收我们每日摄取的多余脂肪。它采 用纳米化科技让产品成份能够进入身体细胞,把我们每日食用的糖分与淀粉转换成能量然 后再利用此能量燃烧更多的脂肪。NanoBoundTM纳米止肪科技确保我们少吃也能够活力 充沛每一天。     TDTTM (Target Delivery Technology) 标靶输送科技 TDTTM Target Delivery Technology is the latest advance technology from France, used to target different cells in the body. With TDTTM Technology, it targets the useless fats in our thigh, calves, arms, tummy and face to allow a beautiful slimming effect. The TDTTM also enhances the effect of each ingredient, bringing it to its full potential. With the advance TDTTM Technology, every gram of ingredient is not wasted on areas that are not important, instead, it brings each ingredient to function only in the important parts in our body. 标靶输送采⽤用最新医疗科技让我们把产品里的成份输送⾄至重要部分以确保成份完全被身 体吸收。TDTTM科技让产品能够锁定目标,针对性燃烧体内多余脂肪,例如腿部、手部、腹 部和脸部,让我们有个完美漂亮的瘦身效果。有了TDTTM标靶输送科技,它能够确保每克成 分完全被身体吸收。 FAQ 常问问题  Q. When Can I expect to see results? 服⽤用Grapefruit Diet后⼏几时才能有显著的效 果? A. We have tested on 50 Asian women and 50 Asian men across the country, you can see results within 7 days and even more convincing results after 28 days. 产品效果因个人体质而异。我们在全国各地让100位试用者(男女参半)尝试过产品长 达7天,效果非常显著,28天后更好。 Q. Is Grapefruit Diet safe? Grapefruit Diet 安全吗? A. Yes, Grapefruit Diet is made from 100% natural ingredient and has been tested on 100 Asian men and women. 绝对安全,因为它是采用100%纯天然成份制成的,而且也有很好的产品见证。 Q. How long can I take Grapefruit Diet? Grapefruit Diet 可以长期服用吗? A. You can take it as long as you need to lose weight and also to maintain your body shape after weight lost. 当然可以。只要您想要减肥或者想保持窈窕身材。 Q. Who is suitable for Grapefruit Diet? 谁适合服⽤用Grapefruit Diet? A. Grapefruit Diet is suitable for all, especially if you are a heavy eater and hard to lose weight. (Warning: This product is not for pregnant and breast feeding women.) Grapefruit Diet 适合全部18岁以上人士,尤其是食欲偏大或者想要减肥的人。(备注: 本产品不适合正在喂食母乳或怀孕的女性服用。) Q. How to slim down quick? 怎样能够更快的减轻体重呢? A. You may drink at least 8-10 glass of water a day as it helps to speed up the fat burning and also to break down fats. 您可以每天饮用8-10杯温水,让身体有足够水份燃烧及分解顽固脂肪。 Storage Store in a dry place below 25°C away from direct sunlight or heat. Direction 1 capsules each time, twice a day before meals. Precaution This product is not for pregnant and breast feeding women. Please consult doctor if you are taking any medication or under medical supervision. Protect from moisture and sun light. Keep out of reach of children.   Seller particular:- Name : Karen Lee Contact : 012-9278388 location of seller: Klang, Selangor. Courier/ posting service We are using, Postlaju / Airpak COD service  free service for Klang area. Payment method  MBB, PBB, CIMB
  14. make a change today! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeunesse-Global/949493138395153 real people real results! there is a solution to everything ... http://middleeasthealth.jeunesseglobal.com/ ;) ;) ;)
  15. Hi Everyone,    If you are looking for the collagen jelly, whitening, anti-aging or weight management product,    please kindly visit our website for any further information at ( www.nutra-estore.my ).   We doing promotion now.   Shall you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to pm us.   Let us beauty shine from whitin together!
