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Found 2 results

  1. My confinement period was a nightmare. I countdown almost everyday when it will be over because i hired a lousy confinement lady. She is so bossy n refuse to listen to instructions. She always have her own ways and is extremely lazy. To cut story short, here are some things i would like to warn others if u wld like to hire her. name: Lan che mobile number: 0169368598 1) before my edd, i called her one month to remind her. She rudely reply..." U call me after u deliver la...i dunno if i can take ur job or not" . 2) lazy...didnt really cook confinement food. 3 meals per day. 3) if i wake up late...she will only start to prepare bfast. For a week same thing, mee suah 4) one day talk on the phone few times. Even talk while cooking 5) very rough. Although baby sleeping, she will still bang the door loud or do her things loudly or talk loudly. 6) everyday nap one or two times. 7) didnt wash hands after go toilet cus talking on the phone steal expensive herbs n dom 9) steal baby clothes. ( she has a young granddaughter- few months old) 10) attempted to steal expensive kitchen silverware...( just cant be trusted) 11) not professional, bad mouth other customers 12) each time bathe baby, baby will cry n blame baby loves to cry. 13) when lo poo poo lazy wash..cincai use wet tissue wipe...still have poo poo stuck in between lo thighs 14) always request my mum to buy expensive herbs n bird nest( for all u know she wanna eat them) 15) complain food not nice though my parents offer her dinner everyday, she doesnt need to cook dinner. But still eat alot 16) loves to tell lie n say the food not nice but she finished it 17) kenot take comments..everyday call her daughter complain bout her work. 18) didnt prepare herbal bath for me until my mum requested. 19) must sleep in aircond room 20) sleep will carrying baby n force baby to swallow fast. * very money minded n she is from Bentong.
  2. I do not recommend Aunty Winnie Tan Poh Choo as your confinement lady. She was my CL and she is 60 year old, staying in KL area. Her contact no is 0162211686. I find that she is lacking of knowledge in breastfeeding , taking care of baby and preparing confinement food. Her logics normally were baseless, uneducated, eg she said that visitor can't carry baby otherwise the baby can't sleep well etc. She didn't support breastfeeding though she claimed that she is. She was slow in performing her works, eg cooking. Spent long time in cooking and less time in taking care of baby. Strang thing was the food she prepared were normally tasteless and only 2 dishes for one meal. She didn't have experience in using warmer, cleaning the bottles and even not aware that the bottles need to be air dried. During my first few days of confinement period, she even wanted to dilute my bm to feed baby. She didn't manage to make my newborn sleep too and sometimes she just ignored the baby when the baby cried and purposely left the baby in the crib. I suspect she just a normal aunty but gained her confinement knowledge by working a few years only. But she charged quite high for her limited services. Worst thing is she is very talkative, unprofessional (always crying , talking bad about others and her past confinement services , gossiping about my family background, friends who came and visited me, complaining about people including myself , my family , my maid and even my baby during the confinement service). She is a very negative person and money minded person. You can imagine she always take short cut in doing things and unwilling to carry out duties that we have agreed upfront. She liked to throw tantrum also for trivial matters and behaved like 'I'm always right and you guys are always doing wrong things and you guys must listen to me ' in the house. Before I discharged from hospital, she even wanted to stay in my house the day before. (Sounds weird right) It turned out that my confinement month became a stressful month and I nearly got post natal depression because of her negative attitudes and services. She normally using we chat to communicate with people. Folks please be aware of this confinement lady.
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