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Found 45 results

  1. Looking for a one-stop shop for all your korean beauty needs ? Try checking out The Kbeauty Shoppe : Their Korean beauty products 100% from Korea and products are direct from suppliers like Innisfree and Etude House. They are having a discount sale going on right now. They are also on Instagram ... and their blog :
  2. Hi all,   Ortus Expert White is looking to expand it's dealer base nationwide,come and join our team to earn extra income through our business opportunities.Please visit our website for more details:   For any inquiries please email: OR call: 03-80245626/012-6790878 (Vikram) Fb page:     Note:This is not a MLM business,we are a wholesale business   Thank you    
  3. hi this is korean cosmetic seller~~ check this website? i think item and price really good. now sign up get 10% discount coupon and free shipping option from korea !! its good to you
  4. Brand new BLACK Laneige Liquid Gel Eye Liner (bought from Seoul). Just got back from my Korea shopping trip, realized that I bought more than I need therefore I decided to let some of my products go. Selling this liquid eye liner for RM70 nett. For those who is interested (appreciate if SERIOUS BUYER ONLY), kindly drop me an e-mail at
  5. Hi, everyone! I want to tell you there's a new Korea global social commerce, called 0.8L (Point Eight Liter). They always open giveaways event! WHY? Actually, 0.8L help the cosmetic companies to collect their products reviews and sell the products to other countries. Because nowadays most of buyers trust other's reviews more than ads. So, 0.8L always open giveaway event to let everyone try the newest Korea cosmetics and write reviews. They only need the reviews! People who live outside Korea, only know road shop, such Nature Republic, Etude, Innisfree, etc. Actually, there are a lot of cosmetic company which better than road shop brand. Some of the companies are too famous and they don't need to open road shop. Join the giveaway event! Everything free of charge!