  16. Beautiful ladies,   I've lost 8kgs in 45days - no diet pills, no salad only, i still eat what i want, all i had was determination and little bit of hard work :)   A little bio about myself - Female, Chinese, 28 years old, pear shape body (smaller top, heavier bottom), 163cm, 60kg (45days ago) & 52kg (Now).   I know most of us would have already know, the most important thing to lose weight, is EXERCISE. BUT, type of exercise we choose is very very important too.    I tried starving myself by not eating or just by drinking meal replacements to lose weight, well, it worked for awhile, but when i go back to my normal life routine, BAMM, yo-yo effect, i was fat again. The thing is, later that i understand, starving myself or unhealthy diet such as not eating, or only depend on liquids or purely fruits to lose weight, you see see immediate results, but what you are losing, is not fats, its water from your body.   So, really, to burn fat, exercising is the key, but don't worry, i don't torture myself by exercising 8 hours a day and only eat salad to lose weight :)   This is what i did for the past 45 days.   Breakfast (A MUST) - A fruit (i usually go with either banana or apple) & a handful of nuts (Almond, walnuts, cashew nuts - no flavor added one la ya) OR 2pcs of bread with like whole lot of peanut butter & a glass of milk OR yummy healthy cereal with milk.   Lunch - Normal meal (Like full portion..LOL..ANYTHING, of course if i eat Mcdonalds, when i order set meals, i don't finish up my fries, i eat some to satisfy my cravings. If you are those type that cannot "not finish" your food type, then order ala cart.)   Dinner - Fruits (2 apples or 2 pears or half a papaya...etc) or Soup with ingredients inside like meat and vege. NO carbs (rice, bread, flour) for dinners.   I did not spend money on signing up gym membership because i really hate driving and stucking in jam all the way to gym and have to look for parking...etc    For exercise: All i need - a yoga mat, laptop/ipad/smartphone with internet connection   There is A LOT of free yoga/pilates videos in Youtube nowdays, and most of them are in full series. If you have no background of yoga at all, start with beginners class, it's not that hard and trust me, it's real work out. Search for something like yogalates to lose weight, yoga for weight loss, pilates for slimming...etc   Why i like yoga/pilates is not only does it help me to lose weight, it also helps me to tone up but not build up muscle. And it helps me to relax my body and mind.   I only do 4 times a week, 45 minutes each time.   Besides yoga, i tried to make myself walk alot too, for example if i'm at home all day, i'll walk around my house area, get some fresh air. Being at home whole day can be suffocating as well. You know, walk around, observe your neighbor's new plants, car, house design, new pet they raise...etc   I hate exercises like running/hiking and those that requires alot of stamina because i'm always out of breathe. At first i thought yoga will be hard and boring, but if you find the right video that works for you, it's actually quite fun. They don't make you stay and pose in a position for 10 minutes, you get to move and stretch alot, the next thing you know, 45 minutes is done.    And to lose 8kg in 45days, it's obvious that my physical appearance has changed alot as well. To make sure i don't look "saggy, old and sick" i drink alot alot of water, take vitamin-c daily, take care of my daily skin care routine and apply mask 3 times per week for keep my skin supple and firm!   At the end of the day, to lose weight or not to lose weight, it all comes from your determination. When you want to do something, it's not about whether you can do it or not, it's up to whether you want to do it or not. If there is a will, there will be a way.   It's our life that we are living, we decide for ourselves.   So, let's stay healthy, fabulous and beautiful always!    
