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Found 5 results

  1. International Footwear Brand Store Is Hiring! 著名国际鞋业品牌专卖店招聘 ! 1. Outlet Manager 驻店经理 – min 2-3 years related working experience至少 2-3年的相关工作经验 2. Outlet Supervisor 驻店主管 - min 1 year related working experience 至少 1年的相关工作经验 3. Sales Assistant 销售助理 – with/without working experience are welcome 有无经验均可 Fresh graduates with Diploma or Degree are encouraged to apply for Manager and Supervisor positions 应届毕业生文凭或学位踊跃申请经理及主管职位Min Requirements 所需资格: Minimum SPM level and above 教育水平至少SPM Able to speak and write English (Conversant in Mandarin/Cantonese will be an added advantage) 通晓英语书写和会话 (能以华语或粤语沟通 为佳) Pleasant, passionate and sales & customer oriented 性格宜人, 有激情、有活力和以销售和客户为导向的服务理念 Able to work on shifts, weekends and public holiday 能够工作轮班,周末及公众假期 Must have basic computer skills such as Word, Excel, internet and email for Manager and Supervisor positions 经理及主管职位必须拥有基本的电脑知识如会使用Word、Excel、互联网和电子邮件 Staff Benefits 员工福利: Can earn up to RM1800-4000 or more depending on experiences, sales achievements and position applied (Basic + Incentive + Allowance) 薪金酬劳:RM1800-4000或者更多, 根据经验, 销售业绩及职位申请 (基本薪金 + 佣金 + 津贴) Uniform Provided 提供制服 Staff Purchase Discount 员工购物优惠 Overtime 加班费 Sales Incentive 佣金 Performance Bonus 绩效奖金 Training 在职培练 Working Location 工作地点: Cheras LeisureMall 吉隆坡蕉赖 LeisureMall Contact 联络方式: Interested candidate, please contact Mr.Loke 012-380 2118 or Mr.Lee 012-323 1038 or email your resume to trinity.retailresources@gmail.com 有兴趣者请致电Mr.Loke 012-380 2118或Mr.Lee 012-323 1038询问详情或直接把履历表电邮至trinity.retailresources@gmail.com
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  3.     Get characterised with our special Holiday Buy2Buy!*   Visit Lewré charactér Stores! Mid Valley Megamall (24 May - 9 June 2013) 1 Utama (1 June - 9 June 2013)   *T&C Apply   https://www.facebook.com/lewrecharacter   If you are unable to view the attachment, please click http://lewrecharacter.com/        
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  5. shero

    Oxford shoes

    [img]http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd420/shero80/fvwcif.jpg[/img] [img]http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd420/shero80/oxford-shoes.jpg[/img] [list] [*][font=Georgia]Oxford shoes became popular in the 1800s as fashion trends became more practical than ornamental, according to Douglas Gorsline, author of "What People Wore." Oxfords were initially worn in Scotland and Ireland, then became popular in England and the United States.[/font] [/list] [b] [/b] [b]Basic Features[/b] [list] [*][font=Georgia]The basic body of oxford shoes is constructed to look like one seamless piece of leather, with another piece forming the toe cap, according to tips from Become.com, an online style guide. The variations in styles are mostly ornamentation. [b]Style[/b][/font] [*][font=Georgia]Balmorals are the classic, seamless-style oxford. Wingtip oxfords have "W" shaped toe caps that taper back from the toe, giving the appearance of a bird spreading its wings. Become.com describes saddle oxfords as featuring a piece of leather in the shape of a saddle that's sewn over the instep.[/font] [*] [list] [/list] [/list] [b]Ornamentation[/b] [list] [*][font=Georgia]Though oxford shoes originated as practical shoes with clean lines, designs have trended toward slight ornamentation, mostly in the form of fancy stitching and tiny decorative cutouts near the seams. The kiltie oxford has a tongue with fringed leather that is folded down over the laces after they're tied.[/font] [/list] [b] Women's Oxfords[/b] [list] [*][font=Georgia]Through most of their history, oxford shoes were exclusively menswear. Now, they are also produced in women's sizes with more extreme ornamentation, designer colors and taller heels.[/font] [/list] [url="http://www.ehow.com/facts_6155451_oxford-shoe_.html#ixzz2EctJR6UW"]eHow.com[/url]
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