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Found 5 results

  1. hi, A friend of mine is due by year end 2017, anyone got good place for confinement around PJ area? its for typical Malaysian Chinese in accordance with Chinese customs Was wondering what is the price range for the 1 month stay and issit better to stay in confinement center or to employ an experience aunty confinement lady? Please share.... I have read a few post on bad confinement lady...... so have to becareful.....
  2. Chinese Talent needed for short film   Payment : Rm600-700 per day   Role: *1 X Female/ 15-18 yrs old/ 2 days shoot/ can speak hokkien more better *1 X Father/ around 50 yrs old/ 1 day shoot/ can speak hokkien more better *1 X Female Teacher/ 30-40 yrs old/ 1 day shoot (PLS put remark if you can speak HOKKIEN or not in the email)   Date : 28-30th April 2015 (To Be Confirm)   Shoot location : Singapore (Accommodation & Transport will be provided)   Those shortlisted talents need to attend casting   If interested pls quickly email your profile+photos to stardazzlednet@gmail.com with subject title “Short Film - Name, Age, Height, Contact no" Example: Short Film - Hokkien Lang, 51 yo, 177cm, 0168080808   Regards, Star Dazzled
  3. Hi, I have a few Chinese Bridal gowns (Kwa/Kua) up for rent.  Email me at cherryblossomlove81@gmail.com if you are interested. Thank you 
  4. Hi there, I am Joyce Low, greeting to you all here, I am a model are available for pay photo shooting for: photographer/studio portfolio, commercial, product, bridal, self/group skill improvement, workshop and etc. Theme such like: creative project, bridal, portrait, high fashion, casual, studio, outdoor (any theme can be discuss except lingerie and bikini) and etc are welcome. My basic biography: Name: Joyce Low Race: Chinese Award : 1) Miss Shanghai beauty Queen winner 2013/14 2) Miss Inner Beauty Chipao 2013 3) R.Active Model winner Recent Magazine shooting: Newtide Jun2013, Sept 2013 ; Jasmine oct 2013 Recent Commercial shooting: Setia walk brand ambassador Photo shooting theme experience: Magazine, makeup, hair-do, sport, casual, good morning scene, fierce garage lady, sportcar, high fashion, cheongsam, studio, creative, sweet, Japanese style............Etc. Please feel free to have a look at my FB fan page: http://m.facebook.com/joycelowlsh . Email: joycelow.msia@gmail.com XOXO, Joyce Low <3
  5. 养生警惕:10种小毛病不能大意 1. 睡觉流口水:可能是你的神经调节障碍引起的。睡觉流口水是在提醒你,小心牙周病,要去看牙医了。 2. 脚有些肿:静脉中的小血管堵塞,血液回流不畅,才会脚肿。如果按摩无法消退,反而越来越重,就要高度重视了。 3. 视力减退:眼睛经常发花、眼角干涩、看不清东西,这可是肝脏功能衰弱的先兆。 4. 疙瘩变化:如果身上烧伤或外伤后的疙瘩,或慢性皮炎等,忽然发生了莫名其妙的变化,一定要提高警惕了。 5. 眼睑下垂:眼皮越来越厚重,还忽然有些下垂,或许是许多疾病的早期症状。 “重症肌无力”的先兆就是缓慢发生的眼睑下垂。 6. 彩圈:在看灯光时,发现灯光周围出现彩圈,它预示着你可能患上了闭角型青光眼。 7. 胃口大开:突然胃口大开,但体重却随着进食的增多而减轻了,排尿量也随着喝水次数的增加而明显增多。有可能隐藏着糖尿病。 8. 胃痛:与一般的胃病不同,心脏病引起的胃痛很少会出现绞痛和剧痛,压痛也不常有,只是有一种憋闷、胀满的感觉,有时还伴有钝痛、火辣辣的灼热感及恶心欲吐感。 9. 悄悄变化的美人痣:在痣发生恶变,成为恶性黑色素瘤时,会有一些报警。 10. 汗湿手心:女性手心发热出汗,很有可能得了慢性肾盂肾炎。
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