  17. OUR PRODUCT 100 capsules pure sheep placenta. You only need to consume ONE a day. Dosage: 35, 000 mg Made in Australia 100% natural 100% guaranteed laboratory tested cGMP approved (US FDA standards) no added sugar, yeast, salt, artificial colours or preservatives     Contact to enquire & purchase: Whatsapp// 0124222979 WeChat// xsarahh     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   A. WHAT IS SHEEP PLACENTA?   Placenta is formed in the body of pregnant mammals to nourish and support the fetus.    Throughout history, mankind has known the incredible restorative powers of placenta.   In ancient Egypt, soldiers consume fresh placenta to rejuvenate themselves for battle.   In China, it has long been used for over a 1400 years as a beauty tonic, kidney tonic and aphrodisiac promoting general health.    The French has long used it as a beauty revitaliser, enhancing body energy, skin complexion and limiting the aging process.   Sheep placenta has been used by the British Royal Family for 1400 years as medicine or promoting general health.   In some cultures, placenta is prepared as a soup for new mothers to help them recover their energy and avoid post-natal depression. Today, it is a favorite among those who wishes to preserve their youth and beauty.   Sheep placenta offers one of the richest sources of nutrients, growth factors, immune co-factors and bio-active cytokines ever known.   If it is rich enough to nourish a developing embryo, just think of what it can do for your skin and health! Recent scientific research has shown that placenta contains rich growth factors, hormones and antibodies, and other concentrated nutrients that can rejuvenate organic tissue. Some of them promote cell growth, some regulate hormone secretion and some of them strengthen our immune system.   Sheep placenta contains bioactive nutrients such as essential amino acids, melatonin, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, immune co-factors, PAF, Peptide of Placenta, EGFs (Epidermal Growth Factors), other regulating factors and the unique SCAFs (Senescent Cell Activating Factors), etc.   B. WHAT CAN SHEEP PLACENTA DO FOR MY HEALTH & BEAUTY? Revitalize the skin Boost the immune system Improve physical vitality and energy Lighten the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots Promote a translucent, lustrous and even toned complexion Smoothen skin, making it look and feel velvety soft Increase skin elasticity and reduce sagging Increase bust size, firmness and elasticity. Hydrate the skin, erasing lines and wrinkles Enhance skin renewal process and reduce the appearance of scars Regulate the natural sebum production and reduce open pores Regulate menstrual cycle, ease menstrual pain and alleviate menopausal symptoms Assist in the burning of excess body fats and firm up the body Naturally detoxifies (removes impurities) Strengthened nail & hair follicle Healing properties Antioxidant Promoting general health In simple terms, sheep placenta is the modern lady's secret not only to maintain her beauty, youth and energy but also to replenish lost years and rejuvenate her body from the inside out.     C. HOW DO I SELECT A SHEEP PLACENTA SUPPLEMENT?   There are three important things to consider when choosing the best sheep placenta supplement for yourself: 1. PRODUCT ORIGIN 2. DOSAGE 3. PURITY LEVELS   Australian sheep placenta has high quality that has to meet the vigorous testing standards of Australia's strict health authorities. The quality of sheep placenta is measured by its purity level - the higher the ratio of freshly extracted sheep placenta, the higher the level of purity and the better the quality of placenta growth factors.     Apart from purity of sheep placenta extracted, the dosage in each capsule is equally important. High purity and higher dosage will result in optimum absorption of nutrients by the body. Sheep placenta with high purity but low dosage has limited effects. On the other hand, sheep placenta with high dosage but low purity results in low absorption, our body will just reject the 'useless excess'.   