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  1. LOL; maybe so, but that's a recipe for disaster. IF your gf has to go to an extent of sleeping with a guy and the guy bounced on her, its only her that loses out. Either she's very desperate or a psychopath. Hey, honestly which guy wanna date a whore. Why buy the cow when you can milk it for free? Seriously, i dated one, and never again would i want to date this type of girl. Let my pain be the guys guidance. IF the girl is a slut & psycopath to begin with, you shouldn't mess with her.
  2. When your girlfriend says that to you, better break up with her immediately before you lose your money and dignity.
  3. Yeap, that's why it's number 1. Hey, tha'ts why you dont date a whore because you will have sloppy seconds. And who knows you might get a FREE STD.
  4. Sorry, let me rephrase it in a more crude manner! Number 5 When your gf 's private ain giving the satisfaction you want!
  5. Number 1: When your gf tells you that you are givng her money so that she can pamper you! Riggggghhhhttttttttttttt................ Number 2: When she sleeps with a guy to try to be his girlfriend. Hello, knock knock, if the sex was that good, he will be back for seconds! Number 3: When she says she needs to enlarge her breasts. GOD, you know she's an attention seeker. Once you get her a new set of breasts! GOODBYE! Number 4: She's dating another guy when she feels lonely and abandoned! And to think she has decency? Come on she's a whore! Number 5: Duh, how many guys do you need to sleep with to be a whore?
  6. My ex is sorta flat with sorta pointy shape breasts, and i never liked it. And to me its' quite disgusting.
  7. I been back loohhhhh I am thinking to invite 25 members to MOS. 10 guys, 15 girls... hahaha
  8. When's the meet & greet session? I wanna gooo.....
  9. Dang, were they doing it when you walk right in? I am surprised you didn't get a knife and stab him and the bitch ass hoe.
  10. That's why guys like me have 2-3 phones with different SIM CARDS so that our girlfriends don't check on us!!! LMAO! :lol1: Try to catch a cheater? Sometimes it's not that easy. UNLESS you hire a PI. I have pictures of girls in my pc, and phone. My girl checks it and i tell her many many times that I am here ain't it. So how could i be cheating?
  11. I think Congress just passed a law to increase the applications for H1 B visa (for math/science majors) By science, i think they want more actuarial science majors, engineering major; etc. Yes, i am in SF Bay Area heading home soon.
  12. You are on the right track, because your degree is sought after. Anything gotta do with math and science, you will easily get a H1 visa, and many multinational companies will hire you.
  13. Me under 30 seconds, including backdoor action! LOL!!
  14. Wait a second, Let's see... How many years do you have left in UCLA? Once you graduate, you go back to SG to work with a multinnational company right? Let's say, after the Olympics, China's growth tremendously slowed. Do you think the high paying jobs exist then even in S.E Asia? No matter how much you spent in the States, or any countries, you will be struggling to earn back your tuition fees. UNLESS your degree is highly sought after. How do I know? Buddy, i owned a luxury performance shop before; and i shut it down because of the recession. And i never made back the money i used for my education. Now, i am thinking of completing ACCA status and then open my own consulting firm.
  15. LOL....... Let's say if any guy is looking at a hot naked woman; let's say jessica alba, he won't hit it? (unless he's gay) Why don't we bet money on it? PS: I don't take pride in believing my values, i take pride in the work i done, and the money i made. You don't have to see what i see, but human nature is human nature. PSS: Hate or love me, reality is reality. Good guys finish last.
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