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  1. 《征收代理》 很欢迎您加入我们的代理团队! 我们的宗旨就是让您,可以在不用吨货及不用寄货的情况下成立自己的网店。 好处:不需要吨货,也可以成为网店店主 我们有提供直接邮寄~(所以即使你不方便邮寄也没问题) 这是一个好时机,欢迎有兴趣的您加入我们哦! ►Call / 欢迎订购询问: 012-236 7129 或 ►PM / 按这里留言哦! : https://www.facebook.com/messages/Lycoz-Korean-Skincare   E-reseller & Agent wanted! (Malaysia only) We are looking for Online Agent or E-reseller as our authorized person to sell skincare products ~ Bio-Cellulose Mask, Hydrogel Mask & 4D Motion Gold Brush. Benefits to join us: Profitable from sales, no stock keeping, no inventory cost, no need responsible for courier delivery service. With all these advantages, you can easily establish your own online shop and become a shop owner NOW. ►To know more about this business you can leave message / pm https://www.facebook.com/messages/Lycoz-Korean-Skincare ► Please contact or whatsapps: 012-236 7129 for more information      
  2. UGB is one of the best-selling and super brands of Korea Skin Care.  The main ingredients are rich in Botanical and Ginseng extracts which accelerate blood circulation and enhance the delivery of physiologically active ingredients deep into the skin. They are natural ingredients which are good for whitening and moisturizing. It softens skin and soothes the sensitive skin comfortable and clean into velvet texture.   STAR PRODUCTS AQUA CREAM Blending ginseng and various botanical extracts to help lighten and moisturize your skin, it nourishes the skin with aqua emollient for double moisturizing as they are absorbed rapidly and completely by the skin upon gently massage onto the face.   PEELING GEL Formulated with ginseng extract, natural cellulose and oriental herbs, Peeling Gel softly lifts away dead skin cells that will leave skin glowing with its exfoliating peel. It accelerates blood circulation and enhances the delivery of physiologically active ingredients deep into the skin. Utilizing Protease Technology, a unique blend of plant-based enzymes combined with the skin's free protein and amino acids, Peeling Gel helps prevent moisture loss by enhancing the skin's protective barrier for a smooth, glowing complexion.   Nuganic Customize O2 Bubble Foam Nuganic Customize O2 Bubble Foam delivers a burst of oxygen to your skin and boost your skin's metabolism as it detoxifies and breathes new life into your skin. It neutralizes and removes dead skin cells and traces from make-up.   Revital & Lifting Serum Enhances the skin's absorption of active ingredients with the hardening balanced composition of the serum from the outside in. 10 times richer in oligo elements than the terrestrial plants, it is formulated with vegetables that absorb external water and react with the skin's proteins for a revitalizing effect with a great amount of polysaccharides that could be specially be felt in dry and aged skins. Refresh stressed, dehydrated skin and restore suppleness with the serum’s soothing blend of botanical bitter orange, hops, rosemary and horsetail.   Crystal BB Cream (SPF45) The Multi BB cream with triple functions of whitening, wrinkle care and UV protection gives radiance to dull skin as well as covers speckles including liver spots and freckles. Ginseng, iris, sponge gourd and worm wood extracts not only keep skin moisturized and glossy but its non-organic ingredients help to minimize allergic reactions problem to your skin.     To find out more information, please log on to www.lycozskincare.com or https://www.facebook.com/pages/UGB-Malaysia/489549527780824?ref=hl.  
  3. LYCOZ Bio-Cellulose Mask (3rd Generation Mask) 白皙弹润生物纤维面膜 (第三代面膜)   Made up of refreshing cellulose from fermented coconut water, this unique gel mask is able to effectively deliver beneficial botanicals that keep skin hydrated longer. Safe and gentle to your complexion, its nano-sized fibers conform closely to your face and have superior water retention ability. The absorptive power is 10 times much stronger compared to general pulp material, to enhance skin vitality and ensure skin moisturizing effect.   由天然植物自然发酵制成的纤维素,独特的水润啫喱状面膜,能完全贴服于肌肤上,有效滋润肌肤、抚平干燥细纹。其纳米级的纤维密度,让生物纤维面膜乘载大量精华,比一般面膜保湿10倍,特别适合脸部肌肤纹理。隔绝空气,提高脸部温度通畅毛孔,让精华可迅速渗入毛孔,达到极佳的保湿效果。   Main Features / 特点: High moisturizing, nutrition, brightening, renewal (anti-wrinkle), soothing 高保湿、滋润、美白、修复(抗皱)及舒缓肌肤     Directions of use / 使用方法: Apply mask with the eyes and lips as the center for the upper face and lower face each. Wear for 30-40 minutes and relax. (1) 打开包装取出面膜,展开并平敷在脸上。 (2)上部分面膜以眼睛位置为主;下部分面膜以嘴巴的位置为主。 (3)舒适的休息30-40分钟,再取下面膜。 (4)取下面膜,轻拍肌肤,让肌肤吸收剩余的精华液           BIO-CELLULOSE MASK VS NORMAL SHEET MASK    Market Trend Bio-Cellulose Mask: 3rd Generation Mask 第三代面膜 Normal Sheet Mask: 1st Generation Mask 第一代面膜 Material Bio-Cellulose Mask: Natural Coconut Fiber 天然椰子纤维 Normal Sheet Mask: Wood 木质(纸) Moist Absorbability  Bio-Cellulose Mask: 10 times higher than normal sheet mask 保湿度比普通面膜高达十倍 Normal Sheet Mask: Low 低保湿度 Adhesiveness Bio-Cellulose Mask: Superior强粘附性 3-dimensional mesh density, no sticky feeling and no artificial adhesive added 绵密网状3D结构,无粘感和无添加人工粘合剂 Normal Sheet Mask:  Low adhesiveness 低粘附性 Moving Bio-Cellulose Mask: Free to do usual activities 自由地做任何活动 Normal Sheet Mask: Difficult to move 难易活动 Effect  Bio-Cellulose Mask: High moisturizing, nutrition, brightening, renewal (anti-wrinkle), soothing 高保湿、滋润、美白、修复(抗皱)及舒缓肌肤 Normal Sheet Mask: Only a little moisturizing effect expected 只有一点点保湿效果   For more information, please log on to www.lycozskincare.com or email us at info@ubgmalaysia.com.my   http://www.lycozskincare.com/product/bio-cellulose-mask/ https://www.facebook.com/241313112736467/photos/a.241315789402866.1073741829.241313112736467/241315796069532/?type=1&theater
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