Our product is 100% natural, and 100% guaranteed laboratory tested. It is cGMP approved according to the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards. There is no added sugar, yeast, salt, artificial colours or preservatives.    Furthermore, each capsule contains 35,000mg of pure sheep placenta extract in an easy-to-absorb form.   Be assured that you are only giving the best to your body!   D. SHEEP PLACENTA VS COLLAGEN   Sheep Placenta activates the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is the vital hormone to regulate the regeneration of damaged cells as well in repairing the wounded cells. It helps to produce collagen, glycosaminoglycans, elastic fibres and glycoproteins in human body. Therefore, sheep placenta stimulates the renewal of aged, tired and unhealthy cells in our bodies, nourishing them from inside out that provides longer lasting result. Sheep placenta will not change your appearance even if you skip or miss out on taking the capsules once in a while. However, collagen molecules are very complex and big. It makes the consumed collagen harder to penetrate into the blood stream. And even if penetrated, it would not be easy to incorporate itself within the complex collagen structure in the skin. Resulting, the consumed collagen, the most, only function in repairing the cells that provide shorter-term result.   Sheep Placenta: Protect, repair and regenerate the cells. Helps in providing collagen, glycosaminoglycans, elastic fibres and glycoproteins. Producing fibroblast cells. Body functions healthy. Do not have adverse side effect when stop consuming. (Skin still looks radiant and healthy) Works internally (body) to externally (skin), gives you a healthy body and beautiful appearance.   Collagen: Protect and repair the cells only. Supplementing collagen only. Not producing fibroblast cells. Not helping body to function healthy. Have adverse side effect when stop consuming. (Skin looks dull and dry which may cause in wrinkles appearing) Works externally (skin) only.     Contact to enquire & purchase: Whatsapp// 0124222979 WeChat// xsarahh  
  18. 糖果瘦身不再是神话 最具爆炸性的配方糖果瘦身- Candy Cut如今隆重登场 效果零失败记录凡吃必瘦价钱经济携带方便服用简单又美味 瘦脸瘦手瘦腰腹瘦臀部瘦大腿瘦小腿 只需随口的嚼一嚼全身上下无一不瘦 Candy Cut研发自美国顶尖科技在本地拥有KKM许可证HalalVegetarian100% Nature100% Non AlcoholGMP及Mesti多个相关机构认证绝对安全服用 Candy Cut Mix Berry Lozenges 主要成分是由多种Berries制成8大主要成分有Acai BerryRasberry KotonesCranberryBlueberryHawthorn BerryPomegranateCayenne ExtractApple Cider. 八大主要成分解说 1) 巴西莓 (Acai Berry) 作为抗氧化能力最高的天然蔬果源自亚马孙河热带雨林拥有三十倍红葡萄酒的抗氧化成份多酚(ORAC-吸收氧化自由基的能力)研究发现巴西莓的抗氧化元素是芒果的50倍蓝莓的5倍石榴的2倍。抗氧化元素可以预防血栓改善血液循环。除此之外巴西莓果还能增强新陈代谢帮助身体功能更有效地运行。同时巴西莓绝对是一种极佳膳食纤维的来源它可以帮助增加饱足感和促进肠道蠕动。 2) Rasberry Kotones能夠加速脂肪的代謝燃燒效果比平常進食加快5倍脂肪代謝燃燒。日本美国等其它发达国家主要用于减肥产品且临床效果十分明显。 3) Cranberry蔓越莓是超强的抗氧化水果可快速消除体内自由基并可降低低密度胆固醇及甘油三酯有效预防及改善心脑血管疾病防止动脉硬化。蔓越莓还可以有效的抑制幽门螺旋杆菌附着于肠胃内幽门螺旋杆菌也就是导致胃溃疡甚至胃癌发生的主因。 4) 蓝莓(Blueberry) 有针对预防衰老、抗癌功效和预防心脏疾病的抗氧化能力。同时蓝莓含大约4克膳食纤维占膳食纤维日摄入量的14%。蓝莓中水溶性膳食纤维可以促进肠道蠕动防治便秘。蓝莓中富含的多酚类物质也可分解腹部脂肪有助于控制体重。此外蓝莓热量低不会导致发胖。 5) Hawthorn Berry (山楂果萃取) 含維生素C比蘋果多十七倍以上。由于Hawthorn Berry還含有較高的果味酸同时可以帮助消化。 6) Pomegranate(紅石榴) 含有多種氨基酸和微量元素有助消化、抗胃潰瘍、軟化血管、降血脂和血糖降低膽固醇等多種功能。可防止冠心病、高血壓可達到健胃提神。 7) Cayenne Extract(辣椒提取物)有助于控制食欲而且可以使人们在餐后消耗掉更多的热量。辣椒提取物的主要功能是支持并强化其他成分的功能并且帮助减少食欲管理体重功效。 8) Apple Cider可以增强消化功能降低有害胆固醇的水平降低血压维持正常的血压维持正常的血糖水平同时可以使皮肤增白保持皮肤的光滑滋润清除体内重金属。 [內容量] 30 candies , 45g/pack 服用方法餐前2颗含/嚼都行 专业提示一天服用4-6颗为极限同时需要多喝温水已达到最佳效果 注意事项 *若您正在怀孕、哺乳、服用任何药物或在医生监督下请在服用前咨询医生。 *不适用于16岁以下65岁以上的人士。 *本产品可能含有咖啡因。若您有咖啡因不耐症请勿服用。 DEALING METHOD: COURIER (POSTLAJU) BANK: MAYBANK, CIMB or PBB. CONTACT: 012-9278388 (KAREN)
