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Found 6 results

  1. Everybody wants to have healthy, glowing skin, and there are a variety of ways to achieve that look naturally. In addition to your daily cosmetic products regime, there are several things that you can do to achieve beautiful skin. The process starts at home, firstly with you and then your habits. You can drastically improve the way your skin looks and feels by following our beauty tips below. All of these are natural and are guaranteed to change your life, for the better. Eating Lots of Vegetables Everybody knows that vegetables are good for us, but not everybody is aware of how good they are for our skin. Vegetables like spinach and romaine lettuce are rich in vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant and a powerful eliminator of free radicals. On the other hand, red, yellow and orange vegetables provide our bodies with vitamin A, which is crucial for cell healing, prevention of breakouts and protecting our immune system. Though the general principle is to just eat vegetables every day, the best way to consume them is in their raw form. Our body can get all the important nutrients that way and is easily able to absorb them. Introducing Fruits In Diet Fruits are great for your skin, and while the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is quite popular, it is also true that an apple a day helps the skin fight acne and keeps it clear. Pineapples and papayas are two fruits that exfoliate the skin. You can eat them or you can simply apply them to your face as a mask for 10 minutes to get the benefits from their properties. Another popular fruit is orange. We've all heard how beneficial it is but we have never taken time to regularly eat it, or at least drink its juice. Orange is one of the richest in vitamin C which is crucial in the rejuvenation of skin cells and keeping our complexion clear and beautiful. Though all fruits are good for your skin in one way or another, it is much more important to stay consistent, even if you eat, say, a single fruit every day. Drinking More Water Drinking water is perhaps one of the best ways to promote healthy, glowing skin. Water cleanses harmful toxins from our body, and toxins are what harm our skin and result in breakouts of acne. Water cleanses your body inside-out and helps prevent wrinkles. If you don’t like to drink too much plain water, try adding lemon to it. Lemon is also good for your skin, so you’ll win either way. Reducing Sugar Consumption We all love sugar, but have we ever realized how damaging it is to us, especially our skin? Let's look at it like this. When you overcook a piece of meat, it turns brown. This natural process is called glycation. When we eat sugar, this very same process is triggered in our bodies but this time, it's the important skin cells that are being damaged and not any piece of meat. By entering our body, sugars bind with cell tissues to form harmful molecules, called advanced glycation end products (ironically known as AGEs), which damages elastin and collagen — two essential proteins that your skin needs to stay youthful and firm. AGEs also damage the kidneys, brain, and other essential organs. Visit us today at https://bemiss.com.my/
  2. Anyone hear about You-Span?
  3. make a change today! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeunesse-Global/949493138395153 real people real results! there is a solution to everything ... http://middleeasthealth.jeunesseglobal.com/ ;) ;) ;)
  4. [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]A perfect day starts with perfect skin. Meticulously developed, our formula is lightweight and contains a skin-conditioning complex of minerals that evens skin tone. Instantly Ageless™ immediately dissolves into the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It’s specifically designed to target areas which have lost elasticity—revealing visibly toned, lifted skin. Users have seen dramatic results in seconds.[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]A compact, yet powerful alternative to fortify skin affected by free radicals and environmental damage, Instantly Ageless™ is at the forefront of anti-aging technology.[/background][/size][/font] [b]BENEFITS[/b] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Erases the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Minimizes the appearance of pores[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Helps to even skin texture[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Mattes skin for a flawless finish[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Restores skin to optimum appearance[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]DIRECTIONS:[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Lightly pat a very thin layer to targeted areas; leave damp on skin and remain expressionless for 2–3 minutes while product dries to achieve dramatic results. Use as directed and avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, flush with water. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs. Consult with your physician if you are allergic to cosmetics.[/background][/size][/font]   [b][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]CONTACT METHOD[/background][/size][/b] [b][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Email: jcqynhuey@gmail.com[/background][/size][/b] [b][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Wechat: jcqynhueyy[/background][/size][/b] [size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]*please do not hesitate to contact person in charge if there's further questions related to this product. Thank you.[/background][/size]