  6. Hi dears, any recommendation for cosmetic & Skin care online market place in Malaysia? Luxola - sells luxury brands from overseas, they sell Vichy products, it's the only way to get Vichy products Imnida Malaysia - they only have facebook page, sells only Korean products, all items shipped directly from Korea and much cheaper than retail price   Zalora - they are famous clothing sellers but recently also sell cosmetics, they are cooperating with Sephora Please share what's your favorite market place~
  7. Original Gerovital H3 tablets & genuine Gerovital H3 injections signed by Ana Aslan. Gerovital cosmetics, Aslavital face care, Gerovital Plant   LIKE US ON FACEBOOK
  8. 糖果瘦身不再是神话 最具爆炸性的配方糖果瘦身- Candy Cut如今隆重登场 效果零失败记录凡吃必瘦价钱经济携带方便服用简单又美味 瘦脸瘦手瘦腰腹瘦臀部瘦大腿瘦小腿 只需随口的嚼一嚼全身上下无一不瘦 Candy Cut研发自美国顶尖科技在本地拥有KKM许可证HalalVegetarian100% Nature100% Non AlcoholGMP及Mesti多个相关机构认证绝对安全服用 Candy Cut Mix Berry Lozenges 主要成分是由多种Berries制成8大主要成分有Acai BerryRasberry KotonesCranberryBlueberryHawthorn BerryPomegranateCayenne ExtractApple Cider. 八大主要成分解说 1) 巴西莓 (Acai Berry) 作为抗氧化能力最高的天然蔬果源自亚马孙河热带雨林拥有三十倍红葡萄酒的抗氧化成份多酚(ORAC-吸收氧化自由基的能力)研究发现巴西莓的抗氧化元素是芒果的50倍蓝莓的5倍石榴的2倍。抗氧化元素可以预防血栓改善血液循环。除此之外巴西莓果还能增强新陈代谢帮助身体功能更有效地运行。同时巴西莓绝对是一种极佳膳食纤维的来源它可以帮助增加饱足感和促进肠道蠕动。 2) Rasberry Kotones能夠加速脂肪的代謝燃燒效果比平常進食加快5倍脂肪代謝燃燒。日本美国等其它发达国家主要用于减肥产品且临床效果十分明显。 3) Cranberry蔓越莓是超强的抗氧化水果可快速消除体内自由基并可降低低密度胆固醇及甘油三酯有效预防及改善心脑血管疾病防止动脉硬化。蔓越莓还可以有效的抑制幽门螺旋杆菌附着于肠胃内幽门螺旋杆菌也就是导致胃溃疡甚至胃癌发生的主因。 4) 蓝莓(Blueberry) 有针对预防衰老、抗癌功效和预防心脏疾病的抗氧化能力。同时蓝莓含大约4克膳食纤维占膳食纤维日摄入量的14%。蓝莓中水溶性膳食纤维可以促进肠道蠕动防治便秘。蓝莓中富含的多酚类物质也可分解腹部脂肪有助于控制体重。此外蓝莓热量低不会导致发胖。 5) Hawthorn Berry (山楂果萃取) 含維生素C比蘋果多十七倍以上。由于Hawthorn Berry還含有較高的果味酸同时可以帮助消化。 6) Pomegranate(紅石榴) 含有多種氨基酸和微量元素有助消化、抗胃潰瘍、軟化血管、降血脂和血糖降低膽固醇等多種功能。可防止冠心病、高血壓可達到健胃提神。 7) Cayenne Extract(辣椒提取物)有助于控制食欲而且可以使人们在餐后消耗掉更多的热量。辣椒提取物的主要功能是支持并强化其他成分的功能并且帮助减少食欲管理体重功效。 8) Apple Cider可以增强消化功能降低有害胆固醇的水平降低血压维持正常的血压维持正常的血糖水平同时可以使皮肤增白保持皮肤的光滑滋润清除体内重金属。 [內容量] 30 candies , 45g/pack 服用方法餐前2颗含/嚼都行 专业提示一天服用4-6颗为极限同时需要多喝温水已达到最佳效果 注意事项 *若您正在怀孕、哺乳、服用任何药物或在医生监督下请在服用前咨询医生。 *不适用于16岁以下65岁以上的人士。 *本产品可能含有咖啡因。若您有咖啡因不耐症请勿服用。 DEALING METHOD: COURIER (POSTLAJU) BANK: MAYBANK, CIMB or PBB. CONTACT: 012-9278388 (KAREN)
  9. Hi all, We just launched an online shop for korean products. Its 100% authentic, All directly import from Korea. Please support our facebook page :   We do sell mask, lipsticks, mask etc etc. If you need anything from Korea which is not in our list. Please inbox us , we will try our best to find it for you. 
  10. Annie's way jelly mask from Taiwan