  19. 人體特殊構造,所有器官都有神經連接至足部,其末梢神經區塊,就是所謂的反射區。臨床實驗證明,人的雙腳合併正是人體器官組織立體分佈的縮影。當體內器官或腺體異常時,其足部反射區就會有結晶沉積而成為痛點,每個痛點觸覺反應不同,有些像沙子,有些呈顆粒,有些只有腫脹的感覺。有刺激,自然也會加快排除沉積在組織周圍的毒素和廢物,而達到治療效果。 5種腳底按摩減肥法 方法1、敲擊腳底 每天晚上睡前用拳頭敲擊腳底,可以消除一天的疲勞,促進全身血液循環,使內臟排毒功能增強,使體內血管的排泄功能暢通無阻,加快燃脂速度。 做法:一腳掌為中心,有節奏的進行,以稍有疼痛感為準,每只腳100次左右,運動完成約2分鐘。 方法2、雙腳晃動 全身血液循環不佳,就會發生內臟功能失調和內分泌失調的現象,會出現體能毒素不能及時排除,新陳代謝速度過慢造成脂肪堆積,出現肥胖。簡單的腳局部刺激便可以促進血液循環,加快新陳代謝。 做法:仰臥在床上或地板上,先讓雙腳在空中晃動,然後像踏自行車一樣讓雙腳旋轉。持續兩分鐘,全身血液循環立即通暢,燃燒脂肪,且有助於改善睡眠。 方法3、赤腳行走 此方法最大的優點是使掌心得到鍛煉的機會,掌心是保持按摩平衡的重要部位,行走時盡可能讓掌心得到刺激,可嘗試走卵石路,或在家中準備一塊帶圓潤突起的席墊。 做法:讓五指分離運動也是赤腳行走的一大優點,為了減肥和身體健康,在家中盡可能的讓雙腳從鞋襪中解放出來,赤腳行走,堅持兩分鐘即可。   方法4、按摩腳趾 按摩腳趾不僅瘦身,還有增強記憶力的作用。 做法:可以用雙手抓住雙腳的大趾,作圓周按摩,每天按摩數次,每次兩分鐘,也可以用手做圓周運動來搓小趾外側,由於記憶力是與小腦相關的,而小趾又是小腦的反射區,所以按摩小趾有助增強記憶力,按摩兩分鐘。    方法5、摩擦雙腳 讓雙腳合攏起來相互摩擦,使血液循環通暢,待腳步感到溫暖,便可以在短時間內加強體內排毒燃脂功效。 做法:仰臥在床上或地板上,抬起雙腳用力相互摩擦,如果雙手同時進行摩擦效果更好。只要用力摩擦20次左右即可,約兩分鐘。此方法同時還有助於睡眠。 市面上還有售賣多種沐浴時使用的按摩拖鞋,鞋子上有刷毛,輕輕挪動可以清洗腳掌。有些有顆粒或磨石,按摩之餘還可以去死皮。長期使用強身健體,促進血液循環,方便又簡單 http://www.banyakdeal.com/index.php/as-seen-on-tv/item/412-easy-feet-bath-shoe        
  20. WonderBelle sells health supplements, beauty and slimming products domestically. Wonderbelle carries only high quality products for our most valuable customers. We are confident that you’ll find WonderBelle to be your first choice for quality, price and reliability.  Why choose WondeBelle: We only offer you the best quality products. You can order our products any time and from anywhere. We inspects our products before sending to you. Our products will be delivered to your door step. We offers good deals and good price for quality products. You can reached us easily via phone, social networks or email.   Join us on Facebook English page, Facebook Bahasa page, Google+ and Twitter to be the first to know about exclusive discounts, special offers, new arrivals and contests.   Our Featured Products   Wonder Belle Women's Patch - Pain Relief Therapy Patch Suffering from menstrual pain every month? Wonderbelle women's patch is here to rescue you. What can women's patch do :- Relieve menstrual pain in 5mins Easy to carry, just patch on Relieve muscle pain Give you warming effect when you're in cold office / winter countries No side effects Odorless Wonder Belle Women's patch is a air- activated heat patch, it is safe to use with medications. This patch can provides you warming therapy. The most caring pal for every woman!   SANKOM® Shaper Slimming & Posture Invented and patented by Dr Mazourik from Switzerland. Not just a normal shaper but Sankom shaper can help you to achieve perfect posture and restore back the body’s center of gravity.  This shaper is specially developed to:    Restores body’s center of gravity, helps reduce back pain    Flatter stomach effect    Reduces cellulite visibility    Figure-contour lift and shape    Comfortable to wear – breathable fabric Advantages: Provides a better esthetical body shape Comfortable to wear – breathable fabric Helps to reduce back pain micro-massage effect Weight small slim fit effect Functional slimming Ideal for sports and muscles enhancement Improves esthetic appearance of the thighs and the lower abdomen Unique Swiss technology Pulls in the stomach, enhance abdomen muscles Patent technology Corresponds to the muscles structure of the lower torso Promotes a healthy blood and lymphatic circulation Different levels of circular, flat and point of compression corresponds to anatomical zones Made from highest quality materials     Please contact us if you are interested with our products. We are looking for agent and dealers too. https://www.facebook.com/WonderBelle.eng
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  22. Ramadan month falls on the 9th month of Hijri Lunar Calendar. It is a holy month for millions of Muslim around the globe to fast. Cases of stomach upset often occur during this fasting month. These problems may not just happen to those with existing gastric problems, but it can also happen to those who never had gastric before. Fasting usually reduces the amount of stomach acid, however, external stimulant such as food’s smell or food’s display leads to an increase acid level in an empty stomach.  This brings unwanted complication to digestion which includes burning in the stomach or upper abdomen, heartburn, abdominal pain, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting, acidic taste and sometimes diarrhea.     