  5. [b]Item(s):[/b][font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)] Instantly Ageless [/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Help combats:[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]✔️Wrinkles & Fine Lines[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]✔️Dark circles[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]✔️Eye puffs[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]✔️Minimize the appearance of pores[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]It is almost everyone’s dream to stay young as they aged. Who doesn't love INSTANT result that is PAINLESS yet with NO SIDE EFFECTS? Now, without the need of going under knifes, non-invasive surgery or consuming anti-aging pills , you can still enjoy young beauty! Sick of products that takes almost centuries to beautify you? This product definitely worth every penny of yours![/background][/size][/font]   [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Product is Shipped From USA[/background][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]Guaranteed 100% Genuine[/background][/size][/font]   [size=3][background=rgb(238,242,247)]If interested, kindly email[email="jcqynhuey@gmail.com?subject=Instantly%20Ageless%20Enquiry"][b] jcqynhuey@gmail.com [/b][/email]or [b]wechat: jcqynhueyy [/b]for more information.[/background][/size]  
  6. salam ....hai semua kat sini saya nak berkongsi apakah makanan ajaib yang diamalkan oleh kebanyakkan artis dan org2 kenamaan utk yg memiliki kulit cantik sehalus bayi...serta glowing lggg... GULTA PRIME N GLOWZ PRODUK PENCERAHAN YANG AMAT BERKESAN (Produk ini kebanyakkan digunakan oleh artis-artis di Malaysia dan juga luar Negara untuk mendapatkan kulit yang cantik SELURUH BADAN) Kelulusan KKM Mendapat kelulusan KKM Pengesahan Halal Ada pengesahan halal Gulta Prime RM 160 (60 Caps) Mengandungi :- GSH (1000mg) 750mg L-glutathione, 150mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, 150mg Vit.C (Sodium Ascorbate) Kini Lebih HEBAT - Gluta Prime dengan kandungan Gluta grade AAA KULIT LEBIH CERAH SELURUH BADAN gULTA telah diratkan sebagai produk pemutihan ke-3 terhebat diAsian.!!!!!! [size=6][b][color=#b22222]Untuk kesan yang lebih baik disarankan ambil gluta prime bersama-sama vitamin c500mg,glowz/glow star dan menggunakan sabun Snow White Glutathione/gluta gold soap untuk bahagian luaran[/color][/b][/size] Bagaimana Maintenance Gulta n Glowz?? Adakah saya perlu berbelanja sebanyak itu setiap bulan?? TIDAK [/color],kerana setelah anda berjaya mendapatkan kulit yang anda idamkan...anda hanya perlu memilih utk mengambil gulta atau glowz sekali sehari.kebanyakkan pengguna memilih glowz kerana kesannya lebih menyeluruh... Kenapa Memilih Gulta Dan Glowz Kesan Pengambilan akan dapat dilihat dalam masa 2-5 hari dimana :- - Kulit tidak berminyak - kulit menjadi lembab -jerawat mula mengecut Kesan Pengambilan Dalam Masa 2 Minggu :- - Kulit Akan Kelihatan Glowing - kulit terasa lebih lembut - warna kulit semakin sekata -Jeragat mula pudar Namun Kesan secara keseluruhan bergantung kepada penerimaan badan individu kebiasaannya:- - Light-medium brown skin: 1-3 bulan - Dark brown skin: 3-6 bulan - Very dark skin: 6-12 months - Black skin: 18 months minimum and above GLUTA PRIME bertindak dalam membantu : • Memutihkan kulit GULTA PRIME berperanan menukarkan pigmentasi gelap (eumelanine) kepada pigment yang lebih cerah (phaeomelanin). Glutathione yang terdapat pada GLUTA PRIME berperanan menukarkannya kulit gelap kepada kulit yang lebih cerah hari demi hari. • Mencegah penuaan GLUTA PRIME membantu pemecahan lemak oxidized dan dalam peroses karbohidrat. Kekurangan glutathione dalam badan menyebabkan sel akan cepat mati dan membuatkan sesetengah orang kelihatan lebih tua dari usia. • Antioxidant/nyahtoksin GLUTA PRIME berperanan sebagai anti-toksin yang menghalang radikal bebas didalam tubuh. Glutathione bertugas untuk memproses toksin di dalam badan agar dapat dikumuhkan dengan mudah dari badan. [color="#0000ff"]Adakah Kaedah Pemutihan Kulit Ini Merbahaya [img]http://www.plazacentre.net/cgi-php/forumphp-v2/Smileys/default/huh.gif[/img] Tidak Kerana (baca info dibawah) Gluta merupakan anti oksida yang utama kerana ia melindungi tubuh badan dari serangan penyakit & melawan radikal bebas. Paras Gluta dalam badan akan berkurangan disebabkan pendedahan kepada pencemaran, stress, minuman keras, merokok, factor pemakanan dsb. NAC (N-Acethyl L-Cysteine) ditambah ke dalam untuk memaksimakan keberkesanan Gluta dan mengelakkan Gluta hilang begitu sahaja semasa penyerapan badan. Glutathione dalam BADAN membantu :- * Kesulitan hamil & menambah bilangan sperma (untuk lelaki) * Gejala kanser, HIV, fibroid, alzhemeir, Parkinson, thyroid * merawat gejala berkaitan paru2 seperti lelah, radang paru2 & emphysema (udara berlebihan dalam paru-paru) * masalah hati (menyahtoksin nikotin, alkohol) * keletihan melampau, katarak & masalah mata, diabetes, darah