    Hi all, Annie's way mask is so famous in Taiwan and HK. This is a product from Taiwan.    To know more you can go to our facebook page :: Kmarket Shopaholicc   instagram : kmarketshopaholicc   to order you can:  1. fb inbox us 2. wechat : ytchan112 3, line: yt.c
  11. The Line Plastic Surgery Is Very Professional.

    Unveiling hidden beauty, The Line doesn't compromise with standards.

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  12. The Line Is Ace In All Sorts Of Plastic Surgery!

    We the Line Clinic bring out overall beauty of a woman!

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  13. The Line Made It Posiible For All!

    Women of all ages feel comfort with the Line Plastic Surgery!

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  14. The Difference Of Beauty Done By The Line Clinic.

    The first impression of a beautiful healthy skin is in its looking!

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  15. The Line Clinic- A Pathway of Total Skin Care And Plastic Surgery.

    A procedural way followed by the world's leading plastic surgeons in the Line Clinic.

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  16. T&C   Banking Details       Dealing Method     Postage     ORDER     Feel free to contact me @ 012-3277sixsix1 /   Have a Good Day! ^^ Thanks Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50+ / PA+++ : Natural Beige W13 Skin-perfecting, cushion-type foundation delivers lightweight and natural coverage with a luminous and dewy finish. Multi-function formula contains robust SPF 50 and rich essence for all-day hydration and protection that greatly improve skin health with continued use. For a lovely, airbrushed effect, press puff into pan to release product before lightly patting all over face. ONLY RM65         Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Formulated with sebum control powder, Jeju natural mineral and mint extracts. Keeps balance between oil and moisture to create healthy skin. 6 Free: No parabens, artificial pigment, animal ingredients, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, talc.   Directions : At the last stage of makeup or after sun cream, apply it to your face focusing on the oily parts. Applying it lightly right before eye liner or eye shadow will help you maintain eye makeup for a long time. ONLY RM25         Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 100ml (original) -Contains 3,000mg of Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay -Volcanic ingredient removes sebum and impurities clearly of pores. -Mineral ingredient permeates deep inside skin to create transparent complexion. -Adjusts skin texture to create clean skin. -Cream-like soft texture. -Moisturized feeling without dryness.   How to use : After cleansing and refining skin with toner, gently smooth over entire face, avoiding  the eye and lip area. Rinse off with lukewam water after 10~15 minutes. (Use 1~2 times per week) ONLY RM55       Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Enriched with minerals and vitamins, this face scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin that prevents makeup application, while revitalizing skin. ONLY RM30         Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara : #1 Power Volume Want lush, out-there lashes? Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara reaches 100% of lashes from every angle for a dramatic, flared-out effect. The unique spherical brush thickens, separates and adds volume to even tiny corner and lower lashes, transforming your look from everyday to explosive with a few sweeps. Contains fiber extract which can enhance and strengthen lashes. ONLY RM35       Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream 40ml #2 (Aqua Neutral) SPF 20 PA++ ONLY RM55
  17. Girls... What is your favourite M.A.C lipstick shade? Let's share your opinion :)  
  18.                                                           SK-II YOUTHFUL TRIAL SET SPECIAL OFFER!!!  (Valid while stocks last)   SK-II Basic Trial Set + Stempower   Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 20 g Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40 ml Facial Treatment Essence 30 ml Stempower 15 g   RM 160 ONLY! (normal price: RM185)   FREE POS LAJU to whole Malaysia from now till 16th March 2014.. Hurry pm us to get your trial set now!!!
  19. Taking orders for any 3ce products. Just let me know what you want, I will offer you best price. Pre-order closing by 19th Dec. Goods arrive end of the month. Half Deposit needed to secure your goods, refund will be given if out of stock, but no cancellation once confirm else deposit will be forfeited.  
  20. Hi Girls,   I am not sure if this is the right place for me the ask but I am looking to learn personal makeup for day & night. I do know how to apply the basic makeup but its not good enough for dinner or events.   Any idea on maybe one week course or so? And any idea on the price?   Please advise.   Thank you!