Indigestion during Ramadan is not an illness. It’s a temporary malfunction of the digestive system which is due to improper eating at Iftar (buka puasa) such as:        Eating too much or too fast without chewing properly        Too much of fatty and spicy food        Too much of caffeinated and carbonated beverages   We love to visit Ramadan Bazaar during Ramadan. While bazaars are popular hotspots, it is also a hotbed for all kinds of food-borne diseases. Some common bacteria causes food poisoning are Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, Listeria, and botulis. The human intestine resides an average of 100 trillion of bacteria which played an important role in human’s health especially in enhancing our immune and digestion system. When the ideal ratio between “good” and “bad” bacteria in the gut is out of the ideal ratio of 85% Vs 15%, bacteria can produce toxins which can weaken immune system.     Helicobacter. pylori is a spiral-shaped bacterium commonly found in the stomach. The bacteria can be spread from contaminated food to person, then person to person. Most people who are infected with H. pylori have no symptoms; the bacteria may live harmlessly in the lining of stomach. Whilst, a number of people could experience abdominal discomfort, bloating and belching. Helicobacter. pylori  can  penetrate the stomach's protective mucous lining easily, where they produce substances that can weaken the lining and make the stomach more susceptible to damage from gastric acids, causing stomach inflammation, gastritis and ulcer.   To enable one to fast comfortably & enjoy the fully spiritual benefits of Ramadan, one should: -        Consume slow digesting food that last longer such as grains and wheat.        Eat in moderation and smaller quantities. Do not overeat.        Limit fried and oily food.       Take friendly bacteria  to enhance intestinal health   Probiotic, the friendly bacteria which confer health benefits to human is important in assisting the natural balance of the microorganism in the intestine. Probiotic are responsible in reducing harmful bacteria, preventing infection in the digestive tract, synthesizing vitamins and nutrients, supporting healthy gut development and eventually enhancing overall immune system. Our gastrointestinal tract is a complex and hostile environment, unlikely that a single probiotic bacterial strain is able to influence the entire microbial ecology. Instead, the beneficial effects will require a consortium strains. The quality of the probiotic supplement depends on the characteristic of the strains contained in the supplement and adequate viability, so that sufficient bacteria are viable at the point of consumption. It is also important to ensure that probiotic is able to withstand stomach acid and colonizing the intestinal tract.     Why CellLabs GI Flora?       16 strains of probiotic & prebiotic       15 billion CFU viable bacteria per capsule       Stomach acid and alkaline bile salt resistant (to ensure safe delivery of probiotic to intestine)       Microencapsulated technique (to ensure different strain of probiotic release at different targeted site in the intestine)       Stable at room temperature       Extremely adherent to intestine   Since we cannot resist the temptation of good food during Ramadan, and the obligation to fast for long hours, take GI flora today for your gastrointestinal health. 
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  25. Kordel's Charity Walk 2014 is a charity drive to increase public awareness on joint health and raise funds for Arthristis Foundation Malaysia (AFM).The donations received will help to improve the welfare of arthritis patients.The donations received will help to improve the welfare of arthritis patients. All proceeds from this charity walk will be donated to AFM. Come join us for a fun-filled day with your family! Kordel's Charity Walk 2014 open for registration, log on to http://www.kordels.com.my/charitywalk/ to register!     Website: www.kordels.com.my Facebook: www.fb.com/Kordels
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