tinggi * melindungi jantung & merawat kolestrol * melambatkan penuaan, meningkai system imun, merawat rambut gugur dll Keberkesanan pada KULIT :- * Mengecilkan pori-pori & menjadikan kulit lembut, segar & berseri * Menghindari pigmen serta mengawal & mencegah kesan jerawat * Jawapan kepada kedutan awal * Menghasilkan & membaiki DNA * Membasmi nikotin dalam badan (bagus untuk perokok) Tiada gejala negatif terdapat pada gluthathion kecuali……pencerahan kulit secara keseluruhan… Rujukan :- 1) So talking about glutathione side effects is not something to be worried . Glutathione side effects only promote lighter skin. Other than that, the direct effects include boost in energy levels, having a healthier body and protecting one's self from possible serious illnesses [url="http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-si...cts/he%20future"][color="#313131"]http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-si...cts/he%20future[/color][/url]. 2) L-Glutathione side effects may come as a surprise for you. Glutathione is a known antioxidant naturally present in the body in small amounts. On-going research shows that a person taking an antioxidant supplement like a L glutathione product have higher chances of not being afflicted with conditions related to heart, liver, kidney and other major organs in the body. Furthermore, L glutathione antioxidant supplement in people with cancer showed improved signs of recovery. [url="http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-side-effects/"][color="#313131"]http://mybeautyguides.com/l-glutathione-side-effects/[/color][/url] 3) Glutathione helps detoxify many foreign compounds and carcinogens in the body. In addition, glutathione is also said to be the primary shield of the skin, lens, cornea, retina, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, epithelia and other organs. It is also used to treat infertility, cancer, cataracts and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 4) According to WebMD.com, glutathione helps the liver remove harmful chemicals such as drugs and pollutants. Without glutathione, other important antioxidants such as vitamins C and E cannot do their job adequately to protect the body against diseases. [url="http://www.ehow.co.uk/about_5721042_side-e...lutathione.html"][color="#313131"]http://www.ehow.co.uk/about_5721042_side-e...lutathione.html[/color][/url] Bagaimana makanan sampingan untuk mencerahkan kulit ini berfungsi? *Bintik-bintik gelap pada kulit yang berpunca dari gigitan serangga, kecederaan, bekas kudis dan sebagainya mempengaruhi keadaaan kulit kita. Semakin gelap kulit kita, gelap lagi pigmentasi kulit. *Sebab lain perubahan warna kulit ialah hormone; melasma, jerawat, tanda-tanda penuaan, bintik-bintik. Faktor ini mengeluarkan lebih byk pigmen melanosit. Bagi yang selalu terdedah dengan matahari, anda perlu sedar yang matahari akan memburukkan lagi keadaan kulit anda. *Proses pencerahan kulit dipengaruhi oleh pigmen melanin. Melanin dihasilkan oleh sel melanosit yang dikendalikan oleh enzim, tirosinase, yang mana menentukan warna kulit kita, mata dan rambut. Jika kurangnya aktiviti tirosinase, pigmentasi terjadi. Kawasan yang gelap pada badan menunjukkan banyak melanin di kawasan tersebut seperti lutut, siku, armpit. *Melanin datang dalam dua jenis; iaitu Pheomelanin (kuning ke warna kemerahan) dan Eumelanin (coklat). Bahan aktif pemutihan kulit didalam Glowz dan Gluta Prime memainkan peranan penting dan untuk melambatkan pengeluaran melanin serta mencegah kulit dari menjadi lebih gelap. Kalau begitu, Kulit boleh jadi putih melepak ? Ya, memang boleh, tapi BUKAN dengan usaha 1 malam sahaja! Ia semua bergantung pada kulit anda menerima perubahan tersebut. Apa yang penting ialah usaha dan berikan masa 1-4minggu untuk melihat keberkesanannya. Jika anda mempunyai tona kulit yang benar-benar gelap, sudah tentu anda perlu memberi masa yang lebih banyak kepada kulit anda. Usaha ingin mencerahkan kulit ni tidaklah bergantung 100% pada supplement pencerahan kulit seperti Glowz dan Gluta Prime semata-mata. Apa yang anda perlu buat ialah: 1. Gunakan set penjagaan kulit yang sesuai dan tidak merbahaya. 2. Gunakan pelembab 3. Gunakan Sunblock di siang hari PANDUAN UNTUK MEMPERCEPATKAN PROSES PENCERAHAN 1. Sebelum mengambil produk ini anda haruslah melakukan detox selama 3-5 hari. contohnya agen detok ialah kinohimitsu tea, detox tea dll. 2. Minum Glowz 1 sachet pagi semasa perut masih kosong dan 1 sachet malam sebelum tidur.(sekiranya anda memilih untuk menggunakan Glowz Shj) 3. Pada sebelah malam boleh juga digantikan dengan pil Gluta Prime kerana kesannya lebih ketara (Menggunakan Glowz n Gulta) 4. Jangan mengambil kopi, teh dan minuman berkefin. 5. Minum banyak air kosong untuk membuang segala toksin dalam badan..kerana gulta adalah agen antioksida okk...dah baca info di atas jadi...tak usah lg ragu2 untuk mencuba produk ini...produk ini sudah lama diamalkan di luar2 negara..baru sekarang ia bertapak di negara kita... jadi jika anda berminat boleh hubungi saya secara sms di talian 013-2640929 (pn. lieen) sila nyatakan nama anda iyerr... Maklumat lanjut boleh layari [url="http://denirahouse.blogspot.com"][color="#313131"]http://denirahouse.blogspot.com[/color][/url]
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