  21. Special Selected Bridal Package- Great Deals on Ampoules & Essence perfectly packed for your preparations on your BIG BIG DAY! At a very very affordable price   Hi Girls!!!   Check out this Bridal Package for all bride to be's out there.... Being charge crazily by bridal shops on ampoules, at least RM40 per veil??   I would like to share my happiness with all brides out there, the ampoule that I am using is La Belle Paris Ampoules! & if you would put your trust on me and give these products a try, I guarantee you will love it to the max!   For RM120.00, I am selling these self-customized/ selected best La Belle Ampoules + Facial Essentials package below for your big day! It comes in a set and set perfectly for normal/ dry skin! 1 box of perfectly selected ampoules (10 veils in a box)           -  5 veils of Collagen Repair Ampoules (To use 3 months before your Photo-shoot)           -  5 veils of Fair Make Up Ampoules (To use during your Photo-shoot) 2 veils of Vitamin C Plus Ampoules (keeps your skin healthy and radiant, To use after the Photo-shoot) 2 veils of Acnex “or” Sooth Hydrating Ampoules (For the Bridegroom aka your hubby!)          -  Acnex works great for the bridegroom who has pimples or acnes, it will also purify his skin before putting on the husband uses this for the photo shoot. For normal skin Groom, Sooth Hydrating works best!) 2 pcs of selected Face Mask Sheet (For the bride and groom to pamper themselves after a tiring Actual Day & Dinner!) 2 Refill bottle for unfinished ampoules (if you did not finish it, keep it in the bottle for later use :) One mystery gift for the bride coz its her big day! She so deserve all the good things :)   YES!! All the above for only RM 120.00 only!!   PLUS.....That's not all...   If you add in another RM 25, I would include 2 bottles of La Belle Paris Gold Essence (This essence is a little pricy per bottle as it contains gold leaf, all the goodness and new improved formula for your healthy skin!! With benefits as per below;               -          Slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin.             -          Assists to protect against pollution effects & damaging UV rays             -          Gold leaf help speeds up cellular process             -          To regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and reduce fine line & wrinkle             -          Can also use to apply under eye area to reduce fine lines & firm up eye area     All La Belle Ampoules & Essence are expired in year 2015 so no worries on the expiry date :)   To order the above...just follow these simple steps :)   1. Please email me at if anyone is interested stating how many of above package that you wanted   2. Let me know your husband’s skin condition to determine the type of ampoule to be used by him.   3. Also to let me know if you wanted to add 2 bottles of the La Belle Gold Essence where you need to add another RM 25.   4. I will reply your email in within a day for your order confirmation and the total amount you need to pay. Also, I will include my bank details together with the email confirmation.   5. Your parcel will be sent out by Pos Laju Courier at a flat rate of RM 7.00 (West Malaysia), For East Malaysia, It will be charged at RM 10.00 flat rate. For orders above RM 150, courier charges will be waived :)   6. If any gorgeous worried that I might be a fake seller, please contact me for COD where we can meet up for COD ...I am only available at Klang Valley preferable nearby at Mid Valley Megamall as I am heavily pregnant right now, so sorry :(   Thank you for your support!!   XOXO Cherylc Visit my blog at for more information and other more choices!
  22. Big Sales on all the items below..Limited Stock...if interested pls call winnee at 0165539069..kl cod or pos..
  24. Hi ladies, I have a few brand new Benefit cosmetics for sale:   1) Hoola  Selling price: RM90 (retail price: RM110) Description: Award-winning matte bronze powder gives the most believable 'tan'. Comes with brush. Details: 8.0 Net wt. 0.28 oz. 2) Some Kind-A Gorgeous Medium  Selling price: RM110 (retail price: RM129) Description: The foundation faker for medium complexions. This oil-free "invisible finish" is so translucent it blends beautifully on skin. The cream-to-powder formula is year-round perfection. Comes with sponge. Details: 9.5 g net wt 0.34 oz 3) Finding Mr Bright - brightening makeup kit Selling price: RM100 (retail price: RM110) Consists of:  1) Erase Paste in 02 (medium)  Description: brightening camouflage for eyes & face Details: 3.2 g Net Wt. 0.11 oz. 2) Girl Meets Pearl  Description: liquid pearl luminizer for face Details: 7.5 mL/0.25 US fl. oz. 3) Posietint  Description:poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain Details: 4.0 mL/0.13 US fl. oz. 4) High Beam  Description: luminescent complexion enhancer  Details: 2.5 mL/0.08 US fl. oz. 4) Cabana Glama - essentials for bronzing & brightening Selling price: RM120 (retail price: RM153) Consists of:  1) Hoola Description: Award-winning matte bronze powder gives the most believable 'tan'. Comes with mini cheek brush Details: 4.0g, 0.14 oz 2) Some Kind-A Gorgeous Medium Description: The foundation faker for medium complexions. This oil-free "invisible finish" is so translucent it blends beautifully on skin. The cream-to-powder formula is year-round perfection.  Details: 3.5g, 0.12 oz 3) Posietint Description:poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain Details: 2.5 mL, 0.08 fl oz 4) Eyeshadow palette Description: comes with double-ended sponge applicator Details: 3.5g, 0.12 oz 5) Step-by-step lesson Notes: 1) All products are genuine and are directly shipped from the USA.  2) The above price excludes postage; price for POSLAJU: West Malaysia @ RM6; East Malaysia @ RM9.  3) Please send me a PM or e-mail me at for with your order, name, contact number, shipping address. I will reply to confirm the availability, total price & my Maybank account number. 4) No refunds / swaps
  25. Hello Malaysian beauty addicts, I'm new here so am not sure whether this has been posted yet.   I need a little bit of expert advice on makeup and skin care brands found in Malaysian pharmacies. I'm especially curious to know what you guys think local brands like Silkygirl, SimplySiti, etc.   My questions are: 1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand, and why? 2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
 (eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, lippys) 3. What are your favorite facial care products? (toner, moisturizer, acne cream, etc.)
 4. Which pharmacy brands do you think deserve more credit/are overhyped and why? Thanks for reading this. Looking forward to your comments!