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  1. RM 179!!!expensive about quota? Is it same uni fight ? if same, then uni fight more cheaper
  2. Any difference btw them?
  3. Thanks q so much..this package looks quite match with my new business. Not bad to try this new package as the monthly commitment very affordable. RM 38 per month only. And can add on if later discover that hours is not enough..extra 10 bucks can get extra 50 hours..good deals..hard to get this good plan from tm fixed rental line…
  4. hmm, do you have any plan to suggest? thank in advance
  5. When I last time works as sales person, the previous company also din provide such benefit like mobile allowance to me. U know our sales person salary is low. So to save cost, I will only able to follow up or call my customers when I in the office. And my attitude dropped my sales as I unable to follow up with the customers when they need me.. I m now having my own business and I know the sales very important to business. So I will try to do my best to prevent those negative things happen on my workers.
  6. finally!!!it is time for me to set up my own business after I struggle for so many years. Thanks god. I able to knew one fren which bring in the beauty product from other country. So I would like to join my fren cz I know this beauty product sure will able to attract those ladies outside. But I facing alots of problem now. One of the problem is whether should I allow my workers claim mobile charges from company or I register all workers contact no under my company name? which way better for the company? I used to be a worker too..i know that if the workers use their own no to contact the customers, the customer will be unable to contact the company if the workers resign. My previous company allowed me to claim mobile charges. One month can claim from RM 200 to RM 500. one person the cost maybe is okey..but in order to make sure my business running smoothly, I want to hire few sales person and if I allow them to claim, then the cost maybe overhead. Will be very expensive.. Any solutions?
  7. I don’t think prepaid is a good choice becz it is very troublesome la..especially when we need to make a call for emergency use, but no more credit. I experienced it before. And that’s y I say no to it… Why u don’t like postpaid?
  8. Ya..many fren recommended me about xpax prepaid plan..they said this xpax is the cheapest plan among all the prepaid plan .. I sure will get one to try…
  9. From what u said, I think this plan only suitable for those who talk for few seconds in the phone conversation. Sumore, what can we do with 10 minutes unlimited internet? Only 10 minutes!!there is no way to utilize the UNLIMITED in 10 minutes…
  10. I want to get a cheap call plan cz my calling period per day is more than others like internet and sms. So I would like to get a cheap and affordable call plan Any idea? How about this Celcom XPAP IOX? I heard that it comes with free internet and calls. Anyone using it?did this plan offer cheap call rate?
  11. really?i never know about this event..shit..i should’t miss it..RN600 rebates?alots la… how all these lucky one made it?how they line up in the 1st line..not easy..must be very early they queue there..salute…
  12. I m thinking of getting the new iPhone by subscribing new plan with telco. any recommendation for good plan come with cheapest and high data? I get this from youtube..the amazing HD screen very attractive.. actually the retail price of iPhone 6 and iPhone only different about RM better get iPhone 6 Plus right? Since the size is bigger battery oso bigger…is it worth of get iPhone 6 Plus as my